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  1. Version 2.2.2 Os Win 2k CDR Hewlett Packard 8100+ Virus Scanner, Firewall, network disabled. This might be a coincedence and there were no run time errors, however here goes. I burnt 3 CDs from Redhat Linux ISO images without apparent error. The first CD gives me CRC errors on some files. The other 2 CDs are error free. The only thing I did different with the first CD was to start a test burn and then cancel it part way through. As I say, it might be a bug, or it may be one of those weird and wonderful one off things. Kind Regards Chris
  2. To answer my own question 1) Select "Burn ISO" in the "New Compilation" Panel. 2) point to the ISO file 3) Burn CD. I've just done the 3 CDs for Redhat version 9 - No Probs Great piece of software. Better than Nero which screws up when burning CDs on my machine.
  3. Hi all, Anyone want to give me a quick run through on how to burn a set of Linux CDs from ISO images downloaded from Redhat? Please !
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