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  1. Nobody is happier than me, good
  2. Could you make sure you have the latest version installed and try it again, if the same problem occurs could you run regedit.exe and look what dll file is coupled with the CLSID ie. 1. Use Run from windows start menu type in regedit and run it 2. Once in regedit look in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID for the class id(ie in the case above B162A975-6C7C-4202-9167-306028913A3D) 3. When you find it expand that node and mark the InprocServer32 node. On the right hand side of regedit you will now see some parameters the "(Default)" parameter should point to a .dll file. This is the dll file that fails for you for some reason. Remember it and report back with the name of the .dll file so we can investigate further Thanks
  3. there is nothing to think about its already done...and wont change...
  4. Noone would dream of deleting your post "MAN" because its so hilarious it would be a shame not to keep it. Ty for a good laugh
  5. Happy new year everyone! A new year a with a new CDBXP version coming soon..stayed tuned Well i guess i should summarize a few changes we've done 1. Moved from VB6 to VB.NET(i know not everyone like this..this something we had postponed but finally got around to. No matter what some think about .NET CDBXP will be ready for the future which had not been the case if we hadnt moved) 2. Language support, yep you will be able to run cdbxp in several different languages(finally) 3. Dual-layer media support 4. A more flexible compilation area..drag drop within compilation tiling,hiding different panels and more 5. New installation program(smaller,faster and better) this time based on the excellent Inno Setup! 6. Many redesigned areas within CDBXP, hopefully most will like the changes we've made There's more but i will leave something for you all to find out yourselves Again happy new year all and also please share a thought to all of those whos life are lost or to those who lost near and dear in the dreadful tsunami disaster. /CDBXP Team
  6. Soon available in a store near you! (ie next version will be more flexible like for example the way you want to move folders) Yep somehow this will have to be more flexible than it is right now..i will think of a way
  7. We hope you all had a merry x-mas(for those of you celebrating it). As you might have noticed the homepage has not been working good latly. This is because we have moved to an own server and are currently sorting out the issues. This will hopefully end up with a much smoother running site than before...until all is sorted you might experience odd behaviour or errors though so apologies in advance for those :/ Appart from cursing the new server problems during the x-mas break we got to spend quite some time testing the installer for the upcoming CDBurnerXP v3.5 and the program itself in most systems (win98se---->win2003 server). The results so far is promising which should mean it won't be too long until a first beta should arrive. Again apologies for recent and upcoming(most likely) problems with the webpage. /CDBXP Team
  8. We used a filesystemobject in there somewhere which depends on the scr.dll. This would explain the problems(since it was used in a check for empty folders) you and some other had with just a folder added and no files. Oh well im happy to know what caused this in any case it wont appear in the next version for sure though
  9. It's no magic really A data block is 2048 bytes then there is error correction for each block, in audio you are not using the error correction thus you have 2352bytes per block. To cut it short ~703MB data storage yields ~807MB of audio storage. [703*2352/2048) is approx 807] So this is perfectly normal
  10. frha

    Multisession and DVD

    Sorted in next version
  11. That feature is not available in any program since there is no such thing as an audio ISO Although as of making raw data copies of audio cds is not available no
  12. I do understand the conserns about getting reports of spyware the decision you have to make is wether you trust us or the anti-spyware program. I can only say whats already been said..the ocx mentioned is used for the GUI of CDBXP. This file won't be used in next versions so if you feel to uncomfortable right now wait for ver 3.5 and repeat the search for spyware then.
  13. Not sure what version you are running but that was actually added some time ago Next version will be more flexible without doubts
  14. We are aware of the problems, the fact i had the time to finish up the dishes and hit the loo in the time the page was loading make it quite obvious We are working on these issues and will hopefully come up with a solution soon
  15. We will be switching to Inno Setup starting with the next version and we will try make the installer as customizable as possible.
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