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  1. I'll try deepburner, thanks. Well I found a version 1.1.8. I got version 1.1.0, when it was new and scrached Nero. Never used Nero again. Never came across any problems. Easy designs, easy to use and worked (talking about CD Burning-XP pro version 1.1.0)
  2. Thanks - thanks - thanks. WAUW - Ledyba, you know your stuff. Did what you said. Added all the old sessions, added a small file and burn baby burn. [] [] [] Now I can access all the files on the cd again, Big thanks. ps. does anybody knows where I can get/download the old version, please. I might have deleted the one (old version) I had. Stupid stupid me []
  3. Hi I've just upgraded to version 2.2.1 and tried to add some files to a cd. Could not see the "old" files on the cd and could not find the [import old session]-button, but hey, I guessed that the program would auto-detect and add the new files. WRONG Now I only can see the "new" burned files. Could anybody, please tell me how to do multi-session ? (add "new" files to "old" files on an cd and still be able to see and access the "old" files) P.s. The old version 1.1.0 was much esier to figure out, please re-design. The new design is NOT an improvement. Not in my world.
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