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  1. I reinstalled my old 2.1.7 version to run my HP200i DVD Toaster and he works perfectly on the administrator account and all accounts with admin privileges, on simple users accounts, no way. Seems that i have to look in the group policies myself to set this [!]
  2. The dvd200i on Compaq HP Presario 6560 is supported and works with the 2.1.7 vers[?]ion and is refused by 2.1.8 An update is ok, but, a new version should obviously update a former one and not ask to deinstall the old to install the new. Then the recorder database should stay and be just updated to the most recent types. Some other toaster softs run just the standart aspi making the burner id obsolete. The most popular CD toaster that comes out with a new version every 2 weeks updates the toatser database all time. Here, it is step forward and many steps back. the soft gets better but my P
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