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  1. Hello Chris, I am wondering if you are trying to make an Audio Cd (for a Cdplayer) with Tag capabilities, If so, you are referring to "Cd-Text". CD-Text, at the moment in not intergrated into CdBurnerXp. This option, I'm sure will be offered in a future release. Cd-Text, allows you to Name a CD (like a Data CD) but also have the Track name Listed as well. With CD Text, whatever information you provide for the Track will be displayed on the CD players Display screen. If however, you are refering to Mp3/Ogg/Wma Tag information. Each of the formats have thier own way to store the tag inform
  2. CBO, You are doing things right. I did the exact same as you described, installed latest CDBurnerXP and Nero burner rights, and tried to make a mutli-session CD. As far as I know, it is simply a minor fix in the code to get this working. As for the time being, you will either have to wait, or try other free, or non-free burning apps. I'm sure when the developers see this issue, they will fix it right away. -- Thank you for the post. -- 9812713
  3. Me Again Redoo, One last thing that I could only see being a problem is that some drives need to be set up in DMA (Direct Memory Access) This should be set up already. To Check go to Control Panel -> System -> Hardware Tab -> then Device Manager... In there you will need to expand " IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers " .. you now should see Primary, Secondary. Select the right channel, and right click and Select properties. Then Advantced Settings Tab .. You should have it set to DMA.. The one last thing I might suggest is trying the Burner program without Service Pack 2 RC1 ... F
  4. Hello Redoo This might be late one replying but one question stands, do you have ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) because if you are running the "Internal" version of ASPI it may not be compatible with your drive. Here is a utility (free) that allows you to check you aspi, you can grab it here .. (http://ftp.nchu.edu.tw/ftp/cpatch/sysut ... spichk.zip - 216K) unzip, and Run .. And if you see only one file listed, then you are running the "Internal" version. If you want to upgrade your computer to Full ASPI, then you can try ForceASPI (http://forceaspi18.w.interia.pl/ --
  5. Sorry Zenel, for the remark that sounds like I'm telling you that you are wrong. And I believe Ledyba is correct when they mentioned this... Every program has context menus, they are important in most cases. You don't have to use them if you don't want to. You can even disable the right-click if you want... quote:Every program has context menus, they are important in most cases. You don't have to use them if you don't want to. You can even disable the right-click if you want... id="quote"> id="quote"> -- 9812713 -- The world continues to spin around
  6. Marquita188 The Problem with the is, Most DVD's contain Encryption, and this encryption is for the rights of the owners of the DVD, the Studio. If such a feature to decrypt DVD's this will be going against MPAA's Right to inforce the rights of the Studio. Plus, There are tons of programs to decrypt dvd's (DVDDecypter - http://www.dvddecrypter.com/download.asp). Now don't get this post wrong, if you are inplying DATA-DVD Copying, then it could be, But I'm thinking, as I read the post, that you are talking about DVD-MOVIE copying, in which case, there are tons of Tutorials, and Guides
  7. A test write is a feature to allow to see if the data will fit on CD, not for verifying the Data. Most CD Burning comes with this option. There are other ways of checking the data of your CD. 1: Create a md5sum of all the files when you know they are working. Burn the md5sum checklist file with the files. Once it is on CD, the files should checkout without any error. Note: md5sum is made to check / verify any file that is changed in structure since the creation of the checlist file. Example: Create a Text file with a sentence, create a md5sum, then modify the text file,
  8. how can can it be, gee all you need to use command line switches like "cdbuner.exe -a -d %1" to add (-a) a set of files (%1) to a Data Cd (-d) I mean perhaps if they were to re-invent the wheel, and Use c++ or c sharp as a programming language, it would be easier. But either case, since you posted only 2 Post, and your classed as a newbie then perhaps we should leave the opinions to that of the developers.?
  9. Hello, I'm a new user to your fourm, and even to your program. I am evaluating you program to replace multi programs that I use for different reasons. One feature that I would love to see is having a context menu from the windows explorer. An example of this can be found from one of your competitors. Burn4free (www.burn4free.com) offers this feature and a few others that would help you guys out. Here is a screen shot of something that is usefull //-- Image Start --// http://www.newplanetit.191.it/burn4free ... e4_big.gif -- Open it in new browser.. //-- Image End --// N
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