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  1. You cannot do this. Check the help for further details.
  2. Just tried it myself, works fine for me. Can you possibly provide a screenshot or screencast of your situation?
  3. Galician should be included in CDBurnerXP. You have to select "galego" in the application options window.
  4. A fix for this will be available with the next version.
  5. It might be that you have bad DirectShow filters installed, please check https://www.raymond.cc/blog/fix-video-playback-problems-by-removing-bad-codecs/
  6. It's not currently being used. See also:
  7. If you create a data disc from these files, yes. Though if you have MP3 files, it shouldn't be an issue putting the whole book on a single disc anyway.
  8. The primary reason it's not happening is because of power consumption. It's not that I could not afford it, but why waste energy on daily builds (or rather having a server running 24/7) if there are not a lot of changes anyway. I'm only creating those builds temporarily at the moment. @judas_iscariote If you know an affordble solution for hosting a Windows build server btw feel free to let me know. I looked into VMs in the past but the prices were a lot higher than the estimated cost for electricity if I just run my server at home.
  9. The reason SPTD exists is to solve issues such as yours. If you intend to be fine without it, you'll have to find a solution on your own, I cannot support such cases.
  10. While CDBurnerXP is able to split audio files, it will only do so if you import a CUE sheet which the necessary instructions.
  11. Please check https://cdburnerxp.se/help/appendices/troubleshooting
  12. Sorry, got the path wrong. It's in "common app data", so usually c:\program data\canneverbe limited\cdburnerxp\application.ini
  13. Unfortunately this behaviour cannot currently be changed.
  14. There should be an INI file in %appdata%\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP that specifies how the installation happened, you need to delete it in order to proceed (only if uninstalling does not work of course).
  15. It's not really corrupted, it's just not the original date. Unfortunately I do not have access to this information. It should be fine when viewed in Windows Explorer.
  16. The progress bar should show the progress, sure. If it does not seem to do anything, trying SPTD would indeed be a good idea. Otherwise using a different burning mode (use pause between tracks and no CD-Text to burn track-at-once) might be worth a try. However, if you have been burning 10 year old discs (if I understand that correctly) that might also be an issue
  17. Which installer do you use for installing and what is the exact message you get? (If all else fails you can also use the portable version of CDBurnerXP btw.)
  18. Audio discs have quite a different data structure compared to data discs. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I can't implement it with the tools I have.
  19. Actually, this is indeed not a simple thing to implement. What most applications, including CDBurnerXP, do is simply coping the audio files. Anything in between is harder to determine and replicate. I'm certain there are applications (maybe commercial) that do this but I don't know which ones.
  20. You'll see this information if already included in the audio file. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.
  21. Unfortunately I can't really do much about installer issues (they are rare anyway). You can try using the MSI installer or portable version alternatively.
  22. What do you try to achive by editing the album? CDBurnerXP can only burn title + artist as CD-text so editing the album column would not have any effect.
  23. Given the same set of data, CDBurnerXP will generate the same discs when using disc spanning. However, as you pointed out correctly, skipping some discs in this process would be helpful.
  24. Well, you could call it "full erase" alternatively. Or "potentially secure erase". It's hard to simplify a complex matter using just a few words...
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