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  8. HI, I had to create an ISO file from command line, I'm using a portable version (CDBurnerXP-x64-, and WIN 10 Everytime I try do burn files into iso file it says this: "Creating ISO image at C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\test.iso:, 421 Files, Size: 196,88 MB An error (80040298) occured while executing the command: exception from HRESULT: 0x80040298" Command is this: C:\Users\xxx\Downloads\CDBurnerXP-x64-\cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-data -iso:C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\test.iso: -folder:C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Burn Thanks for support.
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  10. Tyler777

    First Two or Three DVD's Burn But Then Problems

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program numerous times. I have tried using ISO instead of VS files. I have re-encode a video and it will be fine for two or three burns and then the same problem. I can edit a video and re-encode and all will be fine for two or three burns and then the same problem I have thrown out 150 discs and this is getting extremely frustrating and costly. I very much appreciate your assistance. Tyler
  11. Hi, When I prepare a disc with a movie on it (legal with permission to give to as many people as I want - Christian programs), the first two or three burn fine, but afterwards most if not all (depending) won't burn at all. I get a box from CDburnerxp that says likely a problem with the disc - over and over. The discs are fine. Highest quality of Sony still available. I have also tried other discs and same problem. It seems like CDburnerxp has a built in mechanism to prevent easy burning of anything after two or three. I get this over and over with numerous videos. I very much appreciate your assistance. I do not format discs before the burn. I insert them and allow CDburnerxp to do its thing. It will not accept formatted discs in fact. I know that the issue is with the program and not myself. Thank you Tyler
  12. As a normal domain user, we see that the application cannot access the CD/DVD. But if i launch with an elevated permission i can see the disk. So is there any feature to be included while installing ? Also i do not see the staropen.sys file on my local mahine.
  13. Atlas

    New Features

    1. In properties you should be able to delete large gaps on the front and rear of MP3's by keying in the seconds the same way you currently have Custom Gap "Gap Length track start and track end". Some MP3's you download have very large gaps 15 seconds on the front and rear of songs and it would be nice to take them out by keying in the seconds. 2. You should add up and down arrows to move songs around. Right click and drag are ok but adding arrows would be nice too. 3. You should be able to view thumbnail of pictures while in the program if making a picture CD. Thank you.
  14. floele

    Copy DVD to an ISO image - file overwritten

    When would you expect that check? It does when you select the target file name.
  15. floele

    I can not burn cd

    Can you show a screenshot maybe?
  16. Jarry

    Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040275

    As so many of you, I'm also getting this error. CDburnerXP worked without any problem for some time, now I can not burn single CD/DVD. Some say this error is media- or burner-related, but I doubt. I tried different media, lower burning speed, even different dvd-burner, rebooted before burning, but nothing helped. I was stuck with that error and could not burn single cd/dvd! Finally I solved this problem by using other free burning software. Surprisingly, it works with the very same media/burner that cdburnerxp refused. So it seems to me, this error has something to do with cdburnerxp-software...
  17. MrAndreas

    Clarification of installCore

    Thank you. And thank you for a great product.
  18. Hello, I encountered an issue - well - that might not quite be a bug, but then, maybe it might be. When copying a DVD or CD to an ISO image that you want to save on your harddrive, it seems not to be checked if the target file that the image will be saved to already exists. There should be a check, and if so, a reassurance question if the file shall be overwritten. So - this might be a feature request really - but can also be considered as a bug :-). Thanks, Manfred
  19. floele

    Clarification of installCore

    Yep Correct. It's inside neither of those.
  20. Pow_2k

    Grabbed a disc with no errors, ISO came up short

    Just got this month's update disc, issue has returned. Last 4096 bytes missing in the CDBurnerXP rip when compared to the size of the source CD but came up a match when taken via another ripper. Pattern of bytes at the end of the ISOs are the same. When examined in a hex editor the "data" appears to end at 0x222F8FF0, is then filled with 0x00 until 0x22342FF0 on the CDBurnerXP rip but continues another 4k to 0x22343FF0 in the other ripper's ISO. Still have the original (January) CD that I'm free to ship out for investigation if possible.
  21. Please confirm if I have understood the following correctly: installCore is in the default installer only and simply offers dynamic third-party content that the user can opt in/out from during the installation process. Additionally, is installCore in the MSI but not in the portable?
  22. judas_iscariote

    Burning audio cassettes to CD

    Yes, you have to capture the audio with whatever software you wish to (i.e with Audacity) , edit, cut tracks if needed then burn WAV to CD:
  23. I'm wondering if I can burn my old audio cassettes to CD (w/a USB cassette capture plugged into my computer) with this program. Thanks.
  24. avermix

    cd audio

  25. floele

    cd audio

    Maybe the CD is broken? It is necessary for audio discs to be empty before burning, maybe the disc is used or cannot be recognised otherwise. Usually CDBurnerXP will tell you about the disc not being empty before starting the burning process though.
  26. avermix

    cd audio

  27. floele

    cd audio

    Maybe you can tell me what it says in "details"?
  28. avermix

    cd audio

    When I burn audio CD during the operation it tells me that the empty CD is a burning error occurred why ??
  29. hello, cdburner recognizes my burner (optiarc dvd rw ad-7173a), but when I want to burn a cd I have the following message: no track can be added to the audio image the disc can not be burned. What can I do ? Thank you in advance for the answers
  30. Can you provide me with some screenshots maybe (like your track list, the cover options you selected and the resulting print preview)? Hard to tell what is going on otherwise.
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