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  1. Hi! This sounds very much like the old version 1.1.8 problem! If this is the case indeed, then the problems have nothing to do with a "dirty" system. The real problem is that the authors of CDBurner do not like to talk about it. They never explained the origin of the difficulties. They even never summarized the problems in detail so that users could try to find a solution. All we were informed of is that "some system functions" stopped to work after an uninstall of version 1.1.8. Its really annoying.
  2. On the CDBurner homepage there's the following remark: "I have removed the check for prevoius versions below 2.0.0 from the installer, this is for those who had trouble with version 1.1.8. This makes it possible to install over that version to try to fix the errors this version causes. " Sounds great! But: do I understand correctly that the errors will never occur again? Even if the new version is uninstalled in the future? Wilhelm
  3. Oh, that's a sh... pardon, thats sad, isn't it?[]
  4. Hello! Please notice that I can only talk of version 1.1.8, but I guess image creating has'nt changed in the newer versions. First create a new "project", i.e. a compilation of files you want to burn. Then select "Save image as iso file" from the file menu. The program will ask you for a filename and path and will then burn the data to an iso image. Unfortunately - in version 1.1.8 - you do not see a progress bar or something. The program will just inform you when the job is done. That's it. Wilhelm
  5. Hi! Have you tried the "runas /user:xxx" command? Sometimes that helps (at least on Win2000).
  6. [|)] Hm, I must confess that I am not more confident now... How can the system be damaged when the uninstaller only removed files from the programs directory? Ok, I'm not a program author and do not understand much of the matter. Just one (final?) question: how exactly does the "problem" affect my system? What is it that stops working? I would like to check immediately, if the "problem" occurs or not. Thanks Wilhelm
  7. Hello Stefan, No need to be ashamed! You have done a great work, though! But there must be an idea what really causes the problem? Is it the registry settings or some system files? Because if I knew I could try to move the problematic settings/files "out of the way" before de-installation or updating. And what have the other users of 1.18 done? Just installed the new version in addition to the old one and leaving the old version on their computer forever? What bothers me is the following questing: if I install a new version over the old without really solving the problem, how can I
  8. Hello! I've still version 1.18 installed, because I don't dare to de-install it. You remember: the version had a bug that caused OLE problems when uninstalled. Now, the newer versions demand that any older versions MUST be uninstalled first. But can I do that without damaging my system? Regards, Wilhelm
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