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  1. I'll second that, don't really see why a change of name would cause more problem? As per what Midi said, the program can already perform way beyond CDand how about future support for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Are you still gonna call it CD??? As for the XP part, it's will actually give people a impression the the program works only with Windows XP. Perhaps you can start a poll to see who is with / against the idea of a name change which would be more appropriate.
  2. CDBurnerXP ver.4 onwards is already working with Windows Vista so you don't have to wait for months or year...
  3. Shouldn't be necessary, but I alway uninstall previous version just to be on the safe side.
  4. Sorry for asking, but i've check the file menu and what i'm getting is: - Save compilation as ISO file... - Burn disc from ISO file... - Video DVD layout... - Copy ISO disc... - Convert ISO image... Am I missing something cos' I don't see a 1:1 copy feature. I'm using CDBurnerXP v4.0.012.220
  5. Yes it's true, had it installed on my Vista system and even burn a few disc.
  6. JetBee is not freeware, and it cost $29.95 to buy a personal license.
  7. Nobody is being aggresive / bitching here, i'm just stating facts. In fact, i've even donated cash to CDBurnerXP to help in their development. And just FYI, i've long since stop using CDBurnerXP and is now a happy user of InfraRecorder and they're able to keep to the ETA dates they've stated in their Roadmap section. When they're unable to release the software on the said date, they'll even go thru the trouble of typing a few words of explaination in the News section as to why so which you won't see the auther of CDBurnerXP doing so...
  8. Everyone knows that developing software takes time, but the last software update release promised by CDBurnerXP was donkey years ago.
  9. With all the empty promises they've given so far, don't place your hope too high up until they've actually release a new version of CDBurnerXPwhich btw is long overdue...
  10. It does not work correctly with Windows Vista yet, but heard that you can get it to work in compatibility mode.
  11. andyqkw

    Back on-line

    Sign, we've gotton used to it already...
  12. And what happened to the "Hopefully we will release a early beta version at the end of this year (2006)." that was mentioned by Stefan last December? It's already February and still there isn't any news on a new beta release???
  13. Great to see that CDBurnerXP is still alive and kicking, can't wait to see the next big thing being released soon...
  14. You can get it from Microsoft's website http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=0856eacb-4362-4b0d-8edd-aab15c5e04f5&displaylang=en
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