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  2. I'll check what 's up, meanwhile download from fosshub
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  4. Hello, 3946@/srv/www/vhosts/cdburnerxp.se/htdocs/vendor/adodb/adodb-php/adodb.inc.php Object of class mysqli_result could not be converted to int Get this when trying to go to the download page. Are you posting an update or something?
  5. CDBurnerXP Always fails on the second copy of the same disc and if a new Music CD is loaded it will fail to copy it also. CDBurnerXP will make 1 copy and then will not copy anything after that.
  6. I have a list of MP3s that all play with Windows media player on my laptop. When I try to burn an audio disk (slow speed) after about a minute the disk ejects, and I get this message "An error occurred while burning the disk. Most likely the disc is not usable. Usually, these errors happen if the inserted media is not compatible to the drive or of poor quality. INternal SDK error: CStarBurn_ScsiTranportSPTI:ExecuteCDB(): Command failed Valid= yes, CDB Size = 10, Sese Size = 32...." But I have successfully burned to this verbatim brand before. Is it a formatting problem, hardware (external ASIS burner) or the CD quality? It seems so hit and miss when sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
  7. I am running CDBurnerXP 4.5.8 on Windows 10. I have a directory containing a very large number of MP3 files that Audio Disc is unable to open without a delay of over a minute and a half. This happens whether I open the folder with File | Open, or I simply start Audio Disc with it defaulting to that folder. I've tried opening Audio Disc with and without antivirus enabled, and also with and without the external drive connected, with no change. I'm not seeing similar performance issues with other CD/mp3 software
  8. I have tired it Lomega eGO USB 2.0 for old machine
  9. If it is a general translation, you can ask any Ibizan to do it. But legal documentations require expert skills, for which specialists receive training to deliver services. And that’s what our partners are providing certified legal translation services.
  10. Hi! You can get external DVD writers online from your favourite store. In my country, they cost around $25. I would suggest getting USB type C, as the drives with USB type A are slower, besides the convenience of this form factor. Of course, your laptop must have a type C port. I would highly recommend Iomega if you can get it, otherwise drives by HP are surprisingly good. I speak from experience as I regularly service old computers that cannot boot from USB drives (because windows XP installer media, they still exist lmao).
  11. Hello. I am somewhat familiar with the general burning process, but in the past, the computers i used had internal dvd drives. However, now I have a laptop which of course has no dvd drive. I assume I'll need an external dvd drive. But what kind should I get, a cd or dvd drive/burner? Is there a certain brand to look for? Can I just pick one up from a thriftstore/secondhand? I'm looking to make an audio CD. Mainly as a compilation of music for my friends to listen to(maybe a dvd to have a mix of audio and images??) My laptop is windows 10 and has windows media player installed. It has two usb 3 ports and one usb 2, along with an hdmi port.
  12. I've been using CDBurnerXP for quite awhile and have always been happy with it. I can't locate a setting to increase the volume level of songs that are burned to a CD. I have some tracks that were recorded at a low level and would like to have them boosted during CD creation. I was able to do that using another burn program but that one doesn't allow putting track info on the CD so the song title can be seen while playing. Anyone know how to use CDBurnerXP to crank up the burned sound without also boosting the noise level? A built-in equalizer would be helpful to this end. Thank you.
  13. more then one Year later the same problem as nearly everybody in this thread. Want to create an ISO File and i can try what i want everytime: HRESULT: 0x80040275 is there a solution anywhere? regards
  14. From the DVD, you can make an ISO file, that make an 1:1 copy from the DVD. You can open the ISO file with CDBurnerXP (open as file, don't burn ISO file as Data DVD...) Create ISO file from DVD Insert your DVD in the drive Open CDBurnerXP Choose "Copy or grab disc" Press the "OK" button Copy Options Device: (your DVD device or similar, with the DVD) "Read retries: 3" (I think, it's okay) Target File name: (you can use the ... button) File Type: ISO (this is the default setting) If okay, you can press the "Copy disc" button. Burn ISO image file onto DVD Insert your new recordable DVD media in the drive Open CDBurnerXP Choose "Burn ISO image" Press the "OK" button Burn ISO Image Select "ISO image to burn", you can use the "Browse..." button to select the ISO file Target device: here you can choose the drive "Burn method": default is Choose automatically Burn options You can choose "DVD high compatibility" "Mode2XA instead of Mode 1": this can be disabled (checkbox unchecked) "Finalize disc": I think, this setting is okay (checkbox checked) "Verify data after burning": checkbox checked If all settings are okay, you can press the "Burn disc" button. I hope, it works
  15. An update in 2022 would be nice
  16. Does your CD player have CD text? Is CD text burned on the CD?
  17. More information's would be nice What hardware do you have?
  18. If you want, you can use in example the freeware "AIMP" ("for Windows"). "AIMP" has a converter, that can in example convert wav files into mp3 (lossy) and many more on your hard drive If you want store your wav files into a lossless format (also for archiving), you can use "FLAC". "FLAC" compress the wav files like as "ZIP" and the sound is like the original, only the file size is smaller. I use for archiving FLAC only.
  19. Was this problem solved? Do you have a screenshot? I use the latest version and English works...
  20. Da hier vermutlich keiner Antwortet, wäre das eine gute Frage, denn normalerweise sollte die Kopie einwandfrei sein... Wurde das Problem inzwischen erkannt und behoben und wenn ja, wie? Letztens hatte ich eine ISO auf einer CD brennen wollen, scheinbar mochte entweder der Brenner die "Marke/Typ" nicht, wobei die letzte Firmware drauf war, oder diese Brennsoftware hatte irgendwie Probleme, wobei die DVD-Rohlinge von "XLAYER" bisher einwandfrei gebrannt wurden.
  21. I have been using the burner for sometime in Windows 10, now it says
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