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  1. I have a problem with installing this Prog. I tried on 2 Comps and one works excellently, but on the other the instal fails with a message like "can'n install, donwload a new Win installer". Both Comps are Win98 (exacly same version), both contained Nero, and no older version of BurnerXPpro. Could the RAM be the reason ? The fool Comp has only 64 MB RAM.
  2. 9812713 did not understand my comment. [V] I did NOT say that complicated command lines are better than GUI, but that "cotext menus" are buggy (lines appear (from programms uninstalled long time ago [?]), disappear, or double and nobody knows why, many people complain about this !!!) - system shown here seems to be an exception - and are not really needed. "cotext menus" should be not present, or only optional.
  3. Well... Icons: are controlled by windows, not by a CD-Write programm. Sorting: A possibility, not an absolute need. You can presort your data on your HD with the programm LFNSORT before copying them to CD. Real sorting on HD is much better then sorted view offered for ex. by W Explorer. Multisession: YES, this feature is missing in CDburnerXP.
  4. I do not see the need to add a verify feature to CDBurnerXP. A verify immediately after write could discover some writing errors, but not errors produced when data are read from HD and composed because of a possible bug in CD-Write-Software or some system problems, and also not comatibility problems with different CD drives. A reliable method would be a Utility calculating a strog Checknumber (MD5, SHA 160, SHA256) of a complete directory structure, but I didn't find something like this up to now. Now I have to check selected single files by CRC32 or MD5 by external progra
  5. Is it possible to create an ISO file, write this file to a drive (for ex. HD) and "burn" later from this single file ? If not, please add this detail.
  6. I don't like "cotext menus" & Explorer - huge chaos in Registry, impossible or difficult to install, Bugs, Bugs, Bugs and nobody can fix them ...
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