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  1. Hi, this looks like a very good program, but I'm having a problem. I'm running version 2.1.8, windows ME, and I have a TDK840G DVD drive(it's a rebaged Plextor PX708 which shows up in the supported drives area) If you look at http://hhp.instantlogic.com/PhotoGallery_Detail.ilx?idAlbum=%7b8878CEE1-8AC4-427C-86C5-7980F67D7E18%7d&Page=4 it shows that it recognizes the drive then look at http://hhp.instantlogic.com/PhotoGallery_Detail.ilx?idAlbum=%7b8878CEE1-8AC4-427C-86C5-7980F67D7E18%7d&Page=2 You will see that it will not recognize that I have any disk in the drive, but I def
  2. Hi, I'm using windows ME, version 2.1.8, and I'm getting these lines in the toolbar when I run the program. Any clues? http://hhp.instantlogic.com/PhotoGallery_Detail.ilx?idAlbum=%7b8878CEE1-8AC4-427C-86C5-7980F67D7E18%7d&Page=1 I even tried from a freshly restarted windows session and same problem.
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