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  1. I would agree! CD Text is Important to me too! Hopefully, in 3.5?! Later! Roger
  2. Hey all, I'm getting a writing error using 3.116 Writing error (3) Error occurred writing data to disc. Recovery attempt failed. (1017) Error Sense Data: SENSE KEY: 3 ASC: C ASCQ: 8 Am running win2k burning to dvd-r. Burner is Sony 510 media is 1x Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Rog
  3. I think with the right extensions, Firefox has many more features than Maxthon/My IE2. With TBE, Foxytunes, Weatherfox, All in One Gestures and NeedleSearch, you can do practically anything with it. Also, it has the ability to drag Favorites/Bookmarks right to the browser to open them which Maxthon doesn't. And yes, it doesn't use Active X or the IE engine. IMHO it's just better. Rog
  4. Buk, if you know how to use Avisynth, Freenc, Quenc, & Nuenc are free Mpeg2 Encders especially Quenc 0.56a which now will encode audio & video. If not, AVIDemux is a good fast Mpeg2 encoder. The free version of Tmpgenc & BBMpeg are also free Mpeg2 encoders but are slower that the rest of the above. Hope this helps. Also, New Version of DVDStyler is out version 1.3Beta Later! Rog
  5. Just so you'd know, Firefox 1.0 is now out! here's the link http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/central.html Later! Rog
  6. Now That's what I wanted to hear! I can't wait! Thanks! Rog
  7. still does not seem. Converting bin to iso seems to mess up the video. Will probably need to do a direct cue/bin burn to get vcd to work. Rog
  8. I have a loaned copy of 98 & SE and a copy of 95 & even 3.1! However none of them are installed on anything. I guess i could check out to see if it works on ME. I"m on Win2k SP4 and it seems to work fine for me, although it has crashed a couplea times. Personally, i think this program is great! Have fun stormin' the castle! Rog
  9. Are you trying to burn them as an audio CD or data? An audio CD will show the CDA files like your describing. To make them show up as Mp3's you will have to burn them as data. But definitely try the CD in a CD Player, it should work fine as .cda files. Hope this helps Rog
  10. How about try buying the music?! I'd suggest a good local music store, over a chain like Best Buy.
  11. Outstanding Guide! I haven't really tried DVDStyler much but will now have to give it a whirl. Also, when i get off my behind, i will send y'all a guide for DVDAuthorGUI another free DVD Authoring program. Thanks! Rog
  12. Kewl. It still doesn't seem to work on the beta 3.109 version, but i haven't tried anything later than that. Thanks! Rog
  13. You can do that iif you have either the external application buttons extension or the preference toolbar extension. Have fun stormin' the castle! Rog
  14. hmm, Strange, there does NOT seem to be any EULA or license. I guess you can do what you want! Later! Rog
  15. Okay but be careful. The makers of Tmpgenc may frown upon having you link to an old site. Their newer version does have a free 30 day trial. Rog
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