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  1. Maybe you try different writing speeds/methods.
  2. Ah, now I got the problem...althogh your post is very unclaer, because you only say what working. I think I can't help you with error 102, maybe you try different writing methods (advanced).
  3. If you rip a CD, you can choose quality: Output Options->Set (besides mp3) ->Quality (choose best quality for 320). The file converter does not have any options.
  4. Maybe CDBXPP could get a option to scan buses only once (who does change the burning devices every day) and save the results in a file. Maybe your problem would be solved then... [?]
  5. What means "you can't write"? Any error messages? Drive not detected?
  6. id="quote"> There are no options. id="quote"> Apart from the main window - no chanche [] id="quote"> You will have to explore them in your explorer window.
  7. Try what I said above, clean up system. That could help. If there are any online updates install them. That's all I can say now...and don't wait for IE 7.0 [] (IE is kind of bad [xx(])
  8. No, isn't not the fault of the developers this time I think. It has something to do with the uninstallation files, one time it (CDBXPP installation start when installing another program) occured even on my PC when I played a bit with these files, but it never happended again.
  9. id="quote"> Doesn't a reinstall of InternetExplorer help? id="quote"> I can imagine where this problem is located. Did you already made a system cleanup (registry, files, etc.)? If not, use TuneUpUtilities once and make your system clean. Then reboot and try again.
  10. Yes, right: Great work but still a lot of suggestions have to be realized. @ivan www.quickdic.de There is an english-german german-english dictionary
  11. Yes, you think so? [] Better forget about it [|)] But if you want to know: Hast du schon die neueste Version probiert? = Did you try the latest version already?
  12. Hast du schon die neueste Version probiert?
  13. No italian version yet. There is no language apart from english available yet.
  14. id="quote"> Is there no burning application that is able to access the drive? If not, install some freeware programs (burnatonce, DeepBurner, burn4free) and test.
  15. The latest version is just released, 2.2.3. Did you get it alreday?
  16. id="quote"> I don't think so, but you can try. Does it work if you burn the same files with nero (as data-CD)? id="quote"> ISOs are images of a CD, all files of a CD can be stored as one file (like a zip file), this is called ISO. With the ISO-file you can burn the full CD again. It won't help you I think - only if you have a program that can make slideshow-ISOs for DVD player. Music is for audio CDs and ripping is to save audio-tracks to harddisc. id="quote"> With nero just make a data-cd (if there is no special image-cd option), then it won't permit anything.
  17. id="quote"> This is caused by a download error, try using download managers in future. id="quote"> There are already two threads about that in forum (read them!) and you will find out that you don't do anything than reporting. id="quote"> Yes, it is.
  18. Maybe you install another - if it doesn't work with other programs (www.deepburner.com / www.burnatonce.com / www.burn4free.com) then CDBXPP is not your problem.
  19. id="quote"> Thanks id="quote"> No, I don't know. But I would NOT recommend to use one of the old version because auf serious problems. If you have problems with that way of multisession managing, you can give DeepBurner (www.deepburner.com) a try.
  20. I don't know what Easy CD Creator does (maybe it directly installs a smiliar patch), but most programs don't work without this patch.
  21. I think it is turned off by the forum administrators.
  22. You can't change that, maybe (hopefully) the developers will remove this message anyway sometime, it alreay got smaller []
  23. floele


    id="quote"> Then you can also make a better animation in the toolbar, the current one seems to be very unimaginative. [] id="quote"> I have already noticed []
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