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  3. Yes, more than 2 file systems are not supported. I don't support importing file systems burned with other applications anyway.
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  5. After I burn an audio cd and view in win explorer, anyone else seeing this?
  6. I also have experienced the same problem. I did some testing and found that it always happened when the disk had more than 2 file systems defined. It handles 1 file system and 2 file systems okay but crashes if there were 3. I was actually evaluating 6? 8? different CD burner programs. The last step was to see if they could read (import) each other's output. Each disk had 1 or to sessions. As I said, it crashed when any disk had more than 2 file systems (probably in the last session). Funny thing, SunBurner (another CD burner product) had a the same problem. Note: When I looked at the files in the CDBurnerXP folder, I noticed a SunBurner.ddl file. My guess is that CDBurnerXP is a front end for SunBurner which actually does all the work, and that SunBurner can't handle the 3rd file system. Note: This was the extent of my dive into this problem. I did not check that it could handle ALL file systems. ISO, Joliet and UDF all seemed to be okay. Parrot I used ISOBuster to see just how many file systems were being written
  7. Can you please describe the exact steps you follow for reproducing the problem?
  8. Yes, 130 MB of MP3 is way more than 700 MB disc space. See You can burn 700 MB of uncompressed audio only.
  9. I'm sorry but it looks like I'm not able to help you with your problem at this point, as I can neither reproduce nor imagine the cause. If you can reproduce the problem, maybe you can find out which version of CDBurnerXP introduced the problem? There is a list of all versions here: Maybe try a version from a year ago and then try newer or older versions depending on the result.
  10. Isn't the song saved to begin with? Otherwise you could hardly burn it.
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  12. Hi ~ I'm using the latest CDBurnerXP with Windows 7x64 sp1 and whenever the software asks if I want to continue session and add files to DVD it crashes. It only happens with this software. Other burning software can create multisession DVDs without any problem. I've tried multisession with joliet, romeo, udf1.02 and udf2.5 all with the same problem. And it happens on all kinds of computers too from custom builds to dell optiplex to toshiba portege laptops and a lenovo. So I know its THIS software. Any advice?
  13. MP3 file is about 130MB, track is 1 hour 57 minutes. CD has 700MB disc space. Can't burn it "too big" (meanwhile I try overburning). Appearently 130MB are more than 700MB? What? Explainations?
  14. Thank you for you reply i'm just tell your team and company about i'm so happy with your burner ^^ again. the problem is didn't came from windows . Cause' i send the disc to other friend and them told me about the problem and like i said first I think it came from windows and loop of problem is on for a year because i don't think it the burner problem the last time i'm very sure and go here to tell . because my friend call me the problem still again and i reinstall windows in fresh and after finish install windows i'm install burner and do the job again and boom i found the problem ok. i can't explain in english so well and you think the problem not came from burner i'll record all i do in video and upload to show the problem i still love the xpburner but i wan't to find out what going on too. best regard.
  15. As what Droarm says. It seems like it is the Asmedia SATA Controller Driver that causes the problem. I installed the latest Asmedia Driver from Asus to my Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 motherboard just to try and CDBurnerXP doesn't crash anymore when having any disc(s) inserted. Finaly it works properly.
  16. I think the problem is asmedia 106x SATA controller driver. ┬┐Those who have the problem could confirm?. I install windows 10 and the problem continues. I have other problems with this device, multiple errors, device manager crashes when install other drivers. solved disconecting the DVD burner. i have the latest driver of asmedia.
  17. I cannot reproduce your problem. In particular, why would the last of the 5 discs be correct if the issue starts with the second disc? One thing I could imagine is that Windows isn't actually showing what's on the disc. If you did not do alredy, please reboot your computer and check if the disc contents are still incorrect.
  18. Can't reproduce this problem, memory use is pretty much constant while burning a BD-R.
  19. After burning, how do you save the song to burn again later? THX Robin sciolist
  20. Thanks!
  21. AAC is not supported. Unfortunately, the fee for licensing the codec is unreasonably high, so there is nothing I can do about that.
  22. Floele, I finally had enough data to burn a couple of disks. Here's the file that you had asked for using the logging feature. Had to reduce it quite a bit as the original was 138 mb. Let me know if it works for you. StarBurn - Copy.7z
  23. Hi, I currently switched from MP3 to Nero AAC audio format for my audio files. However, it seems the case that CDBurnerXP cannot correctly read them. It always complains, that my files are DRM protected, although I riped them by myself, and can easily convert them to MP3 by AIMP. I downloaded base_aac.dll in my program directory, but this had no effect... Anyone an idea? Or is it just not supported? Best and thanks to the developers for this great programm, which accompanies me for quite a while now, Jan
  24. CDBurnerXP on 64-bit Win7. While burning a BR disk, memory allocation as shown by Resource Monitor is steadily increasing at about 4-6 MB per second, until all physical memory is listed as being in use. The machine gets swamped and becomes nearly unresponsive. CDBurnerXP process itself does not show memory increase, but forcing it out shows prolonged paging until the memory allocation gradually returns to normal.
  25. Thank you for your reply All i do step by step 1. i have .iso file size 20 GB and wanna write to dvd . i use winrar to sprit file to 100MB . winrar make file for me like 200 file . file name is abc.part001.rar > abc.par200.rar 2. I use you burnerXP to write file disc 1 content abc.part001.rar > abc part044.rar is 4400 MB on DVD disc 3. after finish bure Disc 1 Dvd drive eject disc i'm back to data compilation windows delete all file and crop file abc.part045.rar > abc.part088.rar drag to disc and click burn again.. 4. i do the same with disc 3 4 5 5. all operation is complete with no error and i'm very sure i didn't do any mistake .. about select wrong file or burn the same data 6. after finish my task in narmal i do have all abc.part001 > 200 in 5 disc but it burn the same data of disc 2 to the 3 4. that mean i've 1 ,2,2,2 and 5 not 1,2,3,4,5 i've this problem for a year but like i said i think it came for windows but last time that i recheck step by step i'm sure it is bug from burner.. so .. your program is very well excellent and very easy to use . and want you to please collect my report to check . hope you will find solution to solve this soon best regard .. PS. i can record screen in video the youtube to make you understand if you request ..
  26. Yup. As a matter of fact it happened after I installed the latest version. All earlier versions of CDBXP worked ok. No big deal. I'll just downgrade backwards a version or two and try the next version when it comes out.
  27. The problem is I cannot tell you why this error occurs because it is quite generic. For a start, try updating to the latest version of CDBurnerXP (you didn't state which version you currently use).
  28. See Or similar questions. Closed.
  29. @AlanA Thank you. Should probably use your post for copy and paste.
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