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  2. Hello all, I burned a CD with this program for the first time and the files I burned show title, artist and album name. Once I put it into my car though I am only seeing the song title. Any ideas why this could be?
  3. A friend of mine asked me this and I was kind of wondering the same. What's the difference between Default installer and Default installer (Without installCore)?
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  5. normal optical media is horrible for archiving, as bad as hard drives or worse if its really cheap stuff. I use m-disc blu rays for archiving, normal blu rays that don't use an organic layer and have a metal layer could also do the trick but m-discs are the highest grade discs you can get. you could also try out verbatim ultralife archival gold dvds if you dont want to get a blu ray burner, but blu ray m discs are MUCH cheaper per gigabyte than verbatim gold archival dvds and probably more reliable. I use almost exclusively blu ray m discs and verbatim archival dvds for small stuff if I don't
  6. when i burn data discs, i just copy and paste files into the compolation, I don't use the green add button or drag and drop, is copying and pasting fine, can it cause any problems?
  7. ArtyomFromPoland


    Stops respodning at 100% 2 dvds broken
  8. I have the exactly the same problem. I'm running the latest version of CDBurnerXP V4.5.8.7128 x64 and I'm trying to secure erase CR-RWs on a HL-DT-ST GU90N DVD+-RW but no progress is ever shown, although if I wait approx. 25 minutes then the disk is ejected and CDBurnerXP reports it successfully erased the disk (without ever showing any progress). I have tried 2 different makes of CD-RW with no difference.
  9. https://www.firmwarehq.com/NEC/ND-3450A/files.html Says 103C. This indeed looks like a firmware issue. I suggest you to find another compatible media if updating the firmware does not solve the problem.
  10. I have a NEC DVD+-RW ND-3450A that came in my Dell XPS gen4. I ran out of my Mitsui CDs I used to use for music and purchased a stack of Maxell CD-R Music CDs and have not been able to write a cd with CDBXP. It errors with poor quality media or incompatible drive. Windows built-in burner just does not recognize it. I am trying to burn an .iso image at the moment. I called Maxell and they suggested updating the firmware which is 103C. Checking the internet most sites said 103C was the most current but https://www.firmwarehq.com had FW_ND-3540A_win104.zip. I'm not sure it's legit. Does
  11. I also love this software and really look forward to the update, it seems to me the time has come
  12. I have 2 computers the newer one is running Win10Pro and is the one that has CDBurnerXP installed and is the one I used to make a copy of a game CD. It is an older game that I still like to play occasionally and I am not sure whether it will even run on Win10. I figure eventually the CD may become damaged and I don't want to lose the game so I figured I would make a backup copy of the CD. Here comes the problem. I made a copy and it appears to have copied it successfully (ISO copy). On the Win10 computer the properties show it has data on it and it appears to run. As a test I tried to install
  13. Hello, I have 6 CDs, same artist, I am taking 1 to 4 tracks from each CD to make a compilation. I put the first disc in the drive and all the tracks appeared automatically in the upper box, I added the tracks I wanted to the compilation box [lower] and it was a snap. So, I removed the first CD and inserted the next CD.........but the track list image from the first disc still remains there, even though the disc is removed from the drive! I have looked high and low and I can find no way to clear/get rid of this upper list so I can continue on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. <a href="https://www.applitool.com/" rel="nofollow"> لقد قمت بتثبيته فقط لبضع عشرات من الدقائق</a>
  15. Hi so i had these CD-R discs in which i wanted to put some music for my CD player. Ive got several so the problem is not on particularly one. I dont have much idea about CD burning but the thing is the disc is completely blank and has no space. I try to burn several songs on it but it wont work, space required, and in disc properties i can see "writable: no". Id like to know how to make these discs "writable", if thats the word. I can also provide photos of my CD reader but idk if it is writer. It was 3 logos: "compactdisc rewritable, RW dvd+rewritable, and the DVD logo r/rw. The discs ar
  16. Still trying; disappointed that no one has replied. The error log now shows a different error: 19/02/2021 15:13:53 (CDBurnerXP): System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800402A7): Exception from HRESULT: 0x800402A7 at RocketDivision.StarBurnX.StarBurnXClass.InitializeEx(String license, STARBURN_TRANSPORT transport) at CDBurnerXP.Burning.BurningEngine.InitialiseStarBurn() at CDBurnerXP_Pro.modMain.LauchAfterAssemblyCheck(String[] args) So: why can I burn an audio disc with Windows media Player but not with CDBurnerXP?
