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  1. Thanks a million!!!! I got all my data back Suplemental question: I think I remeber something about Level 1 and 2/XA, and that it has to be 2/XA for multisessions. Am I right? R
  2. Thanks. I'm getting closer.. Now I have 2 sessions at the CD, both with a green plus at the session view. Do I need to burn the CD once again? -with nothing extra at it? The problem is, that I have burned the extra session, but can't access it now... Thanks thanks thanks
  3. I have just accidently overwritten a session on a CD, and hence I would suggest a warning before you start writing another session... (unless it's possible to read the other sessions as well?)
  4. It would be nice, if CD Burner XP started in a window in stead of the full screen which it does now.
  5. Hi. I have just burned session #2 on top of a CD with some vital data. Is there any way to get #1 back or accesible, so I can read my data at the CD? Thanks in advance... Ras I would be happy if you responded here (for others) and here for me to get the answer asap...
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