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  3. Am I able to play a DVD on this hardware, and if yes how?
  4. I have an older car that only has a cd player, but does play mp3s, tried using media player but for some reason it wouldn't burn all the songs. So it would be nice to randomize the list before you burn so it would be better for play back. Bill
  5. <a href="https://www.google.com/">google</a> google https://www.google.com http://www.google.com
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  7. Hi floele, see the update is here, finally! Downloaded it and burned a data blu-ray disk, worked great. Happy to see it. I'll post if I have any problems. Thanks!!
  8. What kind of file? If it's audio data you can just add it to the audio compilation. If it's 90MB of compressed audio though (MP3) you will most likely have to split the track before because it's length is too high.
  9. Just released a few days ago. Don't except any major changes though at the moment.
  10. Where has the Disc At Once Option gone, and why can't I alter the gap between 2 tracks ? If it has been removed, it would be helpful to remove from the help/manual
  11. I really like your software thanks very much. I recently moved all my music files over to an external hard drive and went to make a new audio cd from a previously saved mix. But the program says the files don't exist and I see no way to change the old path to the new path on the external hard drive. Is there a way to do this without re-uploading all the files back onto my computer and then saving each one to the new path and then having to delete the old files again? Hope this makes sense.
  12. How do I get a 90MB file onto a normal audio CD.
  13. It should give you this message if a single file alone is larger than the disc capacity, since CDBXP won't split individual files.
  14. I only see the option for a DVD. Also they are ISO files and I don't see how they can be transferred to anything else to allow them to be played in a regular bluray player. Any help?
  15. Will there be new versions?
  16. Quiero grabar cd audio de mp3 a mp3 pero me graba de mp3 a cda de 1k
  17. I am running CDBurnerXP on Windows 10. I have a directory containing a very large number of mp3 files that Audio Disc is unable to open without a delay of over a minute and a half. This happens whether I open the folder with File | Open, or I simply start Audio Disc with it defaulting to that folder. I've tried opening Audio Disc with and without antivirus enabled, and also with and without the external drive connected, with no change. I'm not seeing similar performance issues with other cd/mp3 software I'm using. Appreciate any help you can provide.
  18. Normalement les logiciels tronque les titres longs, seulement le titre, pas avec l'extension. Le fichier se retrouve sans extension et illisible
  19. Hi , I'm no expert at this utility but I am trying to copy 9.9gb of files from my PC onto 2 x 8.5gb disks. I selected UDT/UDF ? format and when I select disk spanning it still tells me it can't do it as there is not enough room on the disk. I know there is not enough room on the disk that it why I selected disk spanning to put the files on 2 disks. What am I doing wrong please? JJ
  20. I would also very much welcome official support for 100 and 128 GB discs. Best Regards, Thomas
  21. Been computing since 1976, starting with CMS/MVS/VM, then DOS, so know how to pipe to a file, but many don't, so thanks. Attached output with identifying info removed. dirlist.txt
  22. I have copied several audio CD's and consistently am missing the first track. The rest copies fine. Suggestions please?
  23. I was using your software to make copies of a DVD I require for teaching a class after the 10th DVD ( I wanted to make 12 copies ) the last two DVD's are encrypted is there a reason for this ??
  24. I have been using this tool for many years now however in the past two years Iv struggled with individual MP3 tracks being given a totally different name, this happens exactly at the time when I drag the track into the tool. Is there a way in which I can prevent this from happening. Thankyou Brian Goucher
  25. A CDBurnerXP project file does not include any file sizes. You can use the command line to create a dir listing (https://www.howtogeek.com/98064/how-to-print-or-save-a-directory-listing-to-a-file/) or any other fancy tool if you have one.
  26. Can I send you the project file, or do you need a dir listing? Send me your email and I will reply with either/both. As a test I tried the other option to keep files together and it used fewer discs at 47...
  27. Looks like an oversight in error handling on my side. In order to select the data for ISO image creation, you need to add them to the "disc" layout at the bottom (as you would do when burning a data disc).
  28. CDBurnerXP does not split files, it only spreads them across discs (which has the advantage that you don't need any tools to put your data back together). This may lead to a large amount of unused space if you have very large files. If you send me a full list of files (just individual sizes) I can check if the algorithm does something unnecessarily stupid and can be optimised, but you will never get a perfect use of space.
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