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  1. mm do you mean the 4.x branch is finished and there will be a 5.x version or the LAST and LATEST version is 4.2.7.xxx ?
  2. hi i've got a lg GSA 4160b drive which is dual layer, is cdburnerxp compatible with it? let me know.. byez marco
  3. i've got the same problem with WMA tracks.. it merge parts of the next files on the same track... byez marco
  4. I think should be useful to set up the default bitrate to use every time you rip a cd on the " ripper Options " becouse right now if u want to rip all the tracks as WMA 64k you've to manually select every time the appropriate bitrate.. just setting up a default bitrate for every codec ( mp3, wma, ogg ) should be nice.. byez marco
  5. if i select DAO method and write an audio cd i've got some track merged in the previous track .. in poor word : not all the mp3/wma i've insert to create audio cd are created as track.. sometimes i've got some track with 1 complete song and an half of the next song.. of course the " next track " starts from the end of the previous.. i think it'sa bug.. byez marco
  6. hey flo, damn, please dont try to correct all the mistakes done by foreign languages!! hehehehe byez marco
  7. i'm italian. i would be glad to help. byez marco
  8. infact i dont consider as a bug.. as i wrote , for me there's no problem! hehe byez marco
  9. yes flo i mean this : just select a cd/dvd drive and select a folder to save the iso images and cdburnxp makes the .iso automatically. if u use clonecd it's should be like the " create iso images " do u understand? byez marco
  10. someone could explain me what is " bartpe " ? i dontknow.. byez marco
  11. I think should be usefull this feature : an ISO creation from a selected drive without the " user intervention " as I make with clone cd , just select the drive to read the cd and the folder to save the iso. what do u think? byez marco ( so the " 1:1 " copy is quite done.. just to make a iso and then burn )
  12. before check this : if u want to burn up to 4x use a " high CD rw " disk if u want to burn up to 12x use a "high speed cd rw " disk just check if in the drive there's a " old " 4x cd rw. byez marco
  13. just keep in mind this : do not mantain open the cdburnxp if u want to burn a cd/dvd with another program . Cdburnxp " lock " the drive only for his purpose. no other operation on the drive will be perfomred if u mantain opened the cd burnxp. ( even if u just want to read a cd/dvd with your burner ) i dont know if this could be " fixed " ( if u can define it as a bug.. ) with the 3 version. for me there's no problem, just remember to close cdburnxp. byez marco
  14. sei italiano? se mi dai un po di tempo posso provare a tradurre la versione 229 , ma non ti assicuro nulla..fammi provare prima!!! saluti marco for english : i 'll try to translate if u want, just give me some times ..
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