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  1. quote:Originally posted by subnetxxx what version of CDBXPP are you running under 2003 server? id="quote"> id="quote"> The latest version 2.2.2, i just uploaded it yesterday. Thanks
  2. Hello All I am trying to burn a Data file, if I go to Data, I get an error after it searched USB etc that there is no CDRW or it is busy. However if I try to make an .iso image it sees my burner and I am good to go. I am using an Atapi CDRW 52x24 USB Device. Does anyone have any thoughts, it also looks like Media Player 9 does not seem my device either, however if I go into Device Manager on 2003 Enterprise Server, the CDRW is fine there with no YEllow or red signs. One last thing, the machine is a USB 2.0 and the server has USB 1.1, would that make a difference? Thanks Paul
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