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  1. This problem is fixed for version =)
  2. Should be fixed for the next release, thanks for reporting this bug.
  3. Hopefully fixed now, will be in the next release. =) /Stefan
  4. Hi We have sent the third test version of CDBurnerXP 4.0 to Flo, and tracking some bugs at the moment. I have tested the new version on Vista and it seems to work just fine, except from playing music, but I'm pretty sure that's because the lack of proper Vista drivers for my soundcard. Hopefully there will be new drivers for my computer so I can test it. When Flo give it a go the beta testers will have a chance to start testing. And to all that haven't get access to the beta forum, it will come in a near future. Best regards Stefan
  5. God Morning The web page is back on-line =) And a short report about the progress, CDBurnerXP is ready for a first test release and that will go to Flo, but there are still a few problems with the installer that we need to sort out. And I will never even estimate the time it will take, I have learned that's impossible when developing =) But it will be very soon...
  6. The last bug is fixed some testing need to be done and we have to change the installer. Flo will get the first version to do some testing, hopefully to this weekend and when he gives ok we will release it on the beta section to get rid of the worst bugs. That's all for now and a great thanks to Flo and his friend that maintain the webpage and to all donators that made it possible to have the webpage and continue develop CDBurnerXP.
  7. Where did you get the information that this program allows you to download music, and why did you buy it when it's free?
  8. Most pieces are back and CDBurnerXP Pro development making progress, the program is totally rewritten and will support for UNICODE, writing DVD-Video images, ISO-file editing and much more. We have removed the ripper and tag editor and just concentrating on the burning of discs. The first discs has been burned and the testing has started. Hopefully we will release a early beta version at the end of this year =). At least I want to thanks all donators that have helped the progress of the application. Best regards Stefan
  9. Hi And I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting for a while, but there has been a lot going on in my life recently. I have become a father to beautiful twins one boy and one girl and I'm finishing the university studies. So the development has not been my top priority the last year. Fredrik has been working on the next version and still doing so, there is a lot of changes in that version. I think the first release will be the data burning part of the program. I have no timeline for that release and please do not be angry on Florian for promising new version he got his info from us and we have failed to keep thoose =(( But for a fact the development will be a lot slower than it was when started this project, but we haven't give up, we still enjoy programming and think this is a fun and exciting application to develop. So we keep working and hopefully you will continue to support us, and thanks to all that donated /Stefan
  10. There was a long time since I last posted some news, but we have been working hard on the new version. There is one beta out and we have been fixing almost all bugs that was reported from that beta version. But for now we have some problems with running the program on WinME and Win2k, so that's what we are trying to fix right now, then it will be a new beta out. In this beta the audio writing is added, and after we have tested this beta there will be a public release. I know that Flo has promised a new release several times, but don't be angry at him it's not his fault we have promised him a release next week or next month. But we have always found something that didn't work as we want, and we don't want to release something that we know have bugs. So the best I can tell you is that we will release it as soon as the last bug is fixed. Many thanks to all people that donated and supported our software, and thanks to all you out there using our software. At last if you read this don't send any bug reports for version 3.0.116 and below there will be no fixes for that version, instead there will be a totally rewritten program. Best regards Stefan and Fredrik
  11. This ocx has nothing to do with the burning it's used for the GUI, it seems like the anti spyware programs has some bugs to... =)). And as we have said many times before there is no spyware or will never be in CDBurnerXP Pro. //Stefan
  12. Hi And sorry for not responding to your mail, we get a lot of mail and unfortunately I missed this, but of course you have the permission to distribute CDBurnerXP Pro as long as you not charge for the program. Best regards, Stefan
  13. Flo is right we don't post that often in the forum but we always read the posts. And we are very intrested in all your opinions about the program, and right now there is no time to write in the forum all time we have we are writing on the next version of CDBurnerXP Pro. *****Swedish******* Hoppas du får mycket nöje med programmet, och det kommer att bli möjligt att välja svenskt språk i nästa version. Stefan
  14. Yes it's a bug and it is fixed for the next release 3.0.116 can't tell you when it will be released but within one or two weeks I think. This will be the last release, before moving to the .NET platform. /Stefan
  15. Have you tried clicked on the folder, the folders are not expanded by default. This should work I have tried it on different machines with different operating systems. /Stefan
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