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  1. Yes, it helps as long as cd/dvd Burner xpPro adds the feature it would be great. I would much rather use an app that has a support forum for it that does'nt treat noodbs like noobs. If you know what I mean?
  2. That's why I said "that I know of":) I'll check out Burnatonce. Thanks again Ledyba. But, do you think that would be a possible option to add?
  3. I am an avid playstation emulation user and in order to create an ISO properly of a PS cd the iso creator has to be able to read and write sub-channel data. AT this time the only app that can do this (that I know of) is Alcohol 120%, which causes XP not to see my cd-rw drive. If you could include this feature in your next release it would be great. The reason why it is so important to use an ISO with PS emulation is that all the CD plugins(basically a piece of software that tries to emulate the way the ps reads cd's) are really slow compared to the ps. So having an ISO and mounting it to a v
  4. I think he's realized his overzealous mistake and has "left the building", so to speak. I personally never suspected cdb had any spyware. The only time I ever got alerted by my firewall about cdb is when I updated it the one time, which I expected to happen. I also scan my system every other day with spybot s&d and never got got even as much as a tracking cookie because of cdb.
  5. Thx Stefan, I appreciate all your hard work. Believe me, as soon as you get that implemented, I'll be using CD-DVD Burner.
  6. Thanks, Ledyba. You saved my tail(so to speak). Deepburner worked flawlessly(and it's FREE). To bad I already paid for Alcohol 120%. Anyway is there any plans for CD-DVD Burner to implement ISO creation at all.
  7. Is there any plans to implement this in the near future, and if not does anyone know of any app I can use to do this? I've already tried Alcohol 120% and it caused my system not to be able to see my CD-RW drive. I had to reinstall my OS because not even system restore could remedy it.
  8. Is it possible to make just an ISO of a data disk and place it on your HDD. If so, how would you go about it? Thanks for being patient.
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