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  3. I have and have been accustomed to seeing frequent updates. But nothing in recent times. Is CDBXP still under development and enhancement? Or is it pretty much done with?
  4. Try with such params: --burn data -file:image.iso -device:0, but it says it's not iso file. I did try with many iso files, all the same. Can you check it out?
  5. There is not very convenient way to select files for burning: -file:some file -file:some file 2 etc. For each file i have to write -file at first. Can you make such syntacsise: -file:some file some 2 some file 3 etc. In such way it will be more easy to work with batch at make button for TC.
  6. In manual for cmd there is "You can also use a drive letter" but can't make it works. Try -device:J , -device:J:, -device:J:\, but nothing works, I have 2 dvd roms, and i can't select from them only by -device:0 -device:1, but i need specify by letter to make command in context menu.
  7. Save and get back saved projects

    Hello I can burn a cd , and that is great. But how do i save that cd With files, so that i can take that information and burn the same cd agian and Write out cover agian?
  8. I recently downloaded version Within a short time, Webroot reported an infection and quarantined the file. The same thing happened on my other computer. Is there a problem with
  9. Last week
  10. Is this product EVER going to be RELEASED?! Good God, this author does nothing but release beta after beta after beta for months on end! Great product, but PLEASE END THE BETAS and release the new version!
  11. Occasional Win10 crash worse with latest version

    Agreed ....when I try to quit CD Burner ....Windows 10 Explorer will freeze for few minutes .....super weird. Any suggestions of fixing this ?
  12. CDBurnerXP

    Can you elaborate on your question? Maybe you want to check https://cdburnerxp.se/help/
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  14. CDBurnerXP

    How to burn Audio File - CD - DVD - R
  15. I doubt that this is possible. The Windows setup would have to support installing from multiple discs, which is probably not the case nowadays. Not sure if applications like NLite can make it possible anyway.
  16. App does not launch with Ryzen build

    Good to know that your issue is resolved
  17. Audio CD Won't Repeat in Car Stereo

    I don't quite know what would make a car radio decide to restart the disc. Maybe it depends on the burning mode (disc at once / track at once). Try using the opposite of what you're using now.
  18. Is it possible to create Windows installation media that requires more than one disk (DVD or Dual Layer), and have it install properly? I understand disk spanning (somewhat), but don't want to waste time or disks creating the media if the OS will not install and work properly from the spanned discs. The size of the media I would like to create is about 18-21 gigs in size. The media would include the installation Windows 7 Professional media for my Dell PC, all current KB updates and patches, current drivers for my system, and several programs that I currently have installed on the PC I'm currently using (AV, AM, Open Office, and more). I'm currently working to create an ISO for the project and would just like to know if it's going to work once it's done, or if the disk spanning will mess things up.
  19. App does not launch with Ryzen build

    Thanks floele, that did the trick. Interesting though. I then uninstalled the SPTD drivers and CDBurnerXP still launched without an issue. Maybe the original install was somehow off. Anyway, all well now.
  20. Hey, all, I searched for this and didn't find a similar question so hopefully this is something that you all can help with. I love CDBurnerXP for its simplicity and utility. However, I'm having a minor issue that I'm hoping is just a setting I've missed somewhere. Normally when I play an audio CD in my car, when it hits the end of the CD, it resets to the beginning and keeps playing (as should be the case on any car stereo). However, when I play a CD I've burned with CDBurnerXP, it hits the end and just stops. It doesn't recycle back to track one and start over. Is there a setting I've missed somewhere that I can check to get discs to recycle and replay? I've double-checked and I do have "Finalize Disc" checked. Thanks in advance!
  21. App does not launch with Ryzen build

    You could try using the SPTD drives (see https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18 for details).
  22. Occasional Win10 crash worse with latest version

    Hm, maybe your sitation is a case for SPTD drivers. You should probably try them (check https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18 for details).
  23. App does not launch with Ryzen build

    Hi all I have a new build consisting of Ryzen 1800X ASUS Prime X370 Pro Windows 10 Creators Update Liteon iHAS124 B DVD Drive Pioneer BD-RW BDR-208M BluRay Drive I have installed CDBurnerXP on this machine and when I try to launch the app, nothing happens. In task manager there is a cdburnerxp process, which I am unable to end. If I try to restart the machine, it hangs at the "restarting" screen. Is this a known issue and is there a workaraound? Thanks a lot
  24. CDBurnerXP 4.5.2

