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  1. You'll find versions to to 2.x here: https://cdburnerxp.se/downloads/releases/
  2. Maybe the NRA file you use has a structure that is not yet supported by CDBurnerXP. If you need it to be checked, please provide me with the NRA file.
  3. Leider kann ich das Problem bei mir mit ähnlichen Bezeichnungen der Ordner nicht reproduzieren. Die Details-Spalte zeigt aber auf jeden Fall einen Tooltip an, ich habe das gerade noch mal geprüft (Maus über abgeschnittenen Text bewegen). Ich denke du müsstest selbst mal auf die Suche gehen, was genau das Problem ist. Ein paar Dinge, die man überprüfen kann: Liegt es an der Menge der Dateien oder kann man einzelne der problematischen Dateien hinzufügen? Macht es einen Unterschied ob ISO/Joliet oder UDF als Dateisystem verwendet wird? Sind bestimmte Ordnernamen oder Dateinamen ein Problem, d.h. können diese hinzugefügt werden wenn sie umbenannt werden (denkbar wäre evtl. dass es mit den Punkten ein Problem gibt und versucht wird, diese als Dateiendungen zu erkennen). Wenn du das Problem eingrenzen kannst, kann ich evtl. eine Lösung finden. Bzgl. der Log-Datei würde ich sagen, dass die Meldung hier uninteressant ist. Wenn dann bräuchte ich mal die vollständige Log-Datei um evtl. relevante Fehler herauszusuchen.
  4. In der "Details"-Spalte sollte es einen Tooltip geben der den vollständigen Fehler anzeigt. Bitte mir den mal mitteilen dann kann ich da hoffentlich mehr zu sagen.
  5. Since we get some revenue through advertisements, I don't want to promote donating. I appreciate your generosity though.
  6. This should be done by the installer automatically. What are you seeing in the registry that does not work?
  7. It's a possibility, can you also tell me the actual erorr code? In order to verify the hardware feel free to try other burning applications for comparison.
  8. OpenCandy no longer exists anymore. Interesting that they still detect that. However, you probably see the huge discrepancy between what the AV application communicates and what the actual problem is. Even more so since all PUP are considered equal and it's completely disregarded what kind of applications are installed and how the options are presented (so whether or not the user is being tricked into installing something).
  9. Hi, some texts may no longer be in the program indeed, but this is not a problem. "ReplayGain" is a fixed name and shouldn't need translation. It's more or less the same with the write modes. I don't think it's important to add these to translation at the moment.
  10. While there are 90 min discs, I would not recommend using them.
  11. I don't think I can spend as much time as neccessary to deal with a varying selection of 66 AV vendors. I'll check with installCore if these issues can be avoided somehow.
  12. You can get an installer without advertisement during setup from the download page under "more downloads": https://cdburnerxp.se/en/download
  13. Uninstalling doesn't do much (= doesn't usually solve problems), but you can do so in the add/remove programs area. No special procedure needed.
  14. Might be because of changed group policies. There is a policy that allows non admin users to use devices, which needs to be enabled. For example, check http://juventusitprofessional.blogspot.com/2013/10/gpo-disable-usb-cd-drive-floppy-with.html
  15. If you have spaces in your path, you need to enclose it in double quotes (as documented).
  16. Saying that the file is "malicious" isn't really an analysis. What they are probably complaining about is the advertisement in the installer of CDBurnerXP, and if that is the case they should say so and not come up with this "malware" story.
  17. Hallo, wie hier dokumentiert, ist die automatisch Erkennung dieser Größe nicht möglich: https://cdburnerxp.se/help/appendices/disctypes
  18. If burning suddenly does no longer work, maybe your device is no longer working properly. We've had numerous occassions like this though. In regard to audio discs: Yes, you cannot name them (other than using CD-Text). And yes, you can't put more than 99 tracks on it. CDBurnerXP isn't to blame though, that's simply how audio discs work.
  19. In %temp% should be a folder starting with "CDburnerXP". You can delete it. CDBurnerXP will clean up automatically though (sooner or later).
  20. Updates are not currently scheduled. They'll happen when there's a particular reason to publish a new version.
  21. It seems like the folder structure you use is not appropriate for video DVDs. Unfortunately I can't give more details based on the error code.
  22. There will be a new version every now and then. No schedules though.
  23. There is not currently any end of support planned. It won't get a lot of features anymore (I think), but if changes are necessary for compatibility to new OS versions, such updates will be provided (if possible).
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