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  1. Can't reproduce this problem, memory use is pretty much constant while burning a BD-R.
  2. AAC is not supported. Unfortunately, the fee for licensing the codec is unreasonably high, so there is nothing I can do about that.
  3. The problem is I cannot tell you why this error occurs because it is quite generic. For a start, try updating to the latest version of CDBurnerXP (you didn't state which version you currently use).
  4. See Or similar questions. Closed.
  5. @AlanA Thank you. Should probably use your post for copy and paste.
  6. To which application does the message belong? Preferably, you post a screenshot.
  7. Can you make screenshots about how you burn these files? I don't know if you restart the program in between, clear the compilation or manually remove files/folders from your compilation. Also, you talk about ISO files at some point, I don't understand the relation there. So do you burn discs or do you create ISO files? Do you use the split disc functionality?
  8. OK, I found a situation where this issue might occur. Please verify that the issue is fixed with the next version.
  9. I didn't ask you to trust me. For details either search this forum or ask your AV vendor.
  10. There is no particular meaning to the error message. Can you reproduce the issue?
  11. These files re not helping, sorry.
  12. Is the issue actually related to a specific version of CDBurnerXP? If so, please let me know which most recent previous version still works fine for you.
  13. Feel free to send me a log file with the latest version (see https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18), I didn't get many logs yet in regard to this issue so not much for StarBurn to work on.
  14. There isn't even a problem. Please, if you are annoyed with your antivirus applications, contact the respective software developers, not me.
  15. You should probably disable auto play for audio discs. Google will help you with some instructions for doing that.
  16. Please elaborate. There shouldn't be issued with using folders.
  17. That's called advertisement. There is no direct link to CDBurnerXP. Often vendors call something a "free download" which is usually correct (because you are not charged for downloading) but don't offer much functionality without a paid version.
  18. Burning video DVDs is only possibly from pre-authored DVD-Video file structures. If you don't have any of these and just burn a data disc, you can only use them in a DVD player that supports playing raw data discs and the video file format used.
  19. This seems be an issue, though I could not reproduce it yet. If you still can, please provide me with a log file (see https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18) for further analysis.
  20. You can probably use multiple instances of CDBurnerXP for that. But it doesn't have any functionality for that (though this is a popular request).
  21. Just drag and drop them from the CD drive.
  22. As far as I can see, it warns about PUA (potentially unwanted applications), which is not unexpected if you use the default installer. It's not talking about malware.
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