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  2. I want to make an ISO from a CD to a USB-Stick. When the iso is finished I would like to compare this ISO with the CD, to see if it is really a perfect copy. Is there a possibility to do this? Would appreciate your reply. Thank you.
  3. I am confused. I have a CD with data. The data on that CD is 600 MB. So I did make a ISO with CDBurnerXP. My expectation was, that now the IOS is also about 600 MB. But it is 1000 MB. Why? Isn't an ISO not a perfect image of a CD? An answer would be interested. Thank you.
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  5. I've found a solution . I tried a different tool and it worked without a glitch. I still prefer cdburnerxp but when it comes to this problem there is no solution neither any answer for several months...
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  7. Any update on this topic!? Also this time it crashed completely and the write didn't complete.
  8. Hi one I try to burn disc i have this pop-up. And I did not find option in settings to disable it. How to do that? Thanks
  9. No problem, you're welcome. And glad you found a solution that you can follow to get working discs. Although for what it's worth, it's actually "OP is crazy, and said that burning FASTER might help." Which is what made the case so unusual. Frankly though, for the situation you describe, I think the first thing to rule out would be "discs that I create in this particular DVD burner simply don't work on other machines", regardless of what speed they are burned at. Maybe it's because I remember back when standards and hardware tolerances were not as tight as they typically are today, but "a burner which consistently produces discs that are only readable by that same burner" seems a more "reasonable" possibility to me. So yes, try burning them faster (or slower) in your "newer system" to see if that makes any difference at all. Because if it doesn't make a difference, it may just be that the burner in the "newer system" as some kind of "alignment" or other compatibility issue which makes the discs unusable in other machines. Burning SLOWER definitely IS what was usually recommended or required in order to get the most reliable burn "in the past", partly due to not pushing the hardware a media limits of how little laser time can still produce a reliable "image", and partly due to buffer underrun concerns. Which is why my default had been to burn discs at 2X, but that is what unexpectedly turned out to be the PROBLEM, at least in my case. Using the same .ISO image -- and the same burner hardware, on the same machine, with the same version of CDBurnerXP, and with the same blank disc media model and vendor -- writing the disc at 2X is what FAILED when I tried to use the disc in UEFI-capable machines. The 2X discs were not "bad" nor "coasters", because they worked just fine in non-UEFI machines. Simply switching the burn speed to 8X -- with all the other factors still remaining the same -- produced discs which then worked in the UEFI-capable machines. I posted the scenario here for CXBurnerXP visibility just because it seemed like one of the possibilities is that some kind of "bit flag" or other header or partition structure flag just wasn't being burned "exactly the same" when 2X versus other speeds were selected, since the resulting 2X discs were "good" but simply unusable in UEFI systems. i.e. Something that isn't different within the .ISO image-defined sections of the resulting disc, but ended up being different in what the resulting burned disc looks like when the UEFI-capable system tries to "identify" the disk or use its partition structure, etc.
  10. I created an account just to thank you for this post. I was at wits end trying to figure out what was going on. A tl;dr summary for anyone else. For some reason, burning DVDs on newer systems makes it not bootable on older machines. OP says burning it slower might help but I don't know. I burnt the iso file from an older laptop and it worked.
  11. Assumed the format of my DVD is UDF which allows file names of 255 symbols and I make an iso of this DVD with [File->save as image iso], are the file names in my iso then cut after 31 symbols? ( ISO9660 Level 2: 31 simbols) ?
  12. CDBurnerXP absolutely does not normalise track volumes for burning. It relies on a player being able to identify ReplayGain code telling it to play quiet tracks at higher volume. If the player does not support the function the burned CD is valueless. The admin's answer is disappointing in that's it's misleading. Typical CD players and some legacy audio players and Android apps do not support ReplayGain.
  13. As I have still old data- DVD's /CD's which I have burnt by myself some years ago, I want to make iso's from this. It can be that some of the data of this DVD/CD can no more be read 100%, becuse they are rather old. (But I do not know, maybe they all can be still read.) Question: When I make an iso of this data- CD/DVD and there will be some information which can not be read, does CDBurnerXP give a message. Or does CDBurnerXP simply only make the iso from the data, which can be read, without give a watrning message. Thank you for an answer.
  14. Do you enter the CD-Text?
  15. Sometimes the information on a commercial CD is incorrect. When I add such a disc to a compilation, I correct the information so that my track listing is right. Then I save the compilation. But when I log back in again, the information has reverted to what CD Burner read off the original CD. It seems that the editing procedure will not allow me to correct the incorrect information. What can I do?
  16. That's a shame Will keep bugging StarBurn...
  17. floele, downloaded and tried the new version you suggested, same result. I still can only burn one disc per session, same as before. Got the same error message as before. When I get the chance I'll try runing it using 'logging', and submit to you.
  18. I'm not talking about ads. See And for some examples. You might be able to find some additional details about what causes the application to hang in the Windows event log. Either way, using the 32 bit version should not have any disadvantage so you can also just stick with it.
  19. Which application did you use for creating the discs and what kind of discs did you create?
  20. It was the one with no ads
  21. Thanks for the answer. But unfortunately, no, I am not trying to copy "protected" discs. Only CDs/DVDs I have created myself.
  22. Maybe a shell extension is responsible for this behaviour, you should check which ones you have installed and if any of these might be a problem.
  23. I have to switched back to 32 bit version because the 64 bit version will Freeze Up Windows Explorer @ Windows 10 .
  24. New version is available: Can anyone please check if the issue is resolved?
  25. Go to the data / audio compilation are and check the menu there.
  26. Where can I see the version number installed? There is no help / about or something else where you can recognize what version has arrived.
  27. I'm not sure I can agree with that... That's like saying "people don't read my email ads so that's why I send 400,000 times more email ads, from thousands of servers all over the world -- so they get through." "Stupid spam filter is STILL blocking me for some reason" Anyway still working on your incorrect detection.
  28. StarBurn is still working on it, intending to release a working version tomorrow. They usually don't stick to their schedules, but a solution is getting closer.
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