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  2. Cdburnerxp is in maintenance mode. You shuould not expect new features or timely updates. That may not happen.
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  4. Please update. Last Version - 2019-11-19 is Old enough eventough it still working fine on win 11. I think a new update will be great and also add features to double click to rename: File name and also Disc name and other suggestion from other user Thank you
  5. What are some of the best game to play in leisure?
  6. Computer security, cybersecurity, or information technology security is the protection of computer systems and networks from information disclosure, theft of, or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.
  7. There has never been any such thing and there will certainly never be.
  8. I need to download the exe file and have some queries regarding the application so need customer support email
  9. Hello all, Looking for assistance with logging particular events. If there is a special logging level for the 'StarBurn.log' that will help capture more clean information more particularly burn start, stop, files burned (with verify option enabled for example) for auditing purposes. From the GUI when you drag and drop into burn area it logs the below line but isn't so intuitive.. --OCX--> WRN: Context[ CDataFolder::GetFileObject ] : File object 'test.txt' not found! Thanks in advance!
  10. The language of the cdburner I installed is not in English. Would someone tell me how to burn a CD. I want only the audio, but the songs I want on the CD are in as video. I only recorded it as audio. There is no video. I am very frustrated.
  11. I downloaded cdburnerXP, but none of the instructions are in English. How do I get English on the thing?
  12. What are ID3 tags? How do I check them? I'd like the file names that show to match what I put them in as--can that be done, or not? Disregard the above. I found out how to do it thanks to what you sent. Worked just as I'd hoped it would--thanks so much for your quick response!!!
  13. Please check the ID3 tags of the MP3 files. File names don't really matter much.
  14. I posted this on the General forum in April, but never got a response, so thought this may be a more appropriate venue. I'd like the titles of the songs I burn to be what I rename them to before putting them on the burn list. However, the program gets info from somewhere else, and when I play it on a CD player, it shows the titles in other formats and arrangements than what I put in as the title. Is there any way to have it show the titles as I put them in? The first picture is what I put it to burn. The second one is what shows on the CD player. Quote
  15. Have just got a new laptop with Windows 11. CDBurner XP text size is so small as to make using the program very difficult. Is there any way I can make the commands etc big enough to read comfortably ?
  16. Hi, i'm trying to burn 64 songs on a CD-R, the songs total 87:30 minutes Using 5 seconds of crossfade it all fits on a 80 minute cd Burning goes ok, but when i play back the songs, the last song plays twice (so it duplicates to track 63 AND 64) and shifts all other songs down a track and loses the first track (track 1 is the 2nd song) I've double checked the song list, everything is normal. Is this a common issue? Note: I've tried 2 different ways of adding the files, 1. dragging and dropping the files straight from the folder they were in 2. selecting all the files inside the cdburnerxp explorer and hitting "ADD" AXP File of the 2nd method used: jippyFINAL2.zip desired output can pretty much be deciphered from the track list
  17. The burned CD's will not play in any of my car cd players. I get a disc error message.
  18. You can for example use 7zip program to zip a big file into segments that will fit onto one CD at a time. Since the last protion of the file segment will be at the outer edge of a CD you might consider to limit the zip file size to 680-690 MB. In case you have 700 MB CDs. CDs can easily be scratched at the outer edge and the last tracks therefore difficult to read. Then you take the zip segment file and drag and drop it onto the layout in the CD Burner XP program. You will find the 7 zip here: https://www.7-zip.org/ Hope that this post will help you
  19. These issues have been known among several burning programs. One way to circumvent the issue is to first burn an image, *.ISO *.IMG, *.BIN, Whatever. Then burn the corresponding image onto the physical disk. You have to try several methods.
  20. So why failed cd deleting and burning because disk is not empty?
  21. Bonjour, J'ai effectué la copie d'une série de 25 CD, et j'ai eu 2 disques CD copiés, qui n'ont pas été acceptés par mon lecteur de CD , en indiquant la mention :" NO DISK" par contre, ces 2 CD Audio fonctionnent normalement sur mon PC. Est-ce un problème de finalisation du CD copié ? Est-il possible de refaire la finalisation du CD ? Si oui, quelle est la procédure à suivre ? Merci d'avance pour la réponse. Pour information, j'ai effectué depuis plus de 10 ans des copies avec CD Burner, et j'en suis très content !
  22. The process of burning an audio disc is relatively simple. First, gather the audio files that you want to burn to the disc. Next, open your computer's CD or DVD burning software. Select the option to create an audio disc. Then, add the audio files to the disc. Finally, burn the disc.
  23. I'm not sure that this is the right place for this question but anyway - my situation is following: some movies were downloaded from the commonly known site in mp4 and avi format. I would like to burn them on a DvD and watch it on TV but this two files are not recognized. Tell me please in what format I should it convert and if it will be recognized by a PAL system.
  24. I bought a brand new package of 100 Verbatim blank CD-R. I've bought this brand before with no problem. Now I've tried 6 blanks and keep getting a burn error Internal SDK error CStarBrurn_ScsiTransportSPTI::ExecuteCDB()command failed. I have an updated version of the software and I rebooted the computer. Please advise
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  26. Here is a sample I am trying to use to burn an Audio CD. C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP\cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-audio -device:0 -file:D:\Service Videos\Master Recordings\2022\service - 28 March 2021 - 09-51-43 AM.1.wav -speed:ratio "24" -eject The above command line is working fine but need a command to -disable-write. So the rest of the commands can be tested but just do not turn on the laser to burn the disc.
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