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  2. It's alternative method to rip the DVD to digital video and transfer it to your hard drive.Then you can also pay it easily with your player. Well, if you perfer to the DVD files, it's better to use the common types.
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  4. Hi. I've been using CDBurnerXP for several years on a Win 7 64-bit computer. Today the program stopped burning audio CDs on both drives on my full tower computer (one is Sony and the other is Pioneer, I think). CDBXP works to burn other file types such as .mp4 video files to CDs. Additionally an alternative program, Burrrn, works to burn audio CDs on the same drives. The error message I get is "None of the tracks could be added to the audio image. The disc cannot be burned." I tried uninstalling both drives; they reinstalled but they still do not work, and I get the same error. I checked the Error.log file and there are no entries for these events. I also uninstalled and reinstalled CDBurnerXP without any change. Any help is appreciated. Jim
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  6. There isn't any trojan virus in the setup.
  7. Temp files are not really unusual. You may want to try the setup without installCore at (more downloads).
  8. After reinstalltion of your programme, Norton antivirus alarms that a trojan virus was included in your download file. Check that out. Some computermagazines in Sweden doesn´t recomend your programme any more. Check this out! H-G
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  10. Is this feature available now coz I'm working on a project that would need menus. It would be great if you guys added it coz i really like the CDBurnerXP
  11. Hi, I am not sure if I see the same thing, but looks similar. I use disc spanning with bd-r discs Data >100Gb; for example this case was ~140Gb so it is fitting to 7 disc, 4744 files and 191 folders Assert comes typically around disc 3-4 and in this case it came, when I inserted a new disc (when I started to have this problem I disabled the autoplay completely in Win10) It happened every time when I had more than 3 disc (maybe 2). Writing continues and disc verification is passing. I didn't see any missing file. That's pretty much that I can tell now. Any idea? Thanks in advance.
  12. Trying to install CDburnerXP latest version, installing was blocked by Bitdefender considering it Ransomware. 6x allowed the CDburnerXP-setup to install as 'trusted', but the install-procedure creates lots of is-????.tmp-files ((???? being various names), but then I gave up not knowing how many other is-????.tmp-files are to be created. Maybe CDburnerXP developers can solve this issue.
  13. Thanks, hopefully this will help fixing the issue now.
  14. OK, thanks for letting me know.
  15. floele, here's the file I made. Let me know if it is right and helps. Didn't say log but it was the only file I saw that looked like it.
  16. I downloaded and installed the new version. I'll give it a try as soon as I can and let you know.
  17. I would still need a proper log file. I created a new version which uses a more moderate logging level and should work fine. Would be great if you could try to make a log file with this version.
  18. With version this problem does not occur any more.
  19. Downloaded and installed, same thing happened. Couldn't burn more than one disc without having to close and re-open your program. Tried to run the diagnostic but the program stayed at preparing disc for 15 minutes, never did start to burn. I ended up cancelling the burn and unchecked logging and was still able to burn the disc. Didn't make a coaster. I enclosed the star burn file even though I don't think it will help much. I'll try again when I have some time.
  20. floele, thanks, will give it a try.
  21. So it hangs basically. You might want to try an updated version of the burning library with this version, maybe it's already fixed:
  22. I had a little chat with StarBurn and made a few changes in regard to refreshing disc information. Please try this new version: (If it still doesn't work, log file would be appreciated.)
  23. I am getting the identical error message. I have burned dozens of BluRays without a problem, now I am getting errors on every single one in the first minute. This is from the same batch of discs I have used before, without issue.
  24. No error message is displayed. Windows says, that this program does no react any more.
  25. I will as soon as I get a chance.
  26. That's unfortunate. Can you provide me with a new log file for this version?
  27. Downloaded and installed the new version and am having the same problem as before. Can't burn two data discs in a row without closing the app and reprogramming for the second disc. I got the same message as I had reported before which I'd showm in my post on the first page of this thread. My computer is running Windows 10-64 pro with all the current updates.
  28. For relibably checking if it's working fine, you should probably disable logging because it is quite resource intensive.
  29. I don't think there is any deception. If you find any proof for that, feel free to show me. I won't let them get away with that. The CDBurnerXP installer uses opt-in choices only, so you cannt accidentially install additional software. No. You make it sound simple, but it's not.
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