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  1. Not only the burning process, the whole program doesn't work at all. As the first I tried to burn a 1 kB text file and after about 30 minutes I must break it up, I couldn't wait till generating of the error message. Later I couldn't find the URL of this forum and I wanted to get here via online "help" in the program. But I couldn't reach the help, the link was dead, I got a runtime error, I couldn't leave the program correctly. I got the error report form I filled it in and sent up. I should open any window for sending of my identifications data - I didn't do it, because I didn' know, which ki
  2. I think, this must be interesting for all of us: http://demo.ffii.org/
  3. An answer on this question schould be intersting for me too. It seems, nobody knows[]
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