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  1. did you set the jumper of your drive right (master-slave) otherwise windows won't recognize it! or CDBXP doesn't support your drive
  2. perhaps you created an data-cd what did your windows show you when you insert the cds in your pc?
  3. does your dvd-player supports jpegs? does it work when you burn the dvd with another programm?
  4. how many images are on this cd? as far as i know windows only supports max. 999 datas on one disk or had the burning process any errors?
  5. Try VirtualDub! It's freeware and it could be possible that it convert .mov to .mpg! Try: http://www.virtualdub.org/ Have fun!
  6. Can you give some more information about your system! Like OS, Mainboard, etc.
  7. I think CDBXP locks the drive, maybe this problem could be fixed in the future!
  8. Perhaps your device isn't support by CDBXP! Does other burning software work?
  9. Do you always burn the same files?? When yes, try other files!
  10. I've got the same burner, but on my system (Winows XP SP2), I haven't got any problems!
  11. verion 3, has many bugfixes and as far as i know another burning engine! so you should use version 3!
  12. In version 3 there are only 3 buttons but you can find the iso tools under "File" in the toolbar
  13. No in version 3 there are only 3 buttons But you can find the ISO-tool now under "File" in the toolbar!
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