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  4. Have the same problem - software does not burn the CD in disc copy. Used to be OK in previous version of CDBurnerXp. Have changed over to ExpressBurn - no problems Bill Petrie
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  8. They are not correct under Windows Explorer or under any other program. Only files recorded in the last session have valid dates and times. The dates and times of files recorded in the previous session are changed to quite random - some other date is placed in this field. Should CDBurnerXP show dates / times of files when the session is played out? Well, it does not show me - there is an empty field. The dates / times only of the files to be added are shown. I've test Nero and Ashampoo - there is everything right. I checked, because I need to record the last few discs from the beginning ...
  9. It's not really corrupted, it's just not the original date. Unfortunately I do not have access to this information. It should be fine when viewed in Windows Explorer.
  10. I use a CD/DVD-RW for quick stuff I need for another drive, but when I go to burn on CDBurnerXP, after clicking Burn, I get the "disc is not empty, do you want to erase now?" prompt, which then I click Yes Erase, and then I have to click a confirmation ("yes I'm sure") prompt, then another prompt to actually erase the disc... then I get the prompt to continue to burn (I can disable that thankfully). There's just too many clicks here, it's annoying. Is there some way to have it just prompt me to erase the disc (at least to prevent accidental burns) and then when I click "Yes I'm sure" that it just erases and then continues on to burn? So essentially I'd like just two clicks for Burn but Erase First.
  11. After adding the session to the BR disk: - file dates in the new session are OK - the file dates of the previous session are completely harmed (look at screenshot) Any suggestions why? Error in the program evident.
  12. The progress bar should show the progress, sure. If it does not seem to do anything, trying SPTD would indeed be a good idea. Otherwise using a different burning mode (use pause between tracks and no CD-Text to burn track-at-once) might be worth a try. However, if you have been burning 10 year old discs (if I understand that correctly) that might also be an issue
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  14. I've just downloaded the latest version of this program, but when I went to add .mp3 files the program shows "no files match your search". I moved the files right to the desktop and it still won't recognize them; no matter where they are on my computer it gives me the same message. I've gone and re-indexed everything and checked any advice from the web that is available to no avail. Any advice?
  15. Hello! System on Win7-64, CDBurnerXP- (i tried x86, x64, portable and old versions) When writing to disk, the folder attribute is recorded with the current date and time. How can I burn a disc with folders created date? Thanks!
  16. floele? Anyone? Is there supposed to be a progress bar showing through the burning process? Unable to locate another with similar issue. What's the recommended course of action from now? Notwithstanding cdburnerxp has not reported errors, but in any case is it worth considering a log or SPDT? Thanks again.
  17. Hi there, Yet another burning issue for you all - but great forum, and program for sure! Inserted a brand new gold "That's CD-R for Audio 80 (Special Selection disc)" into a rather venerable TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-224BB, after WMP 12 reporting only 74 minutes of the expected 80 burnable. Dragging the WMP playlist (79.5 minutes) into the cdburnerxp (cool) and set to burn at the slowest speed (16). cdburnerxp did not report any problem with the playlist duration, so it was assumed all the items would be included. The finalise check was active. The drive ramped up with a burning message, but no progress bar showed after about 3 minutes. Assumed there was a problem with either the drive or disc (or both) and cancelled. Noted the drive had the text names on the cda tracks, and the first track had around half a minute of sound. The disc cannot be formatted (defaults in Disk management) or re-written to, unfortunately, so trying a new one. Before doing that, is there anything that can be done to either the drive or software interface to limit the chance of errors? Thanks for reading!
  18. Which installer do you use for installing and what is the exact message you get? (If all else fails you can also use the portable version of CDBurnerXP btw.)
  19. Audio discs have quite a different data structure compared to data discs. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I can't implement it with the tools I have.
  20. If a CD can be "copied" in CDBurnerXP or other software to another CD, and a DVD can be copied to a file, why can't a CD be copied or cloned to a file?
  21. I'm trying to backup an audio CD I own, using the instructions "Create an ISO Image of an existing disc" from this website: https://cdburnerxp.se/help/Data/createiso However, because it's an audio disc, I either have to save it as these strange mds/mdf files (which I'm not seeing how to use at all), or I can follow the instructions "Create an ISO Image from a compilation", which has me click Data Disc from CDBurnerXP's splash menu, then I drag the CD drive (containing the disc) to the compilation window, which puts all the disc's tracks in there, then I click "File → Save compilation as ISO file", but it just saves like a 74KB file that does nothing... What's going on? I'm trying to back up either the full disc or the audio files and any other files on it (since it may contain CD-TEXT or some other sort of "enhanced" CD files)... I simply want a digital copy of this disk or whatever's on it (hidden or otherwise) in case the physical copy becomes too damaged. I'd prefer to have FLAC but I'm not seeing how to (easily/safely/freely) do this on Windows 7/10.
  22. Last year, I installed a previous version of CDBurnerXP onto this laptop, installed from a USB flash drive, after which the installation MSI file was deleted. There is no optical drive, so a remote drive was plugged into the USB. I had a problem with the program which caused everything to "hang." I had to hold down the Power button to force a restart, and upon rebooting, used the usual "Control Panel > Uninstall a program" method. The program retained a listing in the "Uninstall or change a program" menu, even though it seemed to be uninstalled and all program executables were removed, and the Start > Programs menu still retained a folder but the program options were all greyed-out, with nothing to which they were linked. Now, I downloaded the current version to attempt everything with a different external USB drive, but the Installation routine REFUSES TO INSTALL, claiming that there is a previous version installed. THERE IS NO WAY TO UNINSTALL ANYTHING that NO LONGER EXISTS. There is NO WAY to 'recover' the original MSI file, which apparently Windows 7 is searching for, on a removable drive that no longer exists. I attempted a manual deletion of everything in the registry with either the keyword "CDBurner" or "Canneverbe", but that was insufficient. Where is the STAND-ALONE UNINSTALL EVERYTHING RELATED TO CDBURNER program, that can clear all registry or other entries from a PC, so that a fresh and current CDBurnerXP can be installed without it getting fooled into thinking there is still an old version on the machine?
  23. I think he wants a 1:1 clone like clone cd can do do it but will be nice to see something like this here too
  24. yes 10 years later I miss it too btw. again. Hope you can do it.
  25. That is good advice but changing email accounts every so often with one dedicated to forums and another for the trash things you do on the internet can help stay ahead of spam and other security concerns
  26. Actually, this is indeed not a simple thing to implement. What most applications, including CDBurnerXP, do is simply coping the audio files. Anything in between is harder to determine and replicate. I'm certain there are applications (maybe commercial) that do this but I don't know which ones.
  27. You'll see this information if already included in the audio file. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.
  28. Unfortunately I can't really do much about installer issues (they are rare anyway). You can try using the MSI installer or portable version alternatively.
  29. louisfrechette00@gmail.com
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