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  1. Update: Starburn already got further reports for this problem and is working on it. They'd like to provide a fix this year (spoiler: Not likely to happen). Will keep you updated. Further log files are not necessary (according to StarBurn).
  2. This step is not reproducible for me unfortunately. In fact I have never been able to reproduce the issue. If you can easily reproduce the issue with ISO files, please try creating a new log file, see https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18 I'll send it for StarBurn to analyse and fix again.
  3. Actually, the default is ISO for this reason among others.
  4. I checked the conversion, but it seems fine to me. After converting, the resulting WAV track sounds perfectly fine. Then after burning to the disc, it's fine without noise. Do you possibly have any other settings like Replay Gain active? Also, can you check the WAV file CDBurnerXP generates? To do so, start burning the disc while no disc is inserted. While CDBurnerXP is prompting you to insert one, check the %temp%\TempRips folder for a WAV file. It should be the track you just started burning with the correct bitrate. Does this file sound OK?
  5. I hear it, thanks. Need to check how the noise got in there, shouldn't happen of course.
  6. Converting audio should work fine. If you can send me a sample track, I can check.
  7. The version without InstallCore doesn't contain anything an AV could mistake for a virus so there isn't really much I can do about that.
  8. At least with CDBurnerXP there is no such possibility. Why would you even want that?
  9. That's not the solution I want though. Is the current version of CDBurnerXP still not working properly?
  10. This possible. For MP3 (data) discs, sorting files is the playback device's job. Most will probably sort alphabetically.
  11. You can download the version "without InstallCore" from the download page if your AV is complaining.
  12. You can simply copy all files and folders back to your hard drive. The order doesn't matter.
  13. CDBurnerXP will calculate with a default gap size. The actual gap size will be determined before burning the audio disc, so the length you see is only an approximation.
  14. Could you try 1) the current beta release from https://daily.cdburnerxp.se/4.5/minimal/cdbxp_setup_4.5.8.6775_minimal.exe and 2) SPTD-Drivers (https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18)?
  15. I don't think that I'll touch further dialogs for the next release.
  16. I think you need to use zh-CHT or zh-CHS because there are no other translations available.
  17. 1: You can change Application.ini if you do not want to let users change the option, otherwise there's UserSettings.ini which can be changed using the settings dialog. 2: Again, you have to modify the INI file directly. I'd recommend using the Win32 function WritePrivateProfileString for this task.
  18. Please copy and paste the full command you are using. The command you posted earlier will of course not work because you didn't have a double dash at the beginning of the command name. I can only verify command line arguments if you provide me with the exact text.
  19. You should probably specify the full ISO path and make sure you use quotes if the path contains spaces.
  20. Seems to be a bug indeed, will fix for the next version.
  21. I'm somewhat busy currently, so I am not spending as much time on CDBurnerXP as might be desired. However, I just finished a new feature (crossfading) and will make a release soon.
  22. You can save your compilation, but it will only save the file locations, not the files itself. If you want to save the file contents as well, you should probably create an ISO image.
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