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  1. Can you show a screenshot maybe?
  2. Yep Correct. It's inside neither of those.
  3. Maybe the CD is broken? It is necessary for audio discs to be empty before burning, maybe the disc is used or cannot be recognised otherwise. Usually CDBurnerXP will tell you about the disc not being empty before starting the burning process though.
  4. Maybe you can tell me what it says in "details"?
  5. Can you provide me with some screenshots maybe (like your track list, the cover options you selected and the resulting print preview)? Hard to tell what is going on otherwise.
  6. It shouldn't look like this, will report this ad to get it fixed.
  7. What exactly is your problem? I don't see any errors in the audio track processing dialog.
  8. That's the usual gaps between tracks. You can disable theese in the burn options dialog (which you get right before starting the burning process).
  9. What does the print preview of the cover look like? Are the tracks missing there as well?
  10. floele

    Burn problem

    Sometimes this is a caching issue. Did you check the disc contents on a different PC or after rebooting?
  11. Yep, of course the limit is 99 tracks AND also the total track length (limited to the disc size).
  12. Unfortunately I cannot currently change that (though I would like to).
  13. Is t related to the name of the file? The special chars look suspicious (though CDBurnerXP shouldn't have a problem with it). If it's the content of the file, please send it to me for further analysis.
  14. If you want to try a data disc, you can try both kinds of file systems (Disc -> file system in the menu). Usually ISO9660 is most compatible, but maybe your car player needs UDF for some reason. If you burn an audio disc, you are limited to 70--90 minutes depending on the disc you use. The MP3 file size doesn't matter.
  15. There's no virus and no "file infector". I assume that's just some automated BS description.
  16. You should enclose the whole argument (-folder[...]:...) in quotes.
  17. You can manually update the compilation to include the new files.
  18. I do not see an appropriate replacment for installCore. Sure, I could do without the money but why should I? I think it's an OK balance between revenue and impact on the end user. I'd go with better options if there were any.
  19. What exactly is a bug here? I just wish vendors of antivirus applications would do a better job at explaining what's happening. How is anyone supposed to understand what's going on with messages like the one above...
  20. Should be something like -folder[\targetFolder]:sourcePath -folder[\targetFolder]:sourcePath
  21. Sure, you can always try older versions if you think the issue might be a CDBurnerXP update: https://download.cdburnerxp.se/
  22. Might also be some kind of copy protection. StaBurn might need to have a look at that, but they got their hands full with a different issue currently so I can't investigate that further at the moment.
  23. You can get a preview version here: https://daily.cdburnerxp.se/4.5/minimal/
  24. Yes, UDF file system would be the preferred file system for burning files like that. Please give it a try.
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