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  1. Take your time so that it will be a damn good software. I can leave with Nero 6 & CD-R/RW for now. Cheers, mate.
  2. Hi, There's an option in both Nero 6 & CDBurnerXP has and that is: DVD HighCompatibility (Data Padded To At Least 1 GB) What does DVD HighCompatibility mean for older drives like my old Asus DVD-ROM E616? And what does data padding do? Does it take 1GB away from the DVD+RW space like 1 GB? Nero 6 has this option on by default. Anyway, I used my new DDW-082 to create DVD data. CDBurnerXP reported as sucessfull burn but itself & the Asus DVD-ROM can't read. Nero was better. Thanks for the help.
  3. Oh well, I will use Nero 6 for the time being. Any time frame ver 3 will be released?
  4. Hi, I just bought a Nu Tech DDW-082 8x Dual Format DVD writer for Singapore $115 and installed it in my 2nd home PC. I'm using Nero 6 that came with the drive & CDBurnerXP v2.2.9. Both s/w recongised and formated the DVD+RW (Smartbuy brand, I think it's a ProDisc media). When I use Nero 6, I have no issues creating DVD data disc and it's readable by my Asus DVD-ROM & Nu DDW-082. However, DVD data disc created by CDBurnerXP can't be read by Asus DVD-ROM & Nu DDW-082. There is no problem with CD-R data disc created by both software. Some good news. I suspect it's CDBurne
  5. Hi, Any chance to add the option to verify the data that was written to the CD-R or CD-RW? Similar to the function / option in Nero. At least we know the data is properly written at the point of creation. Thanks for considering! Regards,
  6. Hi, Is there any chance to support making an audio CD from the free Monkey Audio lossless codec? Thanks. Later, Alan
  7. quote:Originally posted by Stefan.H Use the automatic settings this options should only be changed if you experience (error 102) while writing. Make a test write, I suggest using a CD-RW disc and see if it's working, if it's working do not change these settings. id="quote"> id="quote"> Creating a single session disc works on both Plextor & Teac. But if I create multisession disc, errors will ocurr mostly during the 2nd session creation. Changing to 2 either Method 1 or 2 doesn't help, so I gave up testing Method 3 & 4. Home PC: P4-2.66GHz, Abit BH-7 OS: WinXP-Pro DV
  8. More details: I have this "Error 102" only during buring multisession disc. If I finalise the disc, I don't remember encountering this error. Multisession bug? Home PC: P4-2.66GHz, Abit BH-7 OS: WinXP-Pro DVD-ROM: Asus 16x CDRW:Plextor PX-W1210A v1.10 Office Notebook: Fujitsu S6110 OS: WinXP-Pro SP1 CDRW: Teac CD-W224EA vH.0A
  9. Hi, Error 102 just hit me while I'm trying to make a 2nd session (both data). After the 1st session was made (v2.2.2), I quit CD-Burner XP pro to install v2.2.3. Started the new version to import the 1st session and then copied data for my 2nd session. Half-way thru the burning session, the prog bombed out with Error 102. The adv setting (Write Method) during both write process were Automatic. Regards, Alan P4-2.66GHz, Abit BH-7 OS: WinXP-Pro Plextor PX-W1210A v1.10 Teac CD-W224EA vH.0A
  10. quote:Originally posted by Stefan.H This is fixed in the next release, and you can choose your own writing speed... id="quote"> id="quote"> Thank you very much! P4-2.66GHz, Abit BH-7 Plextor PX-W1210A v1.10 Teac CD-W224EA vH.0A
  11. Hi, I'm using v2.2.2 and there's a new adv option button at the bottom of the disc writing window. If I select the Manaul method, I can see 4 methods: Old Plextor, Old Teac, etc. Which Plextor drive is consider "Old Plextor" (the PX-W1210A which I'm using)? My notebook has a Teac CD-W224EA. Do I use Method 2: Old Teac to write? A help file to explain these functions would be nice. Thanks for the help. Cheers, Alan
  12. Hi, My Teac CD-W224EA can read & write at 24x when using branded medias like Ricoh. But when I use OEM / generic brands, CDBurnPro refuses to let me write at 24x. Is it possible to enable writing at max speed even if CDBurnPro can not detect the media writing speed? Thanks. Cheers,
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