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  2. I think he wants a 1:1 clone like clone cd can do do it but will be nice to see something like this here too
  3. yes 10 years later I miss it too btw. again. Hope you can do it.
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  7. Last week
  8. That is good advice but changing email accounts every so often with one dedicated to forums and another for the trash things you do on the internet can help stay ahead of spam and other security concerns
  9. Actually, this is indeed not a simple thing to implement. What most applications, including CDBurnerXP, do is simply coping the audio files. Anything in between is harder to determine and replicate. I'm certain there are applications (maybe commercial) that do this but I don't know which ones.
  10. You'll see this information if already included in the audio file. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.
  11. Unfortunately I can't really do much about installer issues (they are rare anyway). You can try using the MSI installer or portable version alternatively.
  12. louisfrechette00@gmail.com
  13. Hello. I have same problem. Only admin see drives, on normal user "No compatible drives". I tried all version - minimal, 32 bit, 63 bit, portable. Windows 10 pro. On admin account I have to do "run as admin" anyway. I dont see anywhere "StarOpen.sys". Version
  14. Earlier
  15. I tried installing latest available version of CDBurnerXP, but the setup program crashes right after UAC allows it to launch. Here's the error message. (I use Win 7 Pro x64). Same error happens for 32-bit version setup.
  16. This really shouldn't be this hard ... I duplicate every CD I buy and for over 15 yrs, I've been able to use the software that came with the computer to do this easily. Cdburnerxp is the FOURTH program I've downloaded that has failed. All I want to do is make an EXACT COPY of my albums! EXACT COPY, meaning - EXACTLY THE SAME, including ALL TRANSITIONS/PAUSES between songs - EXACTLY THE WAY IT ORIGINALLY PLAYS. I used the "copy audio cd" feature and this dumb program STILL put 2 second gaps between every song, including between the ones that are supposed to be connected (i.e. the end of one song continues to play into the start of the next one - like the first 3 tracks on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon ... Imagine how annoying ... "Balanced on the biggest wave, you race towards an early grave-- 2 SECOND PAUSE-- *dunnnnnn* "On the Run" starts). Anyways, since cdburnerxp fails to accurately offer an option to make an EXACT copy of a CD, can anyone PLEASE recommend software that can do this, WITHOUT having to create an image file myself first? Like, I can just insert CD, click copy, insert blank CD, burn & eject? Thank you in advance.
  17. I set the recording of more than one copy of the disc. With the second DVD the speed is automate indicated at 72x (my DVD medium has max 8x). The recording time is basically the same. Messages on screen unfortunately in the Polish language version. But you can understand if you look at the time and information about the recording speed.
  18. Oh I see now. Why even include the field if that's the case?
  19. What do you try to achive by editing the album? CDBurnerXP can only burn title + artist as CD-text so editing the album column would not have any effect.
  20. For some reason, I cannot change the album field. I have attempted to click, and double-click, and I have also checked the properties tab, but I still cannot change it. I can change the artist and name of the songs quite well, however. Can anyone advise on how to change the Album field? Thanks
  21. Enclosed a screen shot. Win 10 has a built in feature to burn CD/DVD's, that I've used to verify the burner works. It's a bit bulky to use, so I want a program easier to use. CDBurnerXP I used for many years, and I like it. It says in one of the support articles, that version 4.5 clears up all device problems, but I can't find that older version. //
  22. У меня такие же проблемы. Нет вариантов. Создается впечатление это проблемы 7 винды или я ошибаюсь? Подскажите.
  23. Given the same set of data, CDBurnerXP will generate the same discs when using disc spanning. However, as you pointed out correctly, skipping some discs in this process would be helpful.
  24. Well, you could call it "full erase" alternatively. Or "potentially secure erase". It's hard to simplify a complex matter using just a few words...
  25. Unfortunately I do not know this error or what might cause it. A screenshot of the situation might help, but I think it's best if you use Google for finding a solution that fits your situation.
  26. When burning audio discs, the format will always be "WAV" because that is the only format that normal CD players can read.
  27. ImgBurn for me too.... Here's the end of the log, the whole process, Read, Write, and Verify, took less time that CDBurnerXP's Read operation. Compare the times. I'll be uninstalling CDBurnerXP as soon as I've posted this.
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