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  2. i burned twice a windows 10 iso (downloaded from imagine microsoft: a site for students)and each time the verification hanged at 100%: the complete application didn't react anymore.I could not cancel the verification.i had to kill the application.It was the first time i tried cdburnerxp in creators update windows 10 version. I tried the installation of both dvd's and the start of the installation proces first hangend at 22% and the second dvd did even start the installation proces (in virtual environment)
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  4. It has not been going on for two years, the issue is quite new. Unfortunately StarBurn is not exactly fast when reacting to issues so the fix takes much longer than I would like. They promised to provide a fixed version shortly though.
  5. Interesting, didn't know about this registry key yet. Added it to the FAQ, thanks.
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  7. Choked 3 times, telling me the disc was bad. No problem with Win7 on-board burner, I just wasn't satisfied with Win7's RW handling.
  8. Same person, MP3Convert. Could not get it to burn the MP3 to CDs, so switched to Real Player and that did it without a hitch.
  9. This is MP3Convert who posted the original question. I got by that error by not removing the source disk too quickly, but now I have another error: Win32 Error Status 87. Implies that my disks are bad or the disk drive is not compatible?
  10. I'm new to the forum. I have spent the whole day trying to back-up a year+ worth of photos, approx 10GB in total, onto my normal DVD+R discs. I have used CDBurnerXP for years and love its easy, rapid interface. But today, it rejected disc after disc, with the HRESULT: 0x80040255 message, then wrote one, then rejected a few. I uninstalled CDB and installed the latest verssion and wrote 1 more, then it rejected all my discs. I didn't think of repeatedly shutting down CDB and restarting. What I did was load IMGBurn and this is not so easy to use but burned the remaining 4 discs one after the other. I am running WIN 7 and have an hp desktop - very common setup I suppose. So I concluded the fault was not with my discs or the hardware, but with CDB. It is a great shame that the excellent CDB has been spoiled by what is definitely a software problem and after all this I looked to see if there was a forum and found this one. It seems inconceivable that this problem, which haas been going for 2 years, has not been solved as far as I can see. I know it is a free product but I would have thought the problem was a serious one and yet in all the reviews there is no mention of this awful fault. So do we have to close down after each disc... for ever?
  11. The error message is: "None of the tracks could be added to the audio image". Are the files protected and not able to be copied? These are mp3 files which I were listed as files that could be converted and burned. Is there something else I have to do?
  12. HI! I may have found the problem. The win7 doesn't refresh explorer so it shows 0 So by just changing drive in the explorer, it appears correctly burn. And I include a simple trick that can help others. To do this, go to "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{BDEADE7F-C265-11D0-BCED-00A0C90AB50F}\Instance", Look out for a DWORD value called "DontRefresh" which is set to "1" (on). Change the value to "0" (off). View/Refresh and exit. You could just SEARCH for "dontrefresh" Thanks
  13. Hi! I start having problems with Win XP pro sp3 recently, I have some bad burn with a GOOD verification. With CdBurnerXp it shows the disk is full and Windows shows 0 as if It is a bkank one. I'm i with Win7 pro 64 sp1 now, and my first try is the same, Win7 show nothing and CdBurnerXp shows a full burn ???? I leave 400mb free space to be sure before burning the blu-ray. I got no errors at all during and after the process. I'm using "Verbatim 25gb BD-R 6x speed" in a "6 pack" from Staples , and set to that speed. Anyone has an idea, cause it begins to be costly to try. P.S. Is there a minimum free space I have to give to be safe ? Thanks
  14. Thanks. A true fix would be better than a work-around.
  15. StarBurn needs to fix this issue, I will continue annoying them until they do.
  16. So you mean drag and drop from the top explorer view into the disc area (bottom) takes forever? Can you somehow give me more details about the folder you are processing? Like a screenshot of the Windows folder properties (root folder)?
  17. In this case you need to use the UDF file System (Disc -> file System).
  18. CDBurnerXP has been my main burning program for years. However, back in the day, I used to open CDBurnerXP and I was able to burn multiple discs before exiting the program. That was great because I mainly use CDBurnerXP to burn multiple backup discs for archive. All my computers are now running Windows 10. When I open CDBurnerXP, I can successfully burn and verify only 1 disc. If I attempt to clear the compilation and burn a second disc, I get a "Burning Error Occurred" error message and it tells me that the new disc is unusable. There is nothing wrong with the disc. If I exit and restart CDBurnerXP, it burns the disc just fine. Essentially, CDBurnerXP will only burn one disc per session and has to exited and restarted to burn each succeeding disc. This situation occurs on my 3 Windows 10 laptops and 1 Windows 10 desktop I use. So the problem is consistent among all my home computers. Suggestion: If this bug cannot be fixed, can you add an "After Completion" option to automatically exit CDBurnerXP (unless there was a failed verify or burning error)? I don't want to shut down my computer, but I know that I have to exit CDBurnerXP and restart it every time I want to burn a new disc. If, after burning a successful disc, CDBurnerXP would eject the disc and exit CDBurnerXP, I would save some time and effort because I have my computer to automatically run CDBurnerXP if it detects a new blank disc.
  19. Hello, i tried to replace nero many times but the result is alwais the same... every month i need to burn blue rays with backups files and it's almost impossible to do with one of them. I need to burn a directory that have almost 30GB, but now, after 1 day, folders didn't end of traspassing to brun area... yesterday after a few hours, i canceled the traspassing and the down bar informed 24gb, i tryed again and take the opcion of leave existing files and add the others but today was still passing the same folder that have many pdf files. Sory about my english, i'm from Argentina, i hope you can understand my problem. Thanks!
  20. I must be doing something wrong, but when I try to create a compilation, I keep getting the message in the attached file
  21. I can't get the spanning feature to work.
  22. CDBurnerXP is not usable as media player.
  23. If you want to see the contents of a particular session, you need to import it. Aber danke für das Lob!
  24. Feature is not currently available, though you can vote for it:
  25. Should already be part of CDBurnerXP. Except for a GUI nothing at all I'd say?
  26. Using CDBurnerXP (Win10) I just finished copying 7.x GB of data (photos) spanning two DVD-R s. Copy proceeded as expected. When I insert either of the 2 DVDs into my DVD drive I get the window message: Insert a disc Please insert a disc into drive D... How do I get CDBurnerXP to work right? Thanks
  27. also I have windows 10. I think win media player is the default player. how can I make cdburnerxp my default media player. also I am using Audio technica so have loaded Audacity. Can I uninstall Audacity without consequences . Thank you for any help you might offer, Peter
  28. Why is the imported Data-Session on an "DVD+RW" not shown CLEARLY in Readable Folders / Subfolders and so on ?!!!?!!!? If I want to WRiTE on Such a Disc, I want To know & SEE, Which Files were burned BEFORE = Session 1!!! Now in German: Das bisher GEiLSTE BRENN-Programm, dass ich seit der Erfindung der CD-Brennerei JEMALS gefunden habe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm VERY MUCH MORE LUCKY WITH YOUR PROGRAM, THAN EVERYOTHER DID BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye, Andy
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