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    CD Copy Error

    Did you try using version yet?
  2. 1. I think so. 2. You can disregard the old string, but it won't hurt keeping it in the file.
  3. Indeed, that's quite stupid. In fact I'm surprised the message box didn't give a continue / abort choice yet.
  4. 32 bit / 64 bit shouldn't matter, but it won't hurt trying. At this point I still don't know the cause of the issue.
  5. You could try a full erase maybe. Also, if you didn't do so yet, try ejecting and re-inserting the disc.
  6. I don't quite understand the situation. If you have previously burned data to the disc, what about this data? Did you erase it again?
  7. StarBurn hätte gerne eine Log-Datei von dem Brennvorgang mit SPTD. Kannst du mir davon noch eine schicken? Am besten mit einem möglichst kleinen ISO Image machen dann geht es schneller.
  8. The problem is that it says "disc is open: yes" after your first burning process. That shouldn't happen and is probably the cause of the issue. I suppose it works fine if you erase the disc before burning again? Or make a real multi session disc (keep disc open after first burning process)?
  9. You cannot burn another session if you finalize the disc.
  10. Still works fine for me in the latest version. However, a change made was actually made there. Previously, some file types might have been processed a bit faster, due to issues with DirectShow filters CDBurnerXP does all processing on its own now and might be a bit slower because of that. If you can reproduce the issue please tell me the file type you use, as well as settings (CD-Text enabled, replay gan procesing, track pause settings).
  11. I can't reproduce that. You can't really expect to work that though. If you finalize a disc, you can't burn more content to it. What you should get is a popup that says "the media is not writable, do you want to erase it?", giving you the opportunity to reset the disc to a usable state.
  12. Can't reproduce this behaviour, I don't see any ZIP folders in the folder dropdown.
  13. If at all, I will use high resolution icons. In most cases, I already have them anyway.
  14. In general it is possible, but it's quite a bit of work and I'm not sure if I'm going to invest in that area.
  15. Wenn ich mich recht erinnere kann man nur die SPTD-Treiber passend zur Architektur des Betriebssystems installieren.
  16. Hm, dann wäre es mal ein Versuch wert, die SPTD Treiber auszuprobieren. Steht auch hier: https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18 Hilft das? Diese Treiber sollen eigentlich besonders bei Zugriffsproblemen auf das Laufwerk helfen, wo SPTI schon mal leicht zu Konflikten führen kann.
  17. Yes, I read your post but I cannot reproduce it. You could check for example if there is a difference if you don't change the disc title or if changing the title alone will result in the error message.
  18. Can't reproduce it so far. Would be great if someone could narrow down the actions necessary for making it happen (or not happen).
  19. Could also be the SATA controller / drivers / mainboard, hard to tell usually. Maybe you can send me a new log file for these drives? I will forward it to StarBurn then so they have more data to work with. Please also post your mainboard model.
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