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  1. Sure, just drag and drop the tracks from one disc into the audio compilation, then tracks from the other disc and burn a new one.
  2. floele

    Disc Spanning Crash

    Define "crash" please. Do you have a corresponding entry in the Windows event log?
  3. You can check an old version of the setup script here: https://cdburnerxp.se/downloads/sourcecode/CDBurnerXP-Installer.iss It hasn't changed much other than the replacement of OpenCandy. Details in regard to privacy concers is available here: https://cdburnerxp.se/help/policies/privacy
  4. Unfortunately, StarBurn did not provide me with information about this issue yet. The latest version of CDBurnerXP got an updated version of the StarBurn burning library, but according to the changelog, there isn't much of a change to expect. I'll continue annoying StarBurn until I get some hints in regard to this issue.
  5. This would happen if the file format you add is not supported. Please provide some details on which files you are trying to add.
  6. I'm not sure what names the temporary files created by InnoSetup have. MIght be one of them, in this case it's harmless and required for installation. But if you have trouble using the setup, maybe just use the portable version and but it into your program files directory.
  7. floele

    Generic error on GDI+

    I don't think this is something I can fix. If basis functions like painting the control background are not working, there are some issues with your operating system I think. Maybe one of the processes running is using an excessive amount of GDI objects, you should check that using the task manager or a similar process management tool (like process explorer).
  8. installCore is similar to OpenCandy. Not sure what "trouble" OpenCandy has caused for you, it's just some advertisement.
  9. 1. OpenCandy has been discontinued and replaced with installCore, so you won't find it in any installer. 2. To this date, I am not aware of any notable benefits of using the 64 bit version. You can use either version.
  10. floele

    A few bugs/annoyances

    I don't think I got a log file yet.
  11. Auch wenn das als Entwickler eines Brennprogramms nicht in meinem Interesse sein dürfte, bin ich schon lange der Meinung, dass diese Scheiben ausgemustert gehören. Alleine schon aufgrund der teilweise lächerlich kurzen Haltbarkeit :-\
  12. Grundsätzlich könnte man versuchen, das Problem mit einer Log-Datei zu analysieren. Ich weiß aber von dem Hersteller der Brennkomponente (mit den technischen Details habe ich im Prinzip nicht viel am Hut), dass CD-Text grundsätzlich eine sehr problematische Angelegenheit ist. Ich denke, dass es auch vom verwendeten Brenner abhängt. Versprechen kann ich daher nichts.
  13. ISO images are not typically usable for burning audio discs. I don't think this will work, but you can send me your ISO file so I can look into it.
  14. Ist denn sichergestellt, dass diese Geräte den CD-Text sonst überhaupt anzeigen? Macht nämlich lange nicht jeder Media-Player. Der CD-Text ist bei den Brennoptionen auch aktiviert?
  15. floele

    CD Copy Error

    Are you using the portable version? Otherwise, please check if you have a working %appdata% folder at all. It should exist and not be empty. c:\programdata is a different folder.
  16. floele

    CD Copy Error

    Make sure that you have the SPTD drivers installed. Open the file “%appdata%\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP\UserSettings.ini” (you can use File → Open in Windows Notepad). Search for “UseSPTD=0” in the file and replace the “0” with “1”. Save the file and start CDBurnerXP. Follow the steps required to reproduce the problem and report the result. Revert your change in UserSettings.ini.
  17. floele

    CD Copy Error

    It should work with the version you are using. If this is an issue with accessing the drive, using SPTD might help. If it doesn't, please send me a log file (with SPTD enabled). Information for both can be found here: https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18
  18. floele

    CD Copy Error

    In data / audio compilation mode you can check the version info in Help -> About (menu).
  19. Ja so in der Art wäre das gut. Wo finde ich denn die Log-Datei?
  20. I need more details for reproducing the issue. At least the type of disc you are using. Also, I think it would be a good idea if you could provide me with a minimal sample of data for reproducing the problem. Try to create a disc with only a single session that makes CDBXP crash when importing, then make an ISO image from the disc and send it to me.
  21. @kot-da-vinci That shouldn't happen indeed. Does the information in the dialog update if you open the "burn disc" dialog? (Click burn in the data compilation window, then cancel.)
  22. floele

    A few bugs/annoyances

    I'll make the behaviour in 1) optional for the next version of CDBurnerXP, I believe the number of users needing this isn't high enough to justify enforcing it. In regard to 2) I think this is either an issue with your drive or StarBurn. Please send me a log file (see https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18) so StarBurn can check why the selected speed is not considered to be supported.
  23. There is no "Trojan Gen 2" inside. If at all, your AV may complain about the advertisement that is shown during installation.
  24. floele

    crashing program

    Unfortunately, I can't do anything with this information. First of all, it would be important to know how to reproduce the crash.
  25. StarBurn möchte wohl nur mal gucken, ob SPTD korrekt aktiviert wurde. Versuchen wir es dann erst mal mit einem kleinen ISO Image, wo man zumindest sehen kann, dass SPTD benutzt wurde.
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