    Depending on the operating system native to your computer the risk of the operating system interrupting in the middle of installing or running third party program Like CDburnnerXP creating a file, is at the risk of stopping the running program for the operating system's own attention demands is high. The most famous culprit is the operating system's automatic maintenance schedule setting turned on kicks in the middle of a running program. This specially applies to free third party programs and apps. When this happens any unfinished program is left open in the operating system's system. When that happens you can't operate the third party program file. You can't play, use, rename, disable, delete, or cut, copy and past files. In fact you can't do anything with it. This is because the instillation or file is incomplete open in your operating system's system. Any program unfinished will do that. However there is a solution However this involves running your operating system's system restore. Depending on your operating system can take up to half to three quarters of an hour of wasted time to complete restoration. In the processes system restore sees the unfinished program as an error and clears the opened unfinished third party's file. Players are never able to play unfinished files. But at lest the good news is after the system restore is completed you will be able use the operating system rename, cut, copy, past and delete features as normal. At lest you will be able to delete to retry at another risk of the operating system stopping it again going to the trouble of running system restore again. Before you run any third party program make sure all operating system messages and potentially interruptive programs such as automatic maintenance menu disable tick boxes a ticked. If there is any other way to clear the open file from the operating system's system without resorting to running the operating system restore let us know.
  25. Occasional Win10 crash worse with latest version

    I installed the suggested version. It might have helped, but in the end the program froze again. Attempt 1, success with difficulties. It was having a lot of trouble copying the disc with a lot of chattering, audible retries. 28% at 3 minutes. 6+ minutes to read; Per the status: 4:59 to write (at 24x). (Brand new flawless disc.) Attempt 2, success then cancel. 1:33 read time for a different disc, the one that had originally crashed the program. I cancelled the coping instead of proceeding to burn. Attempt 3, crash 23% at 3+ minutes on third new disc; "5:58 elapsed" when it was done reading; 14:27 elapsed, but it's still at 50% according to the title bar, so it hasn't really started writing. at 16+ minutes, the disc started spinning rapidly at 17 minutes I hit cancel. Here is the log at that point: 2:49:39 PM Target device changed to: D: PLDS DVD+-RW DS-8A5SH 2:49:39 PM Source device changed to: D: PLDS DVD+-RW DS-8A5SH 2:50:19 PM Disc copy started. 2:57:05 PM Started burning the extracted image to disc 2:57:16 PM Writing process started at 24x (4,234 KB/s) 3:02:15 PM Copying disc was completed successfully. 3:03:48 PM Disc copy started. 3:09:15 PM Cancelled burning image to disc. 3:09:45 PM Disc copy started. 3:17:07 PM Started burning the extracted image to disc 3:17:17 PM Writing process started at 24x (4,234 KB/s) 3:27:14 PM Aborting burning process, please wait... Eventually control returned to the program, but the disc is still going full speed. 4. Event log. Early on there was a warning in the Event Viewer: An error was detected on device \Device\CdRom0 during a paging operation. Later, a single error (System): The device, \Device\Ide\iaStor0, did not respond within the timeout period. There were no Application errors logged. 5. Try again. I tried to start Copy or grab a disc by double clicking, and saw that CDBurnerXP was now Not Responding. There are no new events and the disc is spinning. The drive's eject button won't stop it. Windows Media Player sees a blank disc. Using it to try to eject the disc temporarily freezes media player. Using cmd.exe in Administrator mode, cdbxpcmd.exe --list-drives freezes until I CTRL-C it. I used Task Manager to end CDBXP, which was still listed as Not Responding. Although it wasn't reporting as Not Responding I also had to end Windows Media Player with Task Manager. 6. The end. It looks like I'll have to reboot this time to get the disc back, so that's all for now.
  26. Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040255

    Sure, Blu-Rays are supported.
  27. Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040255

    floele, I'll give it a try when I can. I am getting a blu-ray burner and won't be doing multiple burns when I get it. Before that, I'll try and test the new version and report back. Will cdburnerxp work burning blu-ray?
  28. Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040255

    Another version: https://daily.cdburnerxp.se/4.5/minimal/cdbxp_setup_4.5.7.6729_minimal.exe Any better?
  29. Hello forum need some help with a little backup batch-file... Instead of having WinRar copied data from e:\userdata\data--it to d:\data--it_fullbackup.rar to the harddisk, CDBurnerXP should be started and copy the data to DVD (multisession). Question: How can the following CDBurnerXP command line arguments be added to my WinRar backup-script ? --wait-for-disc --burn-data --eject -device:0 Thank you very much in advance for every help/feedback! Joe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @echo off Start d:\apps\WinRar\WinRAR a -u -r -ver -dh -m5 d:\data--it_fullbackup.rar e:\userdata\data--it Pause goto Start -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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