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  1. I uninstalled 3.0.113 and reinstalled 2.2.9 and it works fine with the files I used in the 2 errors I submitted. In fact it works fine with all of the files I tried. I uninstalled 2.2.9 and reinstalled 3.0.113 and I get the same problems I have posted.
  2. I get the same error when I try to burn any data files. I also get the attached error when I try to burn a music file. If you notice I have only one song loaded to burn and it is 11 minutes and 11 seconds long (115,616 kB)and the disc is a brand new blank disk. If I try to procede with the burn I get the second error down. ~Bill
  3. I Just installed version 3.0.113. I am running Windows XP home. I tried to burn a CD of some pictures And got the fattached error. I uninstalled the program and reonstalled it and got the same error.
  4. Did you see and follow the post regarding the new forum format and then get your new passaord? If you did you should log out and then log back in using the new password. Good Luck!!
  5. mrbill


    I am running 2.2.8 with windows XP home. I Burn a music CD and it works fine. If I burn a second CD and put the CD in my portable CD player it says "NO DISC" and won't play. (The first one works fine) If I put it back in the computer all of the files show up and play fine. If I shut down CD Burner XP Pro and then restart it then reburn the tracks it works fine for 1 CD again.
  6. I am haveing the same issue. The program stops while the buffer loads then it stops and writes to the CD. The process then repeats itself until the CD is done.
  7. Ok I get it. Thanks!!! Flo
  8. Actually my error is not fixed. I was answering Flo's question asking if all the others worked. I am still getting the error, but will wait for Stefan to release the next update.
  9. You are correct everything else does work and I am embarrased to say it is ERROR 380 not 308. I must have misread it
  10. I did uninstal version 2.2.4 and it does happen everytime
  11. I just installed version 2.2.5 on my desktop running Windows XP home (all updates done) When I select the "AUDIO CD" button I get "ERROR 308". I have sent in the trouble email. Any other ideas or answers?
  12. Try JET AUDIO. It is available at www.snapfiles.com in the free section. It is a full featured media player and will allow you to record from several sources including a "Line-In"
  13. You can always temporarily copy the files from the original CD to your desktop (Make a temp folder) then burn them to a CD.
  14. I have installed version 2.2.2 and my lines have gone away (I wont miss them!) Thanks Stefan! Any plans for a CD-Copy feature on a future release?
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