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  1. It should give you this message if a single file alone is larger than the disc capacity, since CDBXP won't split individual files.
  2. A CDBurnerXP project file does not include any file sizes. You can use the command line to create a dir listing (https://www.howtogeek.com/98064/how-to-print-or-save-a-directory-listing-to-a-file/) or any other fancy tool if you have one.
  3. Looks like an oversight in error handling on my side. In order to select the data for ISO image creation, you need to add them to the "disc" layout at the bottom (as you would do when burning a data disc).
  4. CDBurnerXP does not split files, it only spreads them across discs (which has the advantage that you don't need any tools to put your data back together). This may lead to a large amount of unused space if you have very large files. If you send me a full list of files (just individual sizes) I can check if the algorithm does something unnecessarily stupid and can be optimised, but you will never get a perfect use of space.
  5. It should be, though I am still waiting for a confirmation. AV applications don't care about which applications are offered though, they will continue to show or not show a malware/PUA/whatever warning.
  6. Sure, keep in mind that the change may take a few days to be in effect though since it needs to be done by a third party.
  7. floele


    What kind of disc do you have in mind? A data disc cannot be reordered (other than changing file names accordingly). Audio discs can't be changed once they are burned.
  8. I think you should check the ID3 tags in your files using a tag editor. The file name itself doesn't matter for CDBurnerXP.
  9. I think you should check if you have any compatibility options enabled for CDBurnerXP. It should actually scale properly if you increase scaling in Windows.
  10. Nothing is ever installed without consent. If you have any other experience I would ask you to document it using screenshots.
  11. CDBurnerXP does not provide any CD ripping functionality, so you can not save a track from disc for later use. You can, however, drag and drop a track from one disc to the track list and insert another disc. For the purpose of mixing the contents of various discs, CDBurnerXP will temporarily save those tracks.
  12. The question would be which part of the process takes so long. CDBurnerXP first reads all audio content (takes a few minutes) and then burns the content to disc. Is it the reading or the burning part in your case? Are you copying from one drive to another or do you use a single drive?
  13. I'm a bit late with this indeed. I'm currently waiting for a new code signing certificate that is needed for distributing CDBurnerXP since the old one expired. As soon as I have this working again I'll publish a new version. Should only be a matter of days (hopefully).
  14. CDBurnerXP is available for download without advertisement during setup, for free. You can get various packages on the download page.
  15. I will make sure this piece of software is not offered in the future. I'm not fond of apps that are hard to uninstall either.
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