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  2. it has been deleted now. your post will keep showing as guest. thanks.
  3. Hello, I would like to request deletion of my forum account. The account is very old and I no longer use it. Thank you in advance, it is greatly appreciated.
  4. Just acquired CDBurnerXP and the documentation shows a burning menu that includes Verify after burning but the app itself has no such feature. What happened? This is very important to me. Thanks, Jay
  5. ... and after 6 months...! Not one answer. Tragic.
  6. When I try to burn a selection of tracks I get a message saying, None of the tracks could be added to the audio image. The disc cannot be burned.
  7. Also wondering if it's possible to make windows "think" one of my USB drive's is a CD or DVD drive and then it would allow me to write to it (disc spanning) like that?
  8. Hi. Wondering if anyone knows of a way I can do the following? I want to span a backup job onto several USB drives... (I have several 120GB USB hard drives). Is there a way to span a folder full of sub folders and files backup onto my spare hard drives? For example I have six or seven 120GB drives, but have a 2TB drive with one folder (with several sub folders on it) full of data I want to back up onto them. Is this possible? (Also I would like to be able to access the files on the smaller drives, so do not want them encrypting or zipping up or converting to any othe
  9. Bucc69 has a promising work around. I don't understand why it works, but it does. The problem I experienced is when I drag and drop the tracks show in the order I have them in on my computer, but when the disk burns, the tracks are reordered. Bucc69 suggested taking one or more tracks out of order and then putting them back before hitting the burn button. It works!
  10. Hello I am able to burn music tracks to a CD using CDBurnerXP. The CD plays using Windows Media Player. So far, so good, but when the last track has played, the sequence begins again from the first track, as if it's stuck in a kind of loop. Is that normal? I would prefer it so that when the last track has played, that's it. Is that possible, please? Thank you.
  11. @skayflaya. +1 THIS WORKED.....I brought it down from x24 write speed to the lowest x10 and it didn't give me the error and stop half way. Only took me half my CD stack!
  12. Bei mir liegt es an der Hardware. Mein LG BH10LS38 BR-Brenner, der an der SATA-Schnittstelle meines Windows 10-Rechners hängt, zeigt den Text ums Verrecken nicht an (egal mit welchem Programm (EAC, Feurio, WinAmp, etc)), obwohl er laut Hersteller und AIDA64-Auslese dazu in der Lage sein sollte. Das hat er auch schon so gemacht, als er noch an meinem alten Motherboard mit Windows 7 -> Windows 10 hing. Allerdings konnte ich auf dem alten Board noch meine alten LG DVD-Brenner per IDE anschließen, die den CD-Text ohne Murren ausgelesen haben. Das geht jetzt leider mit dem neuen Board (
  13. Have you stopped by making your program? :( You dropped a new version by 2019 .. Mvh: James Törnquist
  14. Phil_Gtr

    Burn Speed BUG

    When you're in the "Burn Disc" menu, to launch the burning of a media, and you scroll down the "Burn Speed" options and you choose "<Other speed...>" to choose "1x(4.500 KB/s)", the actual "burn speed" during the "burning process" is always something different, something random, and something much faster of course (like 6x, for instance).
  15. The "Verification Process" after the burning should at least run UNTIL ALL FILES ARE ANALIZED, and there should be a report of the files which have not been burned correctly. I had to use an external program to find out which file had not been burned correctly, and that the issue wasn't CDBurnerXP nor the media, nor the burner, but the original file on the hard disk drive itself. A complete report of the verification process is a necessary tool, specially when you burn very large amounts of data (50Gb of data, for instance), you don't need the details but you need to know at least which fi
  16. Oh, I see. Thanks for explaining. I will cut down on the number of tracks. Appreciate your reply.
  17. I located sound tracks in my PC and changed the default column "Modified at" to "Created add". I wanted to sort the soundtracks accordingly, but The loaded sound tracks had incorrect time signature (exactly +2 hours off, maybe time zone or something ?) When I clicked the column to sort the sound tracks (ascending, so earlier created songs should be on top), they were sorted incorrectly, like this ... and so on. I would show a screenshot, but this site doesn't provide an option to upload images and the link to my image posted online doesn't work for some reason.
  18. I've had the same problem. I did, however, already have the "Enable CD-Text" option selected, and some of the track information—including information as described in the original post here—is still missing. Track names, missing. Album art, also missing. Is there some other setting I've been missing somewhere?
  19. I have burned a CD with only one song on it (it's for a demo). The original file is a .wav file. After using CDBurnerXP to burn to the CD, it is rendered as a .cda file. It appears to burn without error. However, when I attempt to play the CD on my computer's media player (foobar2000), I get this error message: Unable to open item for playback (Disc not available): "cdda://00023047,01" When examined in Windows File Explorer, the CD/DVD drive does recognize the file on the disk, apparently with the correct filename (Track01.cda). I have successfully burned many other CDs, a
  20. It means that you are trying to burn 174 minutes of audio to a regular 80 min disc. There is no type of audio disc that would allow you to burn this large amount of audio.
  21. Hello I am getting the following when trying to burn an Audio CD. Not sure what the message means. In my drive, I have a blank CD-R disk, Thanks for any advice.
  22. Update on "Stuck in burning phase" My post of 25 May concerns the feature “Copy or grab disc” of CDBurnerXP. Up till now I had assumed that I was making some sort of mistake that prevented CDBurnerXP from carrying this function out. After approaching a local computer shop and the testing of all of CDburner’s features the results are clear: all the features work correctly EXCEPT for “Copy or grab disc”. This is a strong indication that there is something out of order with CDBurnerXP that prevents its software from completing this operation correctly. Attention required CDBurnerXP st
  23. Hello friends. Over the last few days, I've been having a problem with my computer's Firefox browser; That is, I can't use Google Translator in Firefox. Can anyone help me with this?
  24. Meine selbst gebrannten CD´s mit Text (nicht mit CDBurnerXP sondern einem anderen welches meinem damaligen CD Brenner beilag) werden in einem Sony Player wunderbar mit Text angezeigt. Im PC mit dem Windows Media Player allerdings nicht. Hat mich immer gestört. Bin jetzt auf Winamp gestoßen und da funktioniert es. Liegt also wohl nicht an der Hardware sondern an der Software
  25. Hello, I have noticed that the italian translation on this page (https://cdburnerxp.se/en-US/download?checkUpdate= needs to be updated, but I have compared the english translation file and the italian one with WinMerge and they are exactly the same. What kind of strings need to be added or modified? Just in case, I want to suggest two tools to update and maintain the language files. The frst one is WinMerge, as you noticed, available on https://winmerge.org/, the second one is EditPadLite, available on https://www.editpadlite.com/, and can be used in portable mod
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