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  2. In the English version, in the Burn Disc dialog window, if Window 7 display "scaling" has been set to a non-standard scale (say, 115%), the "number of copies" field is shifted down from its usual position, and only the top 1/4 of it is visible, making it unreadable. This is a close approximation of a screenshot. (It's not an actual screenshot, because, at the moment, I don't have access to the computer on which I observed the problem.) My guess is that the screen layout does not provide a sufficient amount of horizontal space. He updated CDBurnerXP with Ninite today, but it didn't help. I think that makes it version, but I didn't verify it.
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  4. Here I would recommend the easiest way to help you convert Apple Music and iTunes Music to MP3 and other formats. That is to use Tunelf Audio Converter. It is a great audio converting tool for Apple Music and iTunes Music. With it, you can get Apple Music into MP3 and remove DRM from iTunes Music with three steps.
  5. I want the by the licences of CD Burner. I don't know I make to that.
  6. Try restarting your device and adding the tracks through the program as appose to dragging and dropping as this appeared to fix my issue. :)
  7. I love your software and I have used it for many years. I want to thank the developers for making it available to everyone. I was hoping if the GUI could be updated with a more modern theme. I recall when I had nero back in the day one of their versions had cool graphics with lots of eye candy. I enjoyed that too. Hopefully you can spruce it up a bit. No complaints of the functionality side. It works great! Just gimme some eye candy please!
  8. Is a BD the only type of drive that can be used with this program? I have ver. 4.5.8, and there doesn't seem to be any option to change it to standard DVD. Am I missing something? tks
  9. Hello I'm trying to access music from audio CDs which I ripped over two decades ago when I last used a PC. The tracks are in WMA format and some are protected thanks to Windows Media Player's behaviour. I tried using the GUI version but it predictably warns about DRM, so I was hoping that I could use the command line. But when I try I get the above-mentioned error. Is this due to DRM protection as well or did I make a mistake in typing the command? I used cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-audio -device:0 -folder[\]:"D:\source folder" Thanks in advance Philip
  10. Hi, I am sick and tire of the Nero provided popup ads always wanting me to upgrade. Does this software produce popup ads that have to be dismissed or, if it does, is there a way to disable them? Thank you.
  11. Buonasera, per la prima volta sto cercando di masterizzare un cd da un video fatto di foto e musica. Ho trascinato il file da masterizzare e sembra che tutto proceda poi mi dice "file pronti per la scrittura su disco" . Clicco su e non succede niente. Col tasto destro si apre un menu a tendina in cui la prima scritta รจ:"comprimi gruppo freccia a sinistra". Non so come risolvere... devo regalare domani questo cd. Help please.... grazie Anto
  12. I often do disc spanning, make it create iso images then burn it later. I have many, many files to add to compilation presently its at814,152 files and 2,144 folders. Is there any way of speeding up the 'adding files'. It literally takes 4 days to add all the files. Thank you
  13. So I've used this product for years and this is the first time I've had this problem. I believe that the problem is with .ogg audio files. More often than not, but not always, even though they register the correct song length in the cdburnerxp browser before burning, after the disc is burned those tracks are listed in windows media player for example as being 2-3 times longer in minutes, and do indeed sound very slow when playing. I can go and resave out all my ogg tracks as something else, which is a big pain, but I wonder if anyone has any insight into this. thanx --ds
  14. I have only one bug to report. No matter the first song it has "unknown" as the artist. The song name is correct just not the artist. I can have twenty songs and they are all fine but not the first one.
  15. Just download the ISO directly from MS, and if you need to install it, use the key from your CD: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/evalcenter/evaluate-windows-server-2019?filetype=ISO You can download the specific version you own from this link.
  16. Yes, this is a minor annoyance for me, too. Many years ago, in a much older version of this program, this feature actually worked well. It would be nice to have the feature fixed even though it's not critical for me.
  17. Hi! After successfully burning and ejecting the DVD, it tries to open the DVD directory (which is not there, because it just ejected). OK! Nothing of importance. Just a glitch. Last CDBXP version (, installer. On Win 10 x64 Pro v.1909.
  18. I am on a deadline for a gift so this is making things difficult CdBurner Works well when it wants to, burns to other discs fine but the ones im using now, (Verbatim x52 CD-R) every time I burn, I get a success followed by: *0 Bytes out of 0 Bytes* Other software does the burning (except without track data, ill fight that dragon later.) fine Please help me, I want to use CDBurnerXP, but this is making things *difficult*
  19. As far as I know, donations are currently not accepted.
  20. The donate button on the download page just takes me back to the intro page. I do not see a place to donate on the intro page.
  21. cdburnerxp calculates DVD space differently to WMP. In a recent case (on a different machine to the OP), WMP burn aborted at 1% (slowest speed) whereas cdburnerxp was successful with another TDK gold disk from the same batch at 8X, no pause. Great! VSO inspector is a fairly useful tool as well.
  22. Hello, Would you please be so kind to delete my account permanently? This account is very old and I want it removed. Thank you for you understanding.
  23. In this case you probably have no burning device available at all. Depending where you are in the application, you would usually have a combo box with all devices available for selection.
  24. The burning library changed quite a few years ago (don't remember when exactly) so if you had the issue before the change, then it is most likely fixed.
  25. Its look like nero 2020 platium (nero express) works better and faster so its must be issue with cdburner XP.
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