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  3. floele, I keep checking for updates, will we ever see one? When?? Thanks!
  4. This time is the first time that with the installation of cdburnerxp, even if I paid attention to avoid (deflagging) extra software like chromium and so, the installer has installed them anyway. Two browser (with reconfig of search engine etc etc) and an anti malware. I've uninstalled them and afther that I've done a check with malwarebytes: about 255 possible infection (like popup) when before that the system was clean.
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  6. Hint : https://youtu.be/RpIu0Zm9yA4 Hint more : https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4046851/windows-10-allow-blocked-app-windows-security My case happened after Windows10 upgrade. The case of "CDBurnerXP" had a similar happy ending as well as "AnyBurn" in the Hint YouTube above. It does not cause on an app itself.
  7. I wish you would offer an option to contribute to or buy CDburnerXP because you include potential harmful programs. I like the simplicity of this program. I realize you should pay attention but there is the potential to not pay attention, so you would install something like Avast, when you already have an anti-virus program, which messes things up by having conflicting programs, particularly since Windows 10 already offers a better anti-virus for Windows 7, 8 and already installed 10, rather than the "Free Anti-vi Not to mention "search" annoyances.
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  9. How much build power do you need and how much electricity was it estimated to cost ? @floele
  10. This is still not working. Cannot use -device:<letter>
  11. I wrote the audio disc for the car but it writes but when I look from the computer the cd appears to be empty
  12. Nothing to do with the burner, happends also when creatin a .iso fil on harddisk. Solution: quit and restart CDBurnerXP
  13. Not PUP, actually flagged as suspicious software and I'm sorry but I trust MB much more than you as I don't know shit about XP Burner project even using it for years 'till now! I like to think this is just a loose on XP Burner code for using old dependencies or alike, but is still good to instigate developers to try solving it, common users ain't gonna give a damn about your software if it's flagged by their AV on these caotic days we're in. Cheers, Mateus M. CĂ´rtes
  14. If you burned an audio disc the format must be the standard understood by CD players. If what you wanted was to burn the flac files you need to create a data cd
  15. Hi, this may sound very basic. I downloaded some audio flac files and burned a audio disc , what format does cdburner burn them as i.e. mp3 , wav etc can't seem to find the settings , can you help please thanks andy
  16. Normally when I burn a CD, I get to see the names of the audio files, this problem seems unique to me, let try once following your settings.
  17. I did have CD-Text enabled then I burned this disk
  18. OK what you are seeing is simply normal. Audio discs do not have track titles in Windows Explorer. If you burn with CD-text you should be able to see the information in Windows Media Player or other applications though.
  19. !st is what appears on the computer that I want to burn a CD of 2nd is what appears when I put the recorded CD back into the computer. I'm better than average with computers but nowhere near geek. And I'm old (pre Tandy era)
  20. Not sure what you are doing. If you burn audio discs, track titles will not be visible in Windows Explorer. Maybe you can post a screenshot of your situation.
  21. If in doubt, you can always download the Installer "without installCore" from https://cdburnerxp.se/en/download
  22. I'm new to CDBurner. When I try to burn albums I've Downloaded I only get trac 1 trac 2 and so forth. In media player I get names and times. Does CDBurner not do this or do I not have my settings right? I can live without it but don't really want to
  23. This remains a problem. I see that no one but me seems to care or agree there is a problem but if anyone knows how I can solve the problem, I'd greatly appreciate hearing from them.
  24. I cant play my burn disc on my cd player only on my computer, it use to work fine the only difference I can see is after the disc completes burning it now runs a closing?
  25. ping ...anyone know what the security risk is for win32/fusioncore.t? And especially, is this part of the download web page, or part of the cdburnerxp application?
  26. Try this troubleshooting page - I'm interested in your result, as I'm building windows out on a new laptop - which will be my first laptop with no onboard drive. Please post how it's going - I'd like to know how you solve this, as I think I'll have the same issue to overcome! https://cdburnerxp.se/help/appendices/troubleshooting
  27. Hi, I've used an older version for many years, now downloading a new version. However after clicking on the download link, my security software warns strongly against "win32/fusioncore.t", and recommends I disconnect from the web site. I think that fusioncore.t is trying to execute in the browser as part of the site's download process, or I suppose it might be part of the download image? Any recommendations about this? Especially because we have to install & run in Admin mode, I am not happy about ignoring security warnings here...
  28. I have a new laptop that has no optical drive. I do have an external USB optical drive and I would like to continue to use CDBurnerXP with the external drive. When I try to install I get a message that I think suggests that a drive cannot be found even though I have plugged the drive in. Is it possible to install with this configuration?
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