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  1. Yes, that's right. Same with me [] (dind't notice until now...)
  2. Could you explain me your problem a bit more precise? If you downloaded mp3 files you can burn them with drag and drop to a CD. You can't download directly to CD, only if it is formatted with UDF-Filesystem.
  3. That's also very easy. You only need to create a data cd with mp3 files on it. If your mp3-player supports it, you can also sort them in different folders.
  4. Yes, of course. First of all you can't download anything with DeepBurner apart from updates or database infos for ripping cds. To burn a CD you just have to click on one button after start of the program (I suggest Data Disc, Audio Disc or DVD). Then you can drag and drop your files from the local browser (top) to the Data Disc layout (bottom) Then choose burn (write cd).
  5. id="quote"> Yes, it will be one time... id="quote"> But we had a lot of that questions in the forum here []
  6. id="quote"> They don't say us where this file is, because it doesn't exist [] id="quote"> I know a lot more For example DeepBurner does this exactly as it should be [] id="quote"> Not sure what you mean by this, but there is no language-file yet, because it's a lot of work to create it... [xx(]
  7. I think Windows XP already has a version of VB installed that is sufficient for CDBurnerXP Pro...I never had to install that file on my system.
  8. I agree, I think it would be useful, if CDBurner XP Pro would save the last window position (and size of course).
  9. floele

    Forum link

    This is not very important, but the "Home"-Link of the Forum links to an old location of the CDBurnerXP Pro Homepage...
  10. As they already said, it will take some time to make a translatable language file. So I think you have to wait a bit [] Don't know when it's done, but I think there are still more important things to do...
  11. Ja, irgendwann mal.... Ich hoffe ich werde dann die Ehre haben, es zu ├╝bersetzen
  12. I had no trouble with the old version until now, but of course I will install the update []
  13. Hi, 3/4) there is no option to copy a CD/DVD. CDBurnerXP Pro supports ISO-Burning (on CD/DVD), but is not able to create ISOs. 2) Yes, I think resizeable windows would be very useful (not only for people with a low screen resolution).
  14. I had the same problems. Maybe you try using a download manager (eg. Leechget 2004) or search for another download source with google. Here are some other download sources I found (highspeed): http://download.freenet.de/download.php?file_id=5235 http://www.win-report.com/software-down ... erXP%20Pro (lowspeed) http://download.computer.msn.de/syndica ... 15657.html
  15. Why don't you search for other download locations? Just use goggle []
  16. Hi, I found again three small bugs in 2.1.8: Close window When every window inside CDBurnerXP Pro is closed, you can still click on close. I think it should become gray like "New" when one window is opened. Print CD Cover The dropdown menu of date can't be opened, I think instead of http://www.unserjugendtreff.de/cdbxpp1.jpg it should look like this http://www.unserjugendtreff.de/cdbxpp2.jpg , as it is in the windows clock too. Copyright The exit window hasn't the latest copyright (only 2002-2003). I think it would also be useful, if you could insert images in your post []
  17. Hi, this feature is not integrated in the newer versions. You can "save as" but not as ISO-File.
  18. Hi, it doesn't matter what fileformat you use, because size and quality are almost the same. Just keep the music file's format or use the one, which is easier for you to convert (if you don't have any coverter for XXX -> mp3 use wma, otherwise use mp3). However, mp3 has the advantage, that more devices and programs are compitable to it.
  19. Yes, that is ok, but I didn't think about seperating main window and burning window, I only thought about showing the progress instead of the program title. However, do it as you like, it doesn't matter to me if there are two windows or not.
  20. Hi, see the topic "Multisession / Data Burning Improvements" for an answer. Flo
  21. Thanks for your answer. I think that were all of my suggestions what I can give now, because your program is already really good [], apart from two little things: You could include in the taskbar title , instead of CDBurner XP pro - [....], the progess of burning (only while it is burning of course), so that you can see when it's finished also if it's minimized. Maybe it would be useful, if you put "Erase Disk" to "Select what to do" if someone only wants to erase and not burn something. [?] The use of the mulisession should have been, that it is more easy for new users, I think. So, that's it. [|)]
  22. Hi, I have some suggestions relating to multisession disks and databurning, some of them I already sent you per e-mail, don't know if you got it. Data Burning At first every file in the data disc layout should have it's own symbol, so you can better distinguish between the differnet file types. It would also be useful, if you could sort the files by clicking on the table headers(Name, Size, Type...) decending and ascending. The next thing is a context menu, to rename, delete or whatever the file. Multisessions Here it would be nice, if you make a choice after clicking on Data Disk (CD+DVD) for "No Multisession", "Continue Multisession" and "New Multisession" (then of course delete the Session View and mybe the session tools on the left). If you continue a multisession it would be nice if the files on the disk would already be shown in the Data CD Layout and you could rename, delete or put them in another folder of the CD. A File Borwser could also be useful. I know that is very much, but I think that would be a real improvement for CDBXPP. By the way, what about a language file, that users can translate into their own language?
  23. Hi, I had similar problems some time, but not with CDBXPR. If it is a rewritable try to erase it first.
  24. Start position: When opening CDBurnerXP Pro it is not at the top of the screen, but about 1 cm lower, so that the bottom of CDBXPP gets lost behind my taskbar. Play audio files: If you drag and drop an audio file on the audio cd layout and leftclick it, it begins to play, but the stop- and pause-button are only available after you press the play button (when it's already playing). I think that is not of much importance but I think it is not a big problem to fix these small bugs.
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