  17. PS to above: The CDBurnerXP error log shows: 15/02/2021 16:32:18 (CDBurnerXP): System.IO.FileLoadException: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070020) at Microsoft.Win32.Windows7.ICustomDestinationList.CommitList() at Microsoft.Win32.Windows7.TaskBarExtensions.AddTaskToJumplist(String title, String argument, String iconPath) at CDBurnerXP_Pro.modMain.LauchAfterAssemblyCheck(String[] args) But there is no other process using the files. So this does not help.
  18. Trying to burn an audio disc from 3 FLAC files on my SSD, downloaded in "CD format". I get this error message: "None of the Tracks Could Be Added To The Audio Image. The Disc Cannot Be Burned." There is a new CD-R blank disc in the CD drive. I have Windows 10 64-bit updated to 20H2 on a Dell desktop PC. I can burn the disc with Windows Media Player but not with CDBurnerXP. It worked in the past. I have the latest version: What is wrong?
  19. Open Data Disc, click Help in the menu above, About CDBurnerXP. You'll find there the version number. Alternatively, you can hover the cdbxpp.exe file at the root of the app's installation folder and see the version.
  20. I just installed the latest CDBurnerXP (, because it had been awhile, and I couldn't figure out which version I had previously installed. I still cannot find out what version is loaded by looking at the program, settings, anywhere. Where does CDBurnerXP show its version number?
  21. I also got this error trying to make a bootable ISO file with a 600mb hard disk image, but i didn't wanna make another thread. So clealry this issue extends beyond physical cd's and burners.
  22. so i changed the code a bit cause i got the --burn-data to work but it just put the file on a disc like it was a hdd and wasnt readable in the device lol FOR /r %%i IN (*.bin) DO D:\Downloads\CDBurnerXP-x64-\cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-iso -file:"%%~fi" -iso:"%%~dpi" now i get this E:\PS2\error>D:\Downloads\CDBurnerXP-x64-\cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-iso -file:"E:\PS2\error\Dynasty Warriors 2.bin" -iso:"E:\PS2\error\" Starting to burn ISO image from E:\PS2\error\Dynasty Warriors 2.bin... An error (8004027C) occured while executing the command: Device is not ready: any idea
  23. ok so what im trying to do is convert a .bin to .iso. Within the gui it can be done but im trying to do this in cmd. I dont see the option to convert to iso for cmd is this not availiable or is it?
  24. E:\PS2\error>("D:\Downloads\CDBurnerXP-x64-\cdbxpcmd.exe" --burn-data -file[E:\PS2\error\Dynasty Warriors 2 (USA)\]:Dynasty Warriors 2 (USA).bin -iso:E:\PS2\error\Dynasty Warriors 2 (USA)\Dynasty Warriors 2 (USA).bin.iso ) Creating ISO image at E:\PS2\error\Dynasty, 0 Files, Size: 1.19 MB An error (800402A0) occured while executing the command: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800402A0 this is what i get when i try to convert .bin to .iso how do i fix this?
  25. Beim Kopieren von CDs erscheint das erste oder die ersten beiden Lieder nicht auf der kopierten CD. Trotzdem wird gemeldet, dass das Kopieren erfolgreich sei. Ich habe es auf verschiedenen Rechnern (Windows 7 und Windows 10) mit verschiedenen CDs versucht. Woran liegt das?
  26. I have a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo E5925 running Windows XP Professional SP3 and I use CDBurnerXP to burn my CDs. I try burning to a CD but it starts burning and then ejects. I had this problem ever since I replaced the CD drive as my old one's drive door wouldn't open. I am not sure if my CD drive is the problem or if it's CDBurnerXP getting confused after replacing the CD drive.
  27. Please post which exact error you are getting (preferably screenshot).
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