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  1. I am sorry, I still don't understand what to do!I am looking at the start page CDBXP, I put my data CD into the computer, select Data CD and I see the Session view and see: 13 items, the first 11 note: Importable: NO, added:----, then 12 and 13 have a minus (red-),Importable YES, added NO. On the left panel I see:File tools ( I don't see session tools) with options: Select all (it selects all files from Explorer files); Deselect all;Add files; Delete files; Delect all files. Am I on the right page? I am usuing version 2.2.4 . Do I have to switch the sessions 12 & 13 minus signs to + signs
  2. I tried to add some files to a data CDRW and somehow erased all of the previous content. I have read several messages on this subject and can't understand how to avoid doing this again. Since a help or tutorial file is not available (In the works?), could any of the experts help a beginner by writing a step-by-step instruction on how to do this? I specially don't understand the use of sessions, although I see the panel on the right hand side. Many thanks to whoever supplies this info!! Roberto.
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