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  1. Update, the release DVD is affected with this bug. Could not burn with CDBurnerXP (not enough space) and it is burning quite happily now using ImgBurn to the same DVD+RW.
  2. How about my files that I linked to above? DrT
  3. There is nothing to manually refresh. Blank disk, ISO to burn, CDBurnerXP won't allow it and others do. Please feel free to download the files and test yourself.
  4. The issue last arose with openSuSE 12.3 RC1 so a 'small' zip file is not possible. IIRC, CDBurnerXP said 4.7GB was needed and only reported 4.6 GB available on an empty DVD+RW (ImgBurn did the burn okay). I cannot seem to find the post where I reported this a few weeks ago. The issue is not that of just the display, it is where CDBurnerXP says more than the space available is required and so will not perform the burn. I cannot recall if the error was in under reporting the space available or over reporting the file size. RC1 is no longer available anywhere I can see, so I am downloading RC2 just to check this out. I will start testing soon and report if I can reproduce the issue. UPDATE:- I can show where the error occurs, but all burning software fails with RC2. I have just managed to find a copy of RC1 and will rerun the test. SUCCESS! Issue reproduced with RC1. I have uploaded a ZIP file to http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3nb9ys65mkimbs5. It contains the torrent file for the ISO (it was quite a fast download), a screenshot of CDBurnerXP failing and a screenshot of another burning program working okay. With RC2, the error message in CDBurnerXP was exactly the same size-wise. Regards DrT
  5. @ charlz I can confirm this bug; viz unable to perform a burn in CDBurner XP due to an overstated amount of space needed which did not affect another application. DrT
  6. I had exactly the same problem with a DVD+RW - the ISO would burn with another app but CDBurnerXP reported that there was not enough space. DrT
  7. Hi, Just run some tests. Refreshing did work, thanks. I cannot find the 'right' combination of files to reliably reproduce the issue however. I could only reproduce it once, with a similar compilation to the one above. Regards DrT
  8. No, because it was only this particular burn that has issues (I normally burn single files without issue) and it did not occur to me to do so and it is not obvious how to do this within CDBurnerXP - does one eject and and load the disc to do this? Thanks DrT
  9. Hi, Everything other than the used figure. The disc was erased before burning so was empty and the 'used' figure of 3.40GB is what the total of the data was. Total estimated size is way out and so is the remaining size. Regards DrT
  10. Using CDBurner, x64 in Win 7. Please see the attached screenshot and the discrepancy between the actual data size and that reported by the coloured bar. The burn was successful. Thanks DrT
  11. So you go to the trouble of removing OC but complain about the people who cannot do that and don't want it? There are words for people like you, but I shall not sully the forum with them. DrT
  12. You asked for views on OC and if there should be an OC free version. You are fielding every argument against OC. You should not have said you would consider the matter if you plainly don't. There would not be this discussion if you would just get off your OC fanclub platform. DrT
  13. The point is that your privacy policy over-rides OpenCandy's...and that is just one difference. Their policy could say the info is safe, but your's might say that the info is for sale to the highest bidder. I am NOT saything that that is the case...but it could be... As I said earlier, I do not trust privacy policies or mission statements for that matter. DrT
  14. Call me a sceptic, but why does everybody seem to believe and trust what a company writes in a privacy policy? DrT
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