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  1. Displays a small graphic image below your details in posts. Only one image can be displayed at a time, its width can be no greater than 150 pixels, the height no greater than 200 pixels, and the file size no more than 49 KB. it looks better smaller now
  2. HUGE avatar alert Nice to hear some new news. Keep up the great work guys
  3. ..So I have decided to give Firefox a try
  4. We pay about $80 here in Australia for Nero 6..
  5. Have you tried Maxthon? If so, what do you think of it compared to FF?
  6. Runelord from the Maxthon forums..? But yes, I'd have to agree Being a long time Maxthon user Although I've never tried Firefox.
  7. a little modification.. could you take away the "_ting" so its just "chester" Thanks
  8. any news? im having so much trouble with my cd burner.. something about the driver flo, is it possible for me to change my username with out re-registering?
  9. Yes is there change log for 3.0.113?
  10. I got signed out.. :x I edited my post so i dont look like a moron. Dont blame me, its kinda early in the morning
  11. Hello Redoo I do not understand what you mean, sorry
  12. Version 3 is really good! I havent had 1 problem yet! execpt it crashed once but that is totally understandable, its still in beta stage!
  13. Thanks guys! I hope its smaller in Windows update! Or I might try order one! That would be a relief!
  14. I might have to (internet connection, imagine the download for me ) Tomorrow official release? Cool.. will it be avalible via windows update then? Thanks
  15. Version 3.. Burns my audio disks very nicely. Speaking of SP2.. When?
  16. Yep It's a fantastic browser! I agree changing the name to Maxthon was a good idea, and now that they have hit the version 1.0 mark.. who knows whats next.. There were so many arguments over at the maxthon forum about the name..
  17. Good news Its all good, i accidently had clean cache & cookies on closing browser feature (I use Maxthon)
  18. Yes, My suggestions is too await the release of version 3 Because it will have LOADS of bug fixes and features..
  19. Strange.. I keep getting logged out
  20. It must be getting close Ill be so happy when its finally released.. then i can ditch nero (belive me i'll get satisfaction out of that)
  21. Getting access to beta verisons are just a little reward for donating
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