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  1. I was given a DVD+RW with a TV show recorded on it using a Phillips set-top recorder. My home DVD player/recorder will not read it, as it only reads DVD-R, -RW, and RAM. I have a TDK multi-format DVD burner in my PC. How do I go about copying the show from the DVD+RW to a DVD-R disc so that my home set-top unit can play it? Can I just copy the files and directories to a DVD-R? Or must I use a special procedure? Where's the difference in the different DVD formats...In other words, are the video files different for DVD-R and DVD+R or are the discs physically different? Thanks,
  2. Thank you for the answer! My concern is this: I've read on other forums that you should never install (2) burning apps, such as Nero & Roxio, on the same computer, as they will/could conflict with each other. So I would like to try your software, but don't want to corrupt my Roxio installation. Thanks, TA
  3. What do the authors of this software have to say about this topic? I think its pretty poor that they have not responded to this question! Obviously there are other people who have this same concern....214 of them. Thanks
  4. "Why should it?" Because of all the warnings never to install (2) burning apps, like Roxio and Nero, on the same computer....they will conflict with each other. TA
  5. I have Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator Basic installed on a Win98se machine. If I were to install this program, will it interfere with or corrupt the Roxio installation? Thanks, TA
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