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  1. Now with 2.2.7 I still must move My Documents to a local folder for the install. The progam install's correctly and i change back My Documents to its normal network folder. Now I'm restarting CDBXP and i see i can change the path now of the folder it requests in the setup. I see that it is still using the local version one and in my folder explorer I see it really has make the folder again that I deleted when moving the files back.. Okee I change the path to the network folder with the browse option in CDBXP. No errors.. But when I restart CDBXP it creates an other new folder! C:\servername\share\userfolder and it don't use the original network folder where My Documents is really located When deleting the now 2 trash folders cdbxp doesn't run anymore I must run the setup again and repair the installation, and there is the first temporary folder again.. :x The local folder I temparary used to make it possible to install cdbxp. The folder I want to be gone because the real my documents are on the network.
  2. The setup of CDBXP 2.2.6 gives a error that it couldn't write desktop.ini in my My Documents\SomSubFolder the only option is to cancel the setup and cdbxp roll's back My Documents is located on a network share with full rights and I am connected to that network. But even with no connection and offline-folders it doesn't finish the setup 2.2.5 and all earlier versions had no problems with this.
  3. Export the register settings to a .reg file with regedit, build your own .inf file for bartpe and go for it. But cdbxp uses a lot of memory, more memory most people has, remember you are working on a ramdrive, all temp files are also saved in the memory in this case. Burning from a bootable cd is not a ideal situation but also not impossible. /\_/ ( o.o ) > - <
  4. I had this problem too. The problem exist when you install a new version of cdburnerxp without removing the old one first. In the windows control panel under software you also get then 2 or more versions of cdburner pro you can uninstall but only one exist on your hd because the new one overwrites the old one. By installing the new one over the old one the files of the old one that aren't overwritten are still left on the system and also the old register settings. I had solved the problem by removing all versions of cdburnerxp, reboot just to know for sure all files are removed and than reinstall only the latest version.
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