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  2. cd play problem

    What kind of discs do you burn? Audio or data (MP3)? If the latter, which file system did you use when burning?
  3. cd play problem

    when I initially used cdxp years ago it was great still is but I have an issue since last update approx. 5mths ago maybe more. The system does what I should but cds wont play on some players but will on later new cd players the one in particular is a player in my work vehicle and my work vehicle 2004 and my bench player which is fifteen years old but will in late model players in other cars can any one help
  4. Last week
  5. I hope there's room for some more improvements in here for the next release
  6. Trying to install - hangs on restart

    Not usually. Some hardware configurations may cause issues though. If that actually helps, you might want to try installing and using the SPTD drivers.
  7. Can you check if this version makes any difference? https://daily.cdburnerxp.se/4.5/minimal/cdbxp_setup_4.5.8.6830_minimal.exe If so, I need to think of a proper solution.
  8. Trying to install - hangs on restart

    You have to put a disc in the drive just for it to start?
  9. Would like to translate?

    Thanks, will be included in the next version.
  10. Trying to install - hangs on restart

    Does any of this help? https://cdburnerxp.se/help/appendices/troubleshooting
  11. I know, but unfortunately this issue is not under my control. StarBurn promised to work on this issue a long time ago but they didn't finish it yet and also need to work on other bugs. I still want this fixed so I'll continue annoying StarBurn about it.
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  13. I am wanting to burn an ISO file for wiping my disc drive on a laptop before donating it. I downloaded the CDBurnerXP and it required a restart.. It hung on the restart for almost an hour till I finally shut the computer down, let it load in it's own and then did a standard restart. I have done this twice. After getting it installed the program does not open (run). It gets as far as asking for default language then never comes on. I have installed twice with same issue both times. I have Windows 10 and doing this from a standard desktop. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. При добавлении файла для записи на диск выдается сообщение "Некоторые файлы не могут быть добавлены в проект". Почему, обычный файл? Как исправить?
  15. I am trying to add 20.000 files to newly created compilation. However CDBurnerXP cannot complete this task as Windows complains that it runs out of resources because CDBurnerXP holds a lock for each added file. The problem was reported in 2014, 2015 and now in 2017 this is still a problem. I am using CDBurnerXP For that task I had to use Damon Tools which does not suffer from this problem.
  16. Would like to translate?

    chinese simplified language update. Strings.zh-CN.resx.7z
  17. My problem seems slightly different from the known issue, that an error message occurs while making multiple copies: I want to make 10 copies of an original disc (using windows 10). Reading the disk and burning the first copy works fine. After inserting the second empty disc the DVD-drive seems to start the burning, but the progress bar remains at 50% (status after reading of the image) and the whole system hangs (without any error message, DVD-drive spinning). It is not possible to end the process, shut down the PC or open the DVD-drive. PC has to be switched of by pressing ON-Button for severals seconds. After restart the drive can be opened, the affected disc is still empty and useable. Very rarely it is possible to make two copies and the problem occurs when inserting the third empty disc. Thanks for any help Martin
  18. Hello. No I don'use. Regards
  19. That is strange, the conversion should work the same way on your PC as it does on mine. Are you using the ReplayGain volume adjustment in CDBurnerXP?
  20. Busy do Anglii

    Przewozy Polska Anglia

    Przewóz osób do Anglii

  21. I found the guide from here: https://www.eshareclub.com/m4v-to-mp4/. Although it introduced how to convert m4v to mp4, it also supported how to convert M4V or MP4 videos from iTunes into DVD supported video format , try it on.
  22. Dear Floele, thanks for you reply. I have check the file on temp folder. It is exactly the same of burned and it have the problem of white noise start from beginning. You can download here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BqJA6kMZUO-BesMyliaSyUSujiqoY4eU The white noise is at -80 db. You can see on attached screenshot. Then I have convert to 16 Bit @44.1 Khz using TAudio converter and it is perfect. No noise. Of course if you burn this CD is perfect. Free program is here: https://www.fosshub.com/TAudioConverter.html You can download song converted here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FgAQ9Q73ZCEDSN3NPM5hh3WtbEuP7LPw Attached the analysis of this file too. Regards Stefano
  23. Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040255

    Update: Starburn already got further reports for this problem and is working on it. They'd like to provide a fix this year (spoiler: Not likely to happen). Will keep you updated. Further log files are not necessary (according to StarBurn).
  24. Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040255

    This step is not reproducible for me unfortunately. In fact I have never been able to reproduce the issue. If you can easily reproduce the issue with ISO files, please try creating a new log file, see https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18 I'll send it for StarBurn to analyse and fix again.
  25. Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040255

    Would seem so: I just had the same problem (Burning failure with HRESULT: 0x80040255) with a newly download /installed CDBurnerXP - version, on Windows 10 Home version 1709 64 bit, on trying to burn second compilation. When I tried to create an ISO (of that compilation), it failed with HRESULT: 0x80040275 - created a 0b ISO file. No problem in saving the .dxp file; or in burning (twice - with finalize disc option) or creating ISO file of first compilation. On exiting and restarting CDBurnerXP, now no problem creating ISO or burning disc of the 'second' (but now 'first') compilation. Listing steps, with further attempts: Open CDBXP --> Create Data disk Create compilation A Burn disk (finalization specified) & verify - ok Create A.ISO & A.dxp files of compilation - ok Burn disk (finalization specified) & verify - ok Clear that compilation Create new compilation B (different set of files for different disk) - note (may be relevant) about twice size of first. Create B.dxp file - ok Create B.ISO - failed (80040275 ? - didn't actually notice in detail) Burn disk - failed 80040255 Create B.ISO - failed 80040275, after prompting to delete previous ISO Closed CDBXP Reopen CDBXP Open B.dxp, to retrieve compilation Create B.ISO - ok Burn & verify disk - ok. Note used same (physical) disk as for previous burn Open A.dxp Create Abis.iso - failed ("ISO image cannot be created") 80040275 Burn disk - failed 80040255 once it started burning (0%) - 'preparing to burn' took a while Back to CDBXP first screen, chose Data disk option again Open A.dxp Burn disk - failed 80040255 Close CDBXP Reopen CDBXP Open A.dxp Burn disk, etc - ok
  26. Actually, the default is ISO for this reason among others.
  27. The default file system for a CDBurnerXP data CD is UDF. But a lot of my old PCs only can read ISO 9660 disks. Why not let the user change default file system in the Data Options?
  28. I checked the conversion, but it seems fine to me. After converting, the resulting WAV track sounds perfectly fine. Then after burning to the disc, it's fine without noise. Do you possibly have any other settings like Replay Gain active? Also, can you check the WAV file CDBurnerXP generates? To do so, start burning the disc while no disc is inserted. While CDBurnerXP is prompting you to insert one, check the %temp%\TempRips folder for a WAV file. It should be the track you just started burning with the correct bitrate. Does this file sound OK?
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