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  3. TomcatMerlin

    Internal SDK error while collecting data

    Ich werde mich nochmal näher mit dem Thema befassen. Spielt es eine Rolle ob ISO/Joliet oder UDF als Dateisystem verwendet wird? Die Fehler treten bereits beim Sammeln der Informationen auf, da wird noch nichts gebrannt... Kann es mit der Verschachtelungstiefe der Dateien zu tun haben?
  4. floele

    Program Not Responding

    CDBurnerXP should never not respond, but of course there may be problematic situatons. If you have a hardware issue for example, it may be hard to recover for the application. Do other burning applications work fine?
  5. floele

    How can I delete my account?

    Not sure what channel you used for asking, but if someone needs to have their account deleted, asking is enough. So plese confirm you would like to have it deleted and then I'll do so.
  6. You'll find versions to to 2.x here: https://cdburnerxp.se/downloads/releases/
  7. floele

    How to import .nra files?

    Maybe the NRA file you use has a structure that is not yet supported by CDBurnerXP. If you need it to be checked, please provide me with the NRA file.
  8. Leider kann ich das Problem bei mir mit ähnlichen Bezeichnungen der Ordner nicht reproduzieren. Die Details-Spalte zeigt aber auf jeden Fall einen Tooltip an, ich habe das gerade noch mal geprüft (Maus über abgeschnittenen Text bewegen). Ich denke du müsstest selbst mal auf die Suche gehen, was genau das Problem ist. Ein paar Dinge, die man überprüfen kann: Liegt es an der Menge der Dateien oder kann man einzelne der problematischen Dateien hinzufügen? Macht es einen Unterschied ob ISO/Joliet oder UDF als Dateisystem verwendet wird? Sind bestimmte Ordnernamen oder Dateinamen ein Problem, d.h. können diese hinzugefügt werden wenn sie umbenannt werden (denkbar wäre evtl. dass es mit den Punkten ein Problem gibt und versucht wird, diese als Dateiendungen zu erkennen). Wenn du das Problem eingrenzen kannst, kann ich evtl. eine Lösung finden. Bzgl. der Log-Datei würde ich sagen, dass die Meldung hier uninteressant ist. Wenn dann bräuchte ich mal die vollständige Log-Datei um evtl. relevante Fehler herauszusuchen.
  9. I've been using cdburnerxp for years succesfully Since last weeks I'm not able to burn audio cds with FLAC and WAV files getting the Error: None of the tracks could be added to the audio image. If I use mp3 files it works If I use a different software burner (such as burnaware) it works so I suppose it's something with the latest version of cdburnerxp or a recent update of my windows 7. I've already tried to disinstall the software and reinstall it after shutting down the PC but I always get the same error! Any suggestion? I read the topics replies of past years but there were useless for me
  10. this is the first time i used this. followed all of the instructions, clicked burn, made noises, etc, then got message "not responding. it just sat there. am i doing something wrong or is it the program?
  11. Last week
  12. Bobtje


    Solved. Protection 'Off' Installed CDBurner XP. 'Protection 'on' again.
  13. Bobtje


    When trying to download CDBurnerXP from the homepage, I get a message from my anti-virus program (Total AV) "Treat detected" file: cdbxp_setup_4.5.8.7041.exe name of the treat: PUA/Fusion.aqs Is this a known problem? (see screendump)
  14. How can I delete my account? I asked for it already in May 2018 bot got no response.
  15. If you've already burn the media, perhaps with multisession, you should be able to import it. I've done this rather than saving the compilation. And I have no problems in adding a single file. I'm using DVD-RW.
  16. M@dgus

    Thank You!

