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  1. It has not been going on for two years, the issue is quite new. Unfortunately StarBurn is not exactly fast when reacting to issues so the fix takes much longer than I would like. They promised to provide a fixed version shortly though.
  2. Interesting, didn't know about this registry key yet. Added it to the FAQ, thanks.
  3. StarBurn needs to fix this issue, I will continue annoying them until they do.
  4. So you mean drag and drop from the top explorer view into the disc area (bottom) takes forever? Can you somehow give me more details about the folder you are processing? Like a screenshot of the Windows folder properties (root folder)?
  5. In this case you need to use the UDF file System (Disc -> file System).
  6. CDBurnerXP is not usable as media player.
  7. If you want to see the contents of a particular session, you need to import it. Aber danke für das Lob!
  8. Feature is not currently available, though you can vote for it: https://cdburnerxp.uservoice.com/forums/165656-feature-requests/suggestions/2923982-allow-fade-in-fade-out-when-burning-audio-discs
  9. Should already be part of CDBurnerXP. Except for a GUI nothing at all I'd say?
  10. The "print..." button will open the printer settings in order to print. If it doesn't and you won't even get an error messge, I think there is something wrong with your system. You might want to try installing the latest version of the .NET framework to make sure you have a working environment.
  11. What does it say? This is no crash so you don't need to give me the event logs.
  12. Try this version, should fix the crashes at least: https://daily.cdburnerxp.se/4.5/minimal/cdbxp_setup_4.5.7.6599_minimal.exe
  13. Burning these files should not be an issue. Sometimes Windows caches disc contents, so in some extreme cases you need to restart your computer to see the disc contents.
  14. Thanks. I will fix the crash for the next version, but I'm not sure if this helps with the underlying issue. Could you check if previous versions of CDBurnerXP still run fine, and if so, which version? Just to rule out malfunction of your drive.
  15. Can you check if this crash has a corresponding entry in the Windows event log as error? If so, please send me the information within.