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  1. May be I have understood ! If you want back-up your audio files in a CD or make a personal compilation to listen to with a PC (perhaps not in your house) , with this option you can do it .(If I'm right no other burning program allows it). Onother question : I've seen your site : it seams to be very interesting , but it's in german . It would be very easier for most internet users to translate it also in english ! In any case many compliments.
  2. Thanks : I did'nt know . But why in the program CDBurner when you add audio files there is a box in which they ask you if you want close the cd ? Do not worry for my stupid questions but , as you understand easily , I'm a "newbee" . Thanks in any case .
  3. Yes , I add new audio files that are burned correctly on the CD but I can not listen if I use my HIFI cd player and I can listen only with the pc's cd player.
  4. When I add audio files to an audio CD with files still written in, I can listen to the last files only with the CD player of the PC and not with the player of the HIFI System. In other words the HIFI System CD player do not read the added tracks . Obviously ,before writing the new traks I uncheck the box of close Cd after writing. Someone can help me ? Thanks (sorry for my bad english)
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