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  3. Wollte jetzt ergänzen, das ich nun nochmal ein Brennversuch jedoch mit "Ashampoo Burning Free" probiert habe. Jedoch mit "Datei-Cache" sodass die Daten erst auf meiner Hauptplatte Zwischengespeichert werden. Allerdings zu meiner ernüchterung, auch hier schlug die Überprüfung fehl. Ich kann sagen das der Brenner funktioniert. Mein OS wurde neu aufgesetzt mit der neuen Hardware. Ich Frage mich grad nur warum das nicht klappt. Wenn mir da keiner weiterhelfen kann bzw. was ich noch probieren könnte. Werde ich wohl mein Betriebssystem nochmal neu aufsetzen. Das hatte ich zwar eh vor gehabt, erst in 1-2 Monaten. Dann muss ich das auf das nächste Wochenende schieben. Naja erst mal hier abwarten. Danke.
  4. Hallo CDBurnerXP-Team, Ich habe da leider ein Problem und weiß nicht mehr weiter und will keine weiteren Rohlinge opfern. Ich möchte ein paar Daten sichern. Das komische daran ist jedoch das ich auf Nummer sicher gehen will und die Überprüfung nach den Brennen Aktiviere. Doch es kommt immer nach der Überprüfung das der Brennvorgang fehlschlug. Sowie das die Daten eventuell unbrauchbar sind. Das sind auch teils Video Dateien. Und nach Manueller Überprüfung scheint alles zu funktionieren. Ich nutze schon immer Verbatim Rohlinge, Ende November 2018 hab ich mir ein neuen PC zusammengebaut und habe nur mein BD-Brenner von Asus das Modell "BW-16D1HT" übernommen. Mit der alten Hardware lief auch alles wunderbar. Ich brenne mit der neuen Hardware jetzt zum ersten mal. Habe es mit der Geschwindig x5 und x6 probiert. Meine Hardware ist: Asrock Taichi x470, AMD Ryzen 7 2700x, 32GB DDR4 - DR - 2x16GB, Windows 10 Pro und als BD-Brenner "Asus BW-16D1HT". Achja ich brenne über meine Externe USB 3 Festplatte. Hätte jemand vielleicht eine Idee woran das liegen könnte das die Überprüfung fehlschlägt? Gibt es vielleicht Probleme bei der Überprüfung wenn über eine Externe Festplatte gebrannt wird?
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  6. This is probably less secure than overwriting-only the disc as several fragments are going likely to be big enough to make a forensically extraction possible. In that case I would overwrite the disc first and then destroy it to be more secure. However, this will be more reliable as more secure the overwriting is being performed of course.
  7. I will play with that. I have autoplay ON because I use it I do not understand what invokes the autoplay setting when a disk finishes then ejects. It is supposed to be triggered by the presence of new media Other software does not do that such as Freemake video and I believe imgburn although I will verify that Thanks for the reply Rick
  8. Is this what you are looking for? https://www.thewindowsclub.com/set-autoplay-defaults-windows-10
  9. floele

    How can I delete my account?

    Wouldn't a better option be using a different password? You should be using password managers anyway if you care about security.
  10. If I had to "secure" erase a disc, I would actually destroy it physically.
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  12. I too would like to stop that behavior and do not see a setting to do so. I use windows 10 in case there is a setting there that is causing it
  13. VLC is reading the metadata. Right click on the titles and see if you can change it there. If not there are programs that help manipulate that. I don't do a lot of that and don't know the best way to do it so perhaps someone else can jump in. Media monkey can do it but I think there are better programs if you need a one horse small solution
  14. rgrun1

    How can I delete my account?

    A good solution is to use a different email address for forums only. I don't bother with that (usually) but that would work and allow one to continue participating
  15. judas_iscariote

    How can I delete my account?

    Your account will be deleted shortly, if you do not wish to trust us with extra information, use one of the single sign on options at a later time. Cheers. BTW..We do absolutely nothing with the user data on this forum.
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  19. Guest

    How can I delete my account?

    Same here! Please delete my account, I'm actually reducing all security risks recording my email account. Thank you in advance!
  20. Years ago (and retested with the current version of CDBurnerXP) I noticed that using the secure erase option on specific burner/media combinations makes the data track on the disc only a tiny bit more transparent (the last sample is an unformatted DVD-RW). Since the data track is still very good visible I'm wondering if and how reliable data could be recovered especially with better equipment from advanced forensic institutions. On talking about this with another developer of burning software he told me he uses for his application the BLANK command (code A1h) to blank the disc. But he also told me he doesn't know exactly what the drive writes in this mode. I guess CDBurnerXP uses the same command. If so, it is probably not secure for some reasons: - On trying to find some (vendor-specific) documentations the command seems to be described with varying detail. From what I have found some actions performed are described sometimes as optional or some media types can refuse to blank on media which the device thinks is already blank. - To the user blanking reflects a potential undefined behavior while requesting actual data to securely overwrite the disc reflects a defined behavior. To make it clear what this means: Data burning casually on a disc proofs to any user that this action works as expected as the user sees that the data could be written succesfully (besides being a probably more used and well-tested command as blanking) while it is hard to actually verify for a user that full blanking worked successfully leaving more room for drive-specific errorneous/unsecure implementations. If those concerns are more or less true it might make sense to improve the secure erase option to make it more secure. Alternatively options could be provided to choose between different variants like: - Relying on the drives implementation of blanking - Zeroing the disc by explicitly requesting the data to be written from the start to the end - Randomizing the disc by explicitly requesting the randomly generated data to be written from the start to the end
  21. golo120

    Debug Assertion failed on Copy task

    I have the same problem like this
  22. golo120

    Please help at Debug Assertion Failed

    Hello, during the copy process before start to writing I get following error message. Is anybody here who can help me with that. Thanks in advance Gordon
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  24. I burned 21 MP3's and they turned out Great. However, they have names of songs I've never heard of and they list "The Staple Singers" as the group. I don't have any Staple singer songs. I went to my song file and just dragged and dropped the songs from my "VLC Media" file of different titles and artists and then clicked "Burn". Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Phil
  25. When the target path contains non-ASCII characters (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) the copy operation fails with the message "Internal SDK error".
  26. rgrun1

    90 Minute CDs not Recognized Correctly

    It has been a long time since I tried to bun a 90 minute cd but I have done it before ... with disks from the same stack I don't use them very often. I update with every release so it is hard to say what version actually worked Thanks for the fast response
  27. floele

    90 Minute CDs not Recognized Correctly

    What was your previous version? We haven't changed any of the behaviour of CDBurnerXP in this regard for a few years, so I would rather check elsewhere for possible causes (hardware / discs).
  28. Is there a setting to stop the program from invoking my VLC media player each time a disk finishes? This does not happen when I burn a disk in Imgburn so I am thinking it might beCDburnerxp. I am using the latest although this behavior has persisted Thanks Rick
  29. I am using version on Windows 10 x64 In previous versions if I had more than 80 minutes of music, I could insert my 90 minute CDs and proceed to a successful burn In this version it will not recognize it as a 90 minute CD. I cannot get past the window to insert a proper CD Here is the album if you would like to play with it. It is the album Patsy Cline - the Ultimate Collection [2000] and I let Wetransfer zip it up for security The link is good until 4 February, 2019 Thanks! Rick
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