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  1. Could you try 1) the current beta release from https://daily.cdburnerxp.se/4.5/minimal/cdbxp_setup_4.5.8.6775_minimal.exe and 2) SPTD-Drivers (https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18)?
  2. I don't think that I'll touch further dialogs for the next release.
  3. I think you need to use zh-CHT or zh-CHS because there are no other translations available.
  4. 1: You can change Application.ini if you do not want to let users change the option, otherwise there's UserSettings.ini which can be changed using the settings dialog. 2: Again, you have to modify the INI file directly. I'd recommend using the Win32 function WritePrivateProfileString for this task.
  5. Please copy and paste the full command you are using. The command you posted earlier will of course not work because you didn't have a double dash at the beginning of the command name. I can only verify command line arguments if you provide me with the exact text.
  6. You should probably specify the full ISO path and make sure you use quotes if the path contains spaces.
  7. Seems to be a bug indeed, will fix for the next version.
  8. I'm somewhat busy currently, so I am not spending as much time on CDBurnerXP as might be desired. However, I just finished a new feature (crossfading) and will make a release soon.
  9. You can save your compilation, but it will only save the file locations, not the files itself. If you want to save the file contents as well, you should probably create an ISO image.
  10. Nope. If you are unsure, verify the digital signature of the setup package.
  11. Hi, we do not officially release betas. We have daily releases which are fully automated, but not always different to the previous version. Some websites (which one are you using?) probably take these daily releases and declare them as beta, which they aren't. Not much I can do about that.
  12. Can you elaborate on your question? Maybe you want to check https://cdburnerxp.se/help/
  13. I doubt that this is possible. The Windows setup would have to support installing from multiple discs, which is probably not the case nowadays. Not sure if applications like NLite can make it possible anyway.
  14. Good to know that your issue is resolved
  15. I don't quite know what would make a car radio decide to restart the disc. Maybe it depends on the burning mode (disc at once / track at once). Try using the opposite of what you're using now.
  16. You could try using the SPTD drives (see https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18 for details).
  17. Hm, maybe your sitation is a case for SPTD drivers. You should probably try them (check https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18 for details).
  18. Another version: https://daily.cdburnerxp.se/4.5/minimal/cdbxp_setup_4.5.7.6729_minimal.exe Any better?
  19. Since when does CDBurnerXP distribute ransomware?
  20. Screen readers are an issue unfortunately. On https://cdburnerxp.se/en/download you can get a version without this additional screen though (link "more options" and then "installer without InstallCore").
  21. There's no "Pro" version and there never was. Though the name of CDBurnerXP was "CDBurnerXP Pro" previously (somewhat confusing).
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