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  1. Not only the burning process, the whole program doesn't work at all. As the first I tried to burn a 1 kB text file and after about 30 minutes I must break it up, I couldn't wait till generating of the error message. Later I couldn't find the URL of this forum and I wanted to get here via online "help" in the program. But I couldn't reach the help, the link was dead, I got a runtime error, I couldn't leave the program correctly. I got the error report form I filled it in and sent up. I should open any window for sending of my identifications data - I didn't do it, because I didn' know, which kind of window ist meant. But in a few seconds I got a message, my identificationsdata will be sent from my computer. After about one minute (equal to ca. 1 MB data), in which time I was completly blocked, I couldn't do nothing on my PC, I pressed Reset, it was the only possibility to stop it. Why do you need so much of data from my computer? Did you want to scan the whole my PC, all my data? It's criminal!!! Hands away fram this suspect program!!!
  2. I think, this must be interesting for all of us: http://demo.ffii.org/
  3. An answer on this question schould be intersting for me too. It seems, nobody knows[]
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