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  2. I cant play my burn disc on my cd player only on my computer, it use to work fine the only difference I can see is after the disc completes burning it now runs a closing?
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  4. It's been really wonderful to finally get the concept for which i was looking for. Thank you so much.
  5. ping ...anyone know what the security risk is for win32/fusioncore.t? And especially, is this part of the download web page, or part of the cdburnerxp application?
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  7. Try this troubleshooting page - I'm interested in your result, as I'm building windows out on a new laptop - which will be my first laptop with no onboard drive. Please post how it's going - I'd like to know how you solve this, as I think I'll have the same issue to overcome! https://cdburnerxp.se/help/appendices/troubleshooting
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  9. Hi, I've used an older version for many years, now downloading a new version. However after clicking on the download link, my security software warns strongly against "win32/fusioncore.t", and recommends I disconnect from the web site. I think that fusioncore.t is trying to execute in the browser as part of the site's download process, or I suppose it might be part of the download image? Any recommendations about this? Especially because we have to install & run in Admin mode, I am not happy about ignoring security warnings here...
  10. I have a new laptop that has no optical drive. I do have an external USB optical drive and I would like to continue to use CDBurnerXP with the external drive. When I try to install I get a message that I think suggests that a drive cannot be found even though I have plugged the drive in. Is it possible to install with this configuration?
  11. It seems to be like you need to use landscape for better results? Otherwise the track list is using the full available page width.
  12. Hi, I used CDBurner XP for a few years a while back, then stopped for a while because I didn't need to regularly burn Audio CD compilations. Now I need to again, but I'm having a strange issue involving the size of font for the 'Print Tracklist' option. Rather than a printout that takes up most of the page and is legible, I'm getting a tiny-font tracklist that takes up only the top fifth of the page and is extremely hard to read. I'll include a screenshot here... I've noticed that the print preview has a magnifying glass you can use to select percentages (mine is set to 'auto', but fiddling around with the percent makes no difference in what is ultimately printed out.) Thanks for any help, J
  13. You cannot do this. Check the help for further details.
  14. Could I confirm whether your audio files come from iTunes, Apple Music or Audible? If yes, before burning them to Disc, the first thing you need to do is to remove DRM from all protected audio files. To do this, you can have a try of AudFree DRM Audio Converter, which can not only bypass DRM lock but also convert protected audio files to common audio formats, like MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A and M4B so that you can import them to other players that you used to burn them to Disc. Hope this is helpful for you.
  15. I have a s50t_ A toshiba and i loaded windows home 10 software from windows 7 . I can not get the CD OR DVD to burn . And each time i try to i get a CODE saying 0XC0AAO0F If any one can help please let me know i thank you .
  16. I am overburning and I assume I can complete a capacity test by doing a burn simulation but the burn simulation is not working. I am getting an error claiming that the simulation is only available on CD media not DVD or blu-ray but a CD-R is inserted when I get the error. When I look at disc information within the program, it confirms that a CD is inserted so why the error?
  17. Hi. Can somebody tell how i can edit file order when i make Data Disc. I make MP3 Disc.
  18. Here's a summation: - Problem => Cannot get Blank Disc to copy after 1st successfully Downloading Primary Music CD - Description => just downloaded CD Bruner XP ….. trying to copy Music CD to blank CD …. CD Bruner XP accepts/records the Primary Music CD and automatically ejects it … I then put in a Blank Music CD and it starts to copy … but does not actually make or complete a copy … it just tries to copy for hours … I then have to stop the recording process which then locks up my computer and so have to re-boot my computer - Blank Disc Brands Used => Maxwell CD-R Music = 80 Min. / 700 MB + Sony CD-R-Audio Recordable = 80 min. - Question => why wont CD Bruner XP initiate + complete the copy on Blank CD ? …. please suggest a solution
  19. Hola!! Este hilo es para informar que el Immunet para windows detecta como virus al CDBurnerXP cuando lo descargo desde el enlace principal, no asi cuando es descargado del la opción de otras descargas y en versión instalador estándar para 32 bits
  20. Here you could try Audio DRM Converter, it is a DRM removal program designed by DRmare. It can not only help you remove DRM protection, but also can convert audio files in MP3 and other formats in a faster speed and with lossless quality. Then you can play the converted files on other devices and also burn to cd. Hope this will help you.
  21. Hi everyone, I would like to burn a movie and that subtitles are directly burned, so that when playing movie, subtitles dont need to be extra "added". Can anyone please help me? Thanks in advance and greetings from south of Spain! Juan
  22. Just tried it myself, works fine for me. Can you possibly provide a screenshot or screencast of your situation?
  23. Galician should be included in CDBurnerXP. You have to select "galego" in the application options window.
  24. A fix for this will be available with the next version.
  25. It might be that you have bad DirectShow filters installed, please check https://www.raymond.cc/blog/fix-video-playback-problems-by-removing-bad-codecs/
  26. It's not currently being used. See also:
  27. If you create a data disc from these files, yes. Though if you have MP3 files, it shouldn't be an issue putting the whole book on a single disc anyway.
  28. The primary reason it's not happening is because of power consumption. It's not that I could not afford it, but why waste energy on daily builds (or rather having a server running 24/7) if there are not a lot of changes anyway. I'm only creating those builds temporarily at the moment. @judas_iscariote If you know an affordble solution for hosting a Windows build server btw feel free to let me know. I looked into VMs in the past but the prices were a lot higher than the estimated cost for electricity if I just run my server at home.
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