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  1. I suppose there's no interference with other software. As my experience shows, up to 5 burners can exist at one PC. They aren't incompatible and they don't have interference either in registry nor in program paths. CDBXPP doesn't have any problems with other burning soft as far as I know.
  2. It's not a problem to make a list of words. By the way, it's not a problem to make a help file also (in english and in russian, for example). The question is when do the developers plan to show the langfile? I suppose many people are interested in editing and debugging. That's the thing which will speed up the process, i think. Best regards, rogov nos
  3. quote:Originally posted by Ledyba ..but there is no language-file yet, because it's a lot of work to create it... [xx(] id="quote"> id="quote"> Is it possible to help developers with the translation? Lots of people are interested in it. For example, it will be topical for russian users. With a friendly interface program should become very popular. Best regards, rogov_nos
  4. Is it fixed in new version or not? I tried 2.1.8, it's rather uncomfortable to resize the window every time. I agree with Shammat - it's better to remove the question on program exit. thks
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