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  1. Right click on writer drive and examine the settings for sharing and security. Show us Ya Website!
  2. If you add wave files at 1536kbps to a data write compilation will they play on any audio device. Ummmm I think I just answered my own question. And the answer is no. Show us Ya Website!
  3. So am I right in assuming that once you have mp3's on your hard drive some 128 - 256 - 320kbps you cannot change there quality with this program? Show us Ya Website!
  4. Can someone please tell me if you can convert a wave file to mp3 higher than 128k with this program. All of my other mp3's are 320k. Its better quality and since sound normalising is here its even better. Is there an option that I am missing?id="Comic Sans MS">id="navy"> Show us Ya Website!
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