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  1. Hi, this looks like a very good program, but I'm having a problem. I'm running version 2.1.8, windows ME, and I have a TDK840G DVD drive(it's a rebaged Plextor PX708 which shows up in the supported drives area) If you look at http://hhp.instantlogic.com/PhotoGallery_Detail.ilx?idAlbum=%7b8878CEE1-8AC4-427C-86C5-7980F67D7E18%7d&Page=4 it shows that it recognizes the drive then look at http://hhp.instantlogic.com/PhotoGallery_Detail.ilx?idAlbum=%7b8878CEE1-8AC4-427C-86C5-7980F67D7E18%7d&Page=2 You will see that it will not recognize that I have any disk in the drive, but I definitely do as you can see here in DVDIdentify http://hhp.instantlogic.com/PhotoGallery_Detail.ilx?idAlbum=%7b8878CEE1-8AC4-427C-86C5-7980F67D7E18%7d&Page=3 its a TDK brand DVD+R. I've tried opening and closing the drive, both manually and with the program. I've tried closing the program down and restarting several times but it still won't recognize the disk Any clues? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm using windows ME, version 2.1.8, and I'm getting these lines in the toolbar when I run the program. Any clues? http://hhp.instantlogic.com/PhotoGallery_Detail.ilx?idAlbum=%7b8878CEE1-8AC4-427C-86C5-7980F67D7E18%7d&Page=1 I even tried from a freshly restarted windows session and same problem.
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