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  1. Ich habe mir das gerade mal angeguckt und außerdem festgestellt, dass ASUS sogar auf die mangelnde Kompatibilität hinweist. https://www.asus.com/de/Motherboards/MAXIMUS-VIII-HERO/specifications/: "These SATA ports are for data hard drives only. ATAPI devices are not supported." Insofern nicht verwunderlich.
  2. Ja, ich gebe das mal weiter. Dürfte nicht ganz uninteressant sein.
  3. Currently, StarBurn (the burning library developer) is not planning to make changes to the CD-Text functionality. Ensuring compatibility across devices seems to be a difficult issue and making changes to it may do more harm than good.
  4. Not sure what you mean. Just formatting would result in an empty disc...not really usable in a DVD player. If you burn a movie to the disc, it will be "formatted" automatically.
  5. Yes, in fact it will only work for data discs.
  6. You can use File -> Exit to close the application immediately. Alt+F4 should also work.
  7. You can get all old versions from our website as well, see https://download.cdburnerxp.se/ How do you copy the discs? Using the "copy disc" feature? And what content/format do the DVDs have? Unfortunately knowing that it worked in 4.2.6 is not helping much because the differences to the current version - especially burning library - are far too great to draw any conclusions from that.
  8. I burned a (first) session, then imported, added more files and burned the disc (second session). After that all files are still readable. Maybe it makes a difference whether or not you close the disc after that? I left the second session open.Or are you actually talking about adding two sessions and having 3 sessions in the end?
  9. Can't reproduce this with BD-R (25 GB). Bought some BD-RE and tried again, but still working fine with UDF 2.6.
  10. & (which translates to &) will simply indicate an access key. It depends on where the text is used whether or not it is appropriate (they shouldn't be duplicated within a dialog for example). But having one is usually better than not having one.
  11. Can you (both if possible) tell me which device you are using? Additionally, a log file would be great, see https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18 Thanks.
  12. A few known 3rd party applications that are known to cause issues are listed here, maybe that helps: https://cdburnerxp.se/help/appendices/troubleshooting
  13. See also: All of you having Win 10 x64 is interesting, but I am in fact using the same OS myself and don't have problems. Are you using the 64 bit version of CDBurnerXP or 32 bit though?
  14. Ich habe das so mal an StarBurn gesendet...mal gucken, was die dazu sagen können.
  15. Not quite sure, but it might be that the device is not accessible? You could try using the SPTD drivers, see https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18
  16. You can always download a version of the installer without advertisements if you like. Why are you posting these screenshots?
  17. Burning the MDF file cannot work. In fact, CDBurnerXP only allows you to select MDS when burning an image, so I am not sure how you got to burning the MDF image.
  18. I'm not aware of any major changes in this area. If you have an issue that did not occur in any other version it would be important to know which version was still working for you. That is, if not other changes like drivers, hardware, settings or media used are to blame.
  19. I cannot answer this question since I am not the author of the burning library. I don't really think that it matters though. Some additional NULL data shouldn't matter when written nor read from disc.
  20. The are resampled. Of course, if the sampling is appropriate, the audio will not be changed other than being converted to an intermediate WAV file for burning. It does not and cannot burn directly from FLAC files.
  21. Can you show me a screenshot of your settings (drive speed drop down)? CDBurnerXP doesn't usually list unsupported drive speeds anyway. It should update the speed list whenever you change the disc.
  22. You can vote for such a feature if you like here: https://cdburnerxp.uservoice.com/forums/165656-feature-requests/suggestions/10095576-verify-audio-disk-burns I honestly don't know if we'll ever get there though. The list is quite long and I'm not getting done a lot of it unfortunately.
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