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  1. There isn't any trojan virus in the setup.
  2. Temp files are not really unusual. You may want to try the setup without installCore at https://cdburnerxp.se/en/download (more downloads).
  3. Thanks, hopefully this will help fixing the issue now.
  4. OK, thanks for letting me know.
  5. I would still need a proper log file. I created a new version which uses a more moderate logging level and should work fine. https://daily.cdburnerxp.se/4.5/minimal/cdbxp_setup_4.5.7.6673_minimal.exe Would be great if you could try to make a log file with this version.
  6. So it hangs basically. You might want to try an updated version of the burning library with this version, maybe it's already fixed: https://daily.cdburnerxp.se/4.5/minimal/cdbxp_setup_4.5.7.6668_minimal.exe
  7. I had a little chat with StarBurn and made a few changes in regard to refreshing disc information. Please try this new version: https://daily.cdburnerxp.se/4.5/minimal/cdbxp_setup_4.5.7.6668_minimal.exe (If it still doesn't work, log file would be appreciated.)
  8. That's unfortunate. Can you provide me with a new log file for this version?
  9. For relibably checking if it's working fine, you should probably disable logging because it is quite resource intensive.
  10. I don't think there is any deception. If you find any proof for that, feel free to show me. I won't let them get away with that. The CDBurnerXP installer uses opt-in choices only, so you cannt accidentially install additional software. No. You make it sound simple, but it's not.
  11. StarBurn has finally provided a new version. Can anyone please confirm if it is working? https://daily.cdburnerxp.se/4.5/minimal/cdbxp_setup_4.5.7.6663_minimal.exe
  12. What does "crash" mean? Any error messages? If it's a real crash, can you send me the Windows event log information for the crash occurrence?
  13. Works fine for me. Some details maybe?
  14. As I said before, I can only wait for StarBurn to fix it. This process is painfully slow but that's how it is. In fact, it's working fine for me so it doesn't seem to be an issue everyone experiences.
  15. You can use CDBurnerXP -> Downloads -> More downloads -> Setup Without installCore