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  5. I have been using this app for years with no problems on XP. Got a new computer with windows 10 and downloaded the app. I have hundreds of playlists on the app that I am trying to copy to new computer. All have axp extension. When I open files on windows 10 I get a message “some files could not be added to the compilation.” By some it means all. Any suggestions?
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  7. I'm afraid this was not tested ever nor it will be unless microsoft adds ReFS again to the mainstream windows releases.
  8. When I creating an ISO file and output to a ReFS Drive, it always show this to me: "HRESULT: 0x80040294". CDBurnerXP version: (x64) ReFS Drive: ST8000VN0022-2EL112 OS: Windows 10 Build 18363.535 (x64)
  9. Once the music CD is burned, the song titles are not displayed on my car CD player. Is there a way to correct that
  10. You could save a significant amount of system I/O by storing an array of hashes for each file or each MB of each file written to the disc so you wouldn't have to do a byte-by-byte compare of the written data. The compare would only need to read the data from the burnt disc and compare hashes.
  11. CDBurnerXP has worked for me for YEARS. Now, when I go to back up a DVD it tells me that "The following type of disc is required". It tells me that the required type is "DVD - Writable Disc - 8.72 GB free (Blu-Ray)". I am trying to use type "DVD-R - Writable (DVD_R) - 4.37 GB". This is the blank disc that I have always used, and now it wont work. I am NOT trying to back up Blu-Ray discs. These are just standard discs, and it no longer works. Furthermore, when I open up an OLDER file that I successfully back up in years past, and try to back it up as well, THAT doesn't work either. SO, a movie that worked before, that was saved on my PC, using the same software, now no longer works either. There has to be a setting that I am overlooking or something. Can someone help?
  12. In case of data discs (includes MP3 discs), you cannot change the order of tracks.
  13. Will add these options to the menu in the next version!
  14. Since MP3 discs are data discs and don't really have an order in the file system, it's hard to randomize them. You could prefix the file names with a random piece of text. A randomization option is only available for audio discs.
  15. Sorry that it took way longer than intended, but at least it works. Thanks for the feedback
  16. There is no Blu-Ray video disc support in CDBurnerXP.
  17. You could open the audio compilation file (.axp, it's just an XML file) using an editor of your choice and search and replace the drive letter or file path in there.
  18. You can still choose to burn a disc without pauses between tracks (there are more options for this now), which will internally use disc at once.
  19. "Temporary Burn Folder" is a MS Windows thing. CDBurnerXP does not use this kind of directory name.
  20. I don't know if this is a Windows 10 issue or CDBurnerXP. All my music files are now there. I guess that's OK, but would like to know. I've burned many CD's with the app and this is the first time I've had this issue.
  21. I have tried to add my tracks for a CD Burn in a certain order of my choosing but the CDBurner XP program will only order my songs in some kind of alphanumeric order. I looked at the help suggestions but nothing that it suggests there is doable (no ability to rightclick and do up or down). Any suggestions?
  22. Am I able to play a DVD on this hardware, and if yes how?
  23. I have an older car that only has a cd player, but does play mp3s, tried using media player but for some reason it wouldn't burn all the songs. So it would be nice to randomize the list before you burn so it would be better for play back. Bill
  24. Hi floele, see the update is here, finally! Downloaded it and burned a data blu-ray disk, worked great. Happy to see it. I'll post if I have any problems. Thanks!!
  25. What kind of file? If it's audio data you can just add it to the audio compilation. If it's 90MB of compressed audio though (MP3) you will most likely have to split the track before because it's length is too high.
  26. Just released a few days ago. Don't except any major changes though at the moment.
  27. Where has the Disc At Once Option gone, and why can't I alter the gap between 2 tracks ? If it has been removed, it would be helpful to remove from the help/manual
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