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  4. I'm trying to burn an audio CD with 14 files. They are all 16 bit 44.1khz PCM stereo, altogether well under the total length of the disc. I stripped all ID tags and album art. I renamed everything to just its track number. Still I get errors suggesting the media is not usable. I've gone through 20 brand new CD-Rs - the media isn't the problem. When I try to burn with Windows Media Player it says there's something wrong with some of the files, but it keeps changing which files it says has problems. All files play back as expected. Really don't know where to turn for help. Windows 10
  5. It does not give an error message. It simply completes instantly and provides a 15 kb file afterwards. I have tried multiple conversion programs, all of them give the exact same problem. I can view the video perfectly fine
  6. hi, error message appears after burning window.iso (backup copy). The support is Verbatim DVD +R DL AZO series. I verified the support mastered with VSO inspector and tells me that no errors are present. Thanks
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  8. tengo una pista de audio de 3 horas y un cd `para grabar 80 minutos. En vez de permitirme grabar lo que quepa, no me deja comenzar la grabación. ¿Cómo puedo cambiar esta configuración para grabar lo que quepa?
  9. Hi, I'm getting this error with every DVD+R I try to burn. These are discs I've been using with no problem till now. The error code is 0x80040255. Anyhelp? Thanks!
  10. Just in case anyone else runs across this, I tried the above, no joy. But then I ran CDBurnerXP as administrator, and voila. BluRay writer detected.
  11. Hello I'm using version I'm using this command --burn-data -device:1 -tao -speed:2 -format:iso -name:Backup -folder[\]:C:\Temp -verify The disc is BD and it burns fine but when it says the burn completed it stops. I don't see any signs of it verifying the burn. It works with the gui version of program. Not a big deal but would like to know if I'm entering the command wrong or if it's something else.
  12. I seem to have hit or miss success burning ISO disks. It will work, then put another blank DVD in to do another one without changing anything and it does not complete. It will spit out the disk (still blank) and not produce any errors. Anyone experience this? I keep trying with no luck, but know it might randomly work the next time.
  13. I have successfully burned two dual layer dvds using cdburnerxp but when attempting to copy the data from the disc, it freezes after 50%. The drive keeps spinning and moving the diode, presumably attempting to reacquire the track, but nothing happens. Also, when trying to simply open a file from the second half of the disc, the same behaviour manifests. I later tested the aforementioned discs with a differend drive and the problem persisted. As a final test, I used a different program to write two discs, identical to the first two, and the problem no longer manifests in this case. I
  14. After a bit of fiddling, I was able to convince Windows to defrag the .iso file properly. I then tried CDBXP again, and this time the burn process and verification completed successfully. The program didn't hang, so I think the bug probably lies in what happens when verification fails.
  15. I installed the latest CDBurnerXP ( on my old Windows XP Pro SP3 box, because it happens to have my DVD writer drive attached (a Benq DW1620). I'm trying to burn the Ubuntu 20.04.1 ISO to DVD+RW. The burn process completes, but if I enable the verification step the user interface completely hangs after a few minutes. I can see the disc icon inside CDBXP change to have a red cross, which I assume means the verification has failed, but it doesn't produce any error dialogue box. Just hangs, and there's nothing that can be done except to terminate the unresponsive app. This doesn't happ
  16. IIRC, the hash used for the certificate goes beyond what WinXP can process. You probably have to use a more modern OS to verify the signature.
  17. Hello, is there something wrong with the certificate? My old Windows XP SP3 installation tells me the certificate is not valid for cdbxp_setup_4.5.8.7128_minimal.exe
  18. This article (https://www.joyoshare.com/video-cutting/trim-mp3-windows-10.html) will show you how to trim an MP3 file in Windows 10 in three ways. It may help you. I myself use Joyoshare Media Cutter, and I found that it can not only trim and cut files, but also can convert, merge, rotate, edit videos and audios, etc. I like it.
  19. I've used cue sheets to burn audio cds a few times from a single large .wav file of live music. Is it possible to use 2 cue sheets to burn 2 wave files on a single cd? I have a long recording in 2 wave files, one about 1 gig and the second about 600MB. I used markers in the wave files with Creative Wave Studio to get the times of the separate songs (tracks on the finished audio CD) in each. I was going to load them both into the compilation window but can I import 2 cue sheets successfully or will I have to merge the 2 wave files into one huge file and may my computer scream in pain? Tha
  20. Hi, I received the same error when trying to save a compilation of DVD data to an ISO file. In my case, the problem was caused by an illegal "-" (dash) character in the disk name. When I tried find a solution, I realized that I had to remove the hyphen from the name and the error was gone. Maybe it can help someone. Jiri
  21. I have done work on burning iso,and all Windows iso used are from Microsoft.
  22. Hi, to split a large MP3 file, maybe you can try Joyoshare Audio Cutter. It helps you to cut and split your MP3 file with original quality remained and with millisecond precision.
  23. Windows 10 with Nero, BurnAware -- I primarily use CD disc burning for audio files, mostly flac and mp3. I limit my burning to one session disc-at-a-time and test all content for playability before putting the disc away. Content always below disc capacity. Yet returning to the disc (usually months) I periodically find some files not playable, along with being unable to read them via Windows Explorer (i.e., can't copy from the CD). Anyone know what's happening? Is this bitrot? Am I better off archiving on a flash drive? Thanks all.
  24. Yes but you need an authoring program to make the menues etc and rip them correctly so they can play in a dvd player There are several out there including some good FREE ones. I use DVD Styler and Freemake although Freemake watermarks your stuff unless you buy the Gold pack for $20 Just google DVD Authoring and find one the suit you
  25. Try a different brand of disks AFTER making sure your DVD player will play DVD -R disks. Try some +R disks
  26. That seems to be the way you would have to do it but I think it unwise to try and have one computer keep up with 3 burners ... that is a recipe for making a lot of errors But ... you won't know unless you try it.
  27. This is the best burning software out there and is very reliable. Imgburn is good but complex and introduces issues when burning I would love to see this updated and keep going but I am satisfied with what it does now
  28. When I copy an audio CD to my hard disc the only option is to save as MDS (whole disc for emulation) What does this mean and how do I get the files then burnt to new CD? I cannot open the MDS files from CDburnerXP
  29. salve ragazzi sono giorni che provo a masterizzare un cd per la mia macchina con qualsiasi programma esistente, ma il problema rimane. la masterizzazione va del tutto, tutto bello tutto ok se non fosse che poi mi dice 0 byte su 0 byte sia per scrittura che per lettura e la musica non si sente se non dal pc con il quale ho effettuato la masterizzazione. pensavo potesse essere un problema di driver ma cosi non sembrerebbe .. non so piu che pensare vi prego aiutatemi voi.
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