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  1. CDBXP worked when WMedia player 10 wouldn't.
  2. another very good dvd decoder is DVD Shrink.
  3. How to copy movie from vhs to a dvd? Need instructions please. Thanks
  4. Did your burner work with other burner programs? Ck my computer,click your burner drive properties. under cd recording ...is enable cd recording box ckecked? Do you have WMA latest version downloaded?
  5. One thing to think about. If the developers of this great FREE program didn't care what they put out you wouldn't have new versions. Also the older versions wouldn't work. Once again, thanks Stefan for CDBXP.
  6. Go to www.cdburnerxp.se/download Scrol down...hi-lite download. You should dl WMA first if you don't have it. Good luck.
  7. sorry. Did install software and is working perfectly.
  8. I have 2 pcs. can't install cdbxp on 2nd pc. any ideas?
  9. WOW! Great new forum. One question tho....I think Flo is really L.
  10. I have checked Reg. Also complete system (win XP).Everything clean. NO SPYWARE on my pc.
  11. I noticed it also. I wonder if the developer uses this to work on any "bugs" in the program. I wonder also if the xceedFTP.dll file can be deleited from the program? I really don't have a problem with CDBPXP. Works great!
  12. I'm running version 2.2.2, have windows XP,service pack #1, burner is Lite-on-LTR-4832TS.What settings,version,op system and cd burner do you have?
  13. To me its amazing to read the "bug" section of this forum. I have had absoutly no prob with this program from the start. The prob people have is with the settings on their pc.I've been able to rip hundreds of cd's, make mp3's(data), everything I want.
  14. DVDSHRINK(free) will decrypt the movie dvd. It will also shrink it down to fit on a reg 4.7 dvd. you would then need a dvd burn program. I have not tried CDBurnerXP to burn the shrink movie tho.
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