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  1. What you are seeing is completely normal. In VLC, did you try Media --> Open Media from the menu?
  2. CDA is what you should expect when burning audio discs, this is completely normal. These discs should play fine in actual audio CD players. You should also be able to play them on your computer. If it doesn't work, maybe your file association with CDA is wrong, you should try to open the audio disc from within the media player application to play the disc.
  3. It should not take this long indeed. Hard to tell why it's happening for you though.
  4. CDBurnerXP does not provide "ripping" functionality (there are better tools for this purpose) but you can drag and drop CDA files to new audio compilations to compile a new audio disc from multiple existing audio discs.
  5. This might happen if file names get too long, UDF would be a better choice for this case. It's not the default setting though since there have been compatibility issues with UDF.
  6. Maybe you are using a different file system than before (check Disc --> File system). CDBurnerXP hasn't changed how sizes are calculated for a very long time now.
  7. In case of data discs (includes MP3 discs), you cannot change the order of tracks.
  8. Will add these options to the menu in the next version!
  9. Since MP3 discs are data discs and don't really have an order in the file system, it's hard to randomize them. You could prefix the file names with a random piece of text. A randomization option is only available for audio discs.
  10. Sorry that it took way longer than intended, but at least it works. Thanks for the feedback
  11. There is no Blu-Ray video disc support in CDBurnerXP.
  12. You could open the audio compilation file (.axp, it's just an XML file) using an editor of your choice and search and replace the drive letter or file path in there.
  13. You can still choose to burn a disc without pauses between tracks (there are more options for this now), which will internally use disc at once.
  14. "Temporary Burn Folder" is a MS Windows thing. CDBurnerXP does not use this kind of directory name.
  15. What kind of file? If it's audio data you can just add it to the audio compilation. If it's 90MB of compressed audio though (MP3) you will most likely have to split the track before because it's length is too high.
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