    Too bad to read that. You should have such option, even not promoted. For example I've used cdburnerxp because the simplicity, and nowdays I could pay or donate.
  17. Hello, dear friends, I've trying to resurrect an old vintage computer, that has Windows 98 in it, and I can't find out the older versions 3.5 and below that claims to run on such old OS. Is there any place to get some? I've searched on google and I've found 4.x and up. And another program called cdburnerxp pro 3.x. If there is any such public archive, or anyone has the latest version that runs on Windows 98/me, please Share with me. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.
  18. Earlier
  19. The feature list says CDBurnerXP opens .nra files. I can't find an explicit option to do this, but when I go to open->all files->file.nra I just get the message "Data at root level is invalid, line 2, position1". Is there a different way to do this or is this no longer supported? I just updated to the latest version today. Thanks.
  20. Hello, is there any command line option to get the disc / medium information? Can do this in gui but no luck for command line. Cant find it from https://cdburnerxp.se/help/Appendices/commandlinearguments Thanks!
  21. judas_iscariote

    Error whiles sending error report

    Please ensure all your installed .NET versions support and have enabled strong crypto, Some versions do not. Set-ItemProperty -Path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\.NetFramework\v4.0.30319' -Name 'SchUseStrongCrypto' -Value '1' -Type DWord Set-ItemProperty -Path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NetFramework\v4.0.30319' -Name 'SchUseStrongCrypto' -Value '1' -Type DWord In an elevated powershell, reboot.
  22. judas_iscariote

    Error whiles sending error report

    Interesting.. just wondering.. do you have any special SSL/TLS configuration on your system ? peraphs TLS 1.2 was disabled by mistake or purposefully by policy? Our systems no longer support TLS < 1.2 and that may be the reason it is failing.
  23. ADougRay

    Error whiles sending error report

    A few times now I've got the attached message. I generally communicate via Ethernet cable, not WiFi. I'm on the Internet so I DO have communication capability. It would not surprise me that this had more to do with a Windows 10 update, as I apply updates when they come, but I don't KNOW that. In any case, you see what I see. There is probably a debug file somewhere that I could e-mail if I knew where the file was and your e-mail address. Thanks for any help you can give. Doug Ray
  24. TomcatMerlin

    Internal SDK error while collecting data

    Can anybody help? I'm still waiting for answers...
  25. Hello, i have a Windows 10 machine with a LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH16NS55 BluRay Burner. I have installed the latest Intel RST Driver in RAID Mode (i'm running a RAID 1 Harddisk Array). CDBurnerXP either doesn't detect the drive at all or, after starting it is detected, however after 10 seconds it gives an error message that the drive has changed or been disconnected. That is of course not the case because it's not a removable drive. Every other program i have installed works just fine with the drive. Also sometimes the program freezes after giving that message and sometimes an error report window pops open. But i can't send the error report because it says there was no secure tcp port found. If you need additional system information, please let me know. Thatks in advance. I hope this can be fixed in a further release.
  26. TomcatMerlin

    Internal SDK error while collecting data

    ...ein deutschsprachigerer Admin, sehr gut. However: Soll ich in deutsch oder englisch posten? Kann beides leidlich... Es gibt bei mir in der Spalte Details keinen Tooltip, d.h. es wird keiner angezeigt.... Allerdings habe ich die Log-Datei aktiviert, die ist sehr groß (über 5MB). Da gibt's jede Menge Fehlermeldungen die z.B. so aussehen:: "12/28 18:05:47.436 (754) --OCX--> WRN: Context[ CDataFolder::GetFileObject ] : File object 'Bazzerra_07.jpg' not found! " Diese Bilder und Verzeichnisse sind aber definitiv vorhanden... Könnte es da Probleme wg. unpassendem Zeichensatz geben? Vielen Dank für deine Unterstützung
  27. In der "Details"-Spalte sollte es einen Tooltip geben der den vollständigen Fehler anzeigt. Bitte mir den mal mitteilen dann kann ich da hoffentlich mehr zu sagen.
  28. Have the latest version The error message comes up while CDburner is compiling data. No idea what's going on there. Translation: "A couple of files coud not be added to compilation" Here the Screenshot: What is the reason for this error message? How can I prevent this? I transferred the soure data already to another disk drive, but with no sucess. Irt seems as if CDburner doesnt like a couple of data... The total amout of data to be burned is approx. 2.3 GB Thanks a lot for contributions, Wolfgang
  29. @SerCD What exactly is your problem?
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