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  2. While there are 90 min discs, I would not recommend using them.
  3. I don't think I can spend as much time as neccessary to deal with a varying selection of 66 AV vendors. I'll check with installCore if these issues can be avoided somehow.
  4. floele

    No Adware, Please

    You can get an installer without advertisement during setup from the download page under "more downloads": https://cdburnerxp.se/en/download
  5. floele

    Uninstalling CDBurnerXP

    Uninstalling doesn't do much (= doesn't usually solve problems), but you can do so in the add/remove programs area. No special procedure needed.
  6. floele

    No Compatible Drives

    Might be because of changed group policies. There is a policy that allows non admin users to use devices, which needs to be enabled. For example, check http://juventusitprofessional.blogspot.com/2013/10/gpo-disable-usb-cd-drive-floppy-with.html
  7. Dont tell us, tell it the 23 different scan engines that are reporting your file as malicious: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/09693f62365cc86309343b51dc516622ba7e0e9eae8c9078b7ed6919267f5e63/detection
  8. The storage volume on a CD is maximum 700 MB (=80 minutes). So it will not work.
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  10. Jack47

    Portable burner

    Sorry salhi89, I don't speak/read French. By the way, you're kind of late in your response.
  11. d2b

    No Adware, Please

    Is the current cdburnerXP for download to a Windows 10 64-bit Professional on a PC SAFE or not?
  12. d2b

    No Adware, Please

    I downloaded the latest cdburnerXP install file, but Malwarebytes Premium immediately tossed into the quarantine bin, as if it were a horrible virus. Why is Adware.FusionCore part of this download?
  13. floele

    exception from HRESULT: 0x80040298 (cmd)

    If you have spaces in your path, you need to enclose it in double quotes (as documented).
  14. Saying that the file is "malicious" isn't really an analysis. What they are probably complaining about is the advertisement in the installer of CDBurnerXP, and if that is the case they should say so and not come up with this "malware" story.
  15. floele

    CD-R900 wird nicht erkannt

    Hallo, wie hier dokumentiert, ist die automatisch Erkennung dieser Größe nicht möglich: https://cdburnerxp.se/help/appendices/disctypes
  16. I'd rather pay for the program than deal with adware.
  17. How can I burn a 90 minute MP3 folder to a disc? I'm trying to convert all of my old tape cassettes to CD discs. I was only able to locate/buy 100 minute CD-R discs -- will they work?
  18. judas_iscariote

    Mac version

    No, There is no MacOS X version available and it is unlikely it will ever be.
  19. Lef Cool

    Very slow speed of copying cd!

    Hello, I have an issue. I burn a simple audio cd and it takes only 45min to read it before I cancel it. I have a single compatible dvd-rw to read and write. I am using cdburnerxp in windows 10. I am new here and I didn't quickly find a same topic to ask there. May you help me?
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  23. coupechuck

    Uninstalling CDBurnerXP

    I have CDBurnerXP version running on Windows XP with Service Pack 3. The CDBurner program It has been working fine for several years, but yesterday it hung while burning a relatively small file (approx 5 M). I could not get the CDBurnerXP program to respond and after trying for about 15 minutes finally need to pull the power cord on the computer. I would like to uninstall the CDBurner XP program and reinstall a newer version. What is the procedure for uninstalling the older version presently installed? Does the uninstall also clean the computers registry?
  24. macos-user

    Mac version

    Will CDBurner work well on Mojave (10.14) with external USB drive?
  25. We use CDBurnerXP pretty extensively at our company, yesterday we suddenly started seeing multiple systems showing 'No Compatible drives'. Appears on both Windows 7 and 10 systems, on some systems only some users have the issue, on others all users have the issue. Around the same time yesterday we had promo'd a 2016 Server to a Domain Controller, Domain is on 2008. Windows see's the drive without an issue, and identifies it as a burner. We've run through some pretty extensive troubleshooting and cannot narrow down the issue. Thanks !
  26. rhazor

    exception from HRESULT: 0x80040298 (cmd)

    I can confirm I get same error. The problem was that the path contained spaces. So remove/replace spaces in the path with underscores or something. Offtopic: CDBurnerXP command line still doesn't support volume labels longer than 16 characters, if name is longer, it gets stripped down to 16 characters. This is an outdated standard from the 90s. DVD players support longer titles for ages now, retail DVDs contain volume labels longer than 16 characters.
  27. Same applies to F-ecure Client Security. I've contacted them and they have analysed the zBOEjRg.dll in their lab and confirmed that it is really malicious: "Our analysis indicates that the file you submitted is malicious and is already detected as Trojan.Generic.23046655 in the latest database update." I'd recommend to revoke your update and rebuild it with clean libraries...
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