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  1. Thanks a lot for your tip ! Your method works, and i think it's the only way to make CDB can be used by all users, because the v.2.2.9 doesn't work as expected, exacly as the previous 2.2.8. I really hope that version 3.0 will finally have a better setup for intalling CDB for ALL USERS.
  2. I have the same problem. But it's a BIG problem, in my opinion ! I tried these situations, but no one is right for use the program: a) installation: as Admin logged as Admin Result: if i run the program as Admin it works (obviously) But i can't think to have to log in in Win as Admin to use it ! installation: logged in Win as PowerUser and run installation with the "Run As" option Result: i cannot run CDB neither as PowerUser nor as Administrator (cause i have to be logged in Win AS Administrator) I can't figure how other people have done to install it and use it. I hope a bugfi
  3. Hallo, is or will be CDBurnerXP avaible in other languages than english ? I didn't find this info in the website. Thanks Ciano
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