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  2. No. Create a bitlocker encrypted file container and burn it later, You can also use Veracrypt IIRC. I wouldn't trust anything else to do things correctly and safely.
  3. i made the same mistake. Thanks you!
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  5. Can somebody please advise When burning audio CD's, I'm getting songs duplicated on the finished CD. I have definitely not added the same multiple times. Here is an example. Here are the songs I want to burn Here is the end result. tracks 5 duplicated, track 4 missing Track 8 duplicated, track 6 missing I'm using CDBurnerXP with Win 10
  6. Hello floele, Thanks for your reply. I installed the SPTD drivers and modded the INI file and tested an erase and a Data DVD burn and both worked perfectly. I understand that SPTD mode is not the norm in CDBurnerXP. I would prefer to use native mode in CDBurnerXP and not need to install and use the SPTD Drivers. What could be the problem with my Desktop CDBurnerXP not working? I have Ashampoo Burning Studio 2019 also installed so I don't know whether there are conflicts causing the problem? The thing is that my laptop also has both Ashampoo Burning Studio 2019 and CDBurnerXP and it runs both fine. It is only my Desktop that has the problem with CDBurnerXP. Any ideas on getting CDBurnerXP working without SPTD? Regards, Flavio
  7. Does this software encrypt data?
  8. While CDBurnerXP is able to split audio files, it will only do so if you import a CUE sheet which the necessary instructions.
  9. Please check https://cdburnerxp.se/help/appendices/troubleshooting
  10. Sorry, got the path wrong. It's in "common app data", so usually c:\program data\canneverbe limited\cdburnerxp\application.ini
  11. Unfortunately this behaviour cannot currently be changed.
  12. If the source file really does not fit the media you have to split the content with an audio editor such as audacity and burn the result into two discs.
  13. Is there really nobody who could answer my simple question?
  14. Hello all, just one question: the music I want to burn is longer than the capacity of the disc and it comes in one file. How can I devide the piece to burn it on two discs? THX for information! Vincent
  15. I am having the same issue except I am not a member of a domain; I am simply a home user. Have you figured anything out about this yet? Thank you very much. -Jason Wirick
  16. Thanks, I did check and there is not a CDBurnerXP.ini file on my computer any place. SHould I go back into the registry to look for it? Thanks again.
  17. There should be an INI file in %appdata%\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP that specifies how the installation happened, you need to delete it in order to proceed (only if uninstalling does not work of course).
  18. I have the same problem and it said that I had a MSI installer do the installation. It also does not show up in my programs to uninstall so I can't do that . I finally used regedit and removed all mentions of CDburnerXP form the registry and it still gives me this message:
  19. Cancel that. I was able to burn without admin rights once, but I haven't been able to reproduce the behaviour on subsequent installations. I don't see the StarOpen.sys file either. Martin
  20. Hi, I've seen the same problem if I use the MSI installer, but not if I use the .exe? (Talking about 4.5.8 7042 here). I'd prefer to use the MSI but hadn't realised it broke some of the functionality. I guess I can use the .exe if that's the only way of getting a working installation? Thanks Martin
  21. Ok, ImgBurn is obviously faster, but is it reliable too?
  22. Hi all, I have an error whether I want to burn a disc or erase a rewriteable disc. Basically everything I do with CDBurnerXP fails when it starts a task. As an example when I try to burn a disc I get the following error in a popup Window: WIN32 error: StarBurn_ScsiTransportSPTI::CSarBurn_ScsiTransportS...:DeviceIoControl( 0x664 ( STAROPEN_IOCTL_OPEN ), 0x222004, 0x0F3EE254, 2060, 0x0F3EE254, 2060, 0x0F3EE248, 0x00000000 ) dailed, status 32 (0x20) I also have a laptop with CDBurnerXP and that seems to work fine but on my Desktop it is not working. I am running the latest version on both the working laptop and the failing desktop. The desktop is running Windows 10 and the drive is an IDE drive, not a SATA drive. I have tested burning discs with AShampoo Burning Studio Free and the Windows 10 built-in burning and both work properly, there is only a problem with CDBurnerXP. Can anyone decipher this error and help me get CDBurnerXP working on my Desktop? Regards, Flavio
  23. I think yes it will convert cda to mp3s. But at last you have to try it on your own.
  24. Hello, I'm getting this error with every DVD+R I try to burn. These are discs I've been using with no problem till now. The error code is 0x80040255. Any help is much appreciated.
  25. Have the same problem - software does not burn the CD in disc copy. Used to be OK in previous version of CDBurnerXp. Have changed over to ExpressBurn - no problems Bill Petrie
  26. They are not correct under Windows Explorer or under any other program. Only files recorded in the last session have valid dates and times. The dates and times of files recorded in the previous session are changed to quite random - some other date is placed in this field. Should CDBurnerXP show dates / times of files when the session is played out? Well, it does not show me - there is an empty field. The dates / times only of the files to be added are shown. I've test Nero and Ashampoo - there is everything right. I checked, because I need to record the last few discs from the beginning ...
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