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  1. I concur with you guys i have asked about the 1:1 copy i do a lot cd copying therfore i have to leave my favorite cd/dvd software CDBXPP and use another that can do this i hope this will come in a soon to be released verison??
  2. go to my computer right click on the RW drive i asssume the os is not having any problems seeing the drive select properties go to the recording tab check or uncheck enable cd recording on this drive also stefan has released a new version 2.2.3 try downloading this version see if that fixes your problem i had this with a usb drive before
  3. Sorry i forgot to add this in the previous post i am refering to a 1:1 copy function [8D]
  4. what version of CDBXPP are you running under 2003 server?
  5. hopefully the new 2.2.3 version will clear this problem up for me thanks
  6. I guess i could do that if a had to but i have used a few of those programs and do not care for them also cdburnerxppro worked after the intial install but then a receive a error that CDBXPP.exe has caused a error in kernel32 i rebooted and since them i am getting the cannot find recorder error
  7. I know someone else has already posted this request but i think this one needs done asap i mean i copy more cd's than anything and i am sure other people do the same it just makes sense to add this function
  8. no i don't have any other burning software installed ivan
  9. I am Running Windows Me With All current updates i am using a supported burner a sony 52x/24x/52x CD-RW Model CRX 230E when a select what type of cd i want to create i.e data audio etc the program scans for a recorder then i receive the following error no Recorder found may be busy or not supported i have tried to reinstall the newest ver 2.2.2 no luck!!! also i have reinstalled the burner still nothing please someone help??????[][:0][:0]
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