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  1. Hmmm...I wonder if it's my burner. My MusicMatch burner is displaying the same symptoms. I'll have to get back to you guys.
  2. quote:I'm running version 2.2.2, have windows XP,service pack #1, burner is Lite-on-LTR-4832TS.What settings,version,op system and cd burner do you have?id="quote"> id="quote"> I'm using 2.2.4 with Windows98SE. Not certain what the burner is though. quote:Is CDBXPP the only burning program that crashes?id="quote"> id="quote"> So far.
  3. Well, seeing as how I'm not accusing anyone here of suspicious intent, does anyone have a solution to my problem?
  4. Hi. Just tried out the program and am experincing problems. About a third of the way through the burning process, the program crashes. It does this on both test and a real burning. When I hit ctrl-alt-delete, the burner program is not responding and I have to shut it down. After doing this, I can't eject the cd unless I go back into the program and eject it from there. Thinking I might have had a bad file that was causing the problem, I tried to do test burns using blocks of 5 files at a time. In every case, there was no problem. I shut the computer down and tried again. Still no luck. It only seems to occur when I try to do the whole slew of files that I want to back up at a time. Any Ideas?
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