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  1. I would just forget it man. While it looks like a nice piece of freeware software, I have encountered this same error as many others in this forum have. What does it mean? Who knows. Can we get a reply? It certainly does not seem like it. Oh well, back to Nero..
  2. I get this error AFTER the program writes to 100%. I'm with you...I would love to know what it means as well. Is there any place we can go to to get descriptions of the errors?
  3. I get the same error, but after the program writes to a DVD. It'll take 90 minutes to write, get to 100%, and display this error. The funny thing is that I can do anything else in the program. I can create data cds fine. Audio cd's. Even format DVD+rw's. But when it comes to simply creating a data DVD, it's a no go. It goes at a rate of 1% a minute, and after the long time to get to 100% it gives me this error. If it worked for data dvd's fine it would be all I really need. My specs: Memorex 4x DVD+/-RW Dual X1 Windows XP SP1a
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