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  1. Thanks. I have started revising the titles to 61 characters or less and they seem to burn to CD without any trouble. But the number of characters allowable is nowhere near enough so I will probably have to add captions with PhoTag or similar, which is a nuisance.
  2. Sorry. I should add that I have Nero; XPpro; lots of Ram and Hard Drive space.
  3. I have started scanning and filing photographs. The plan is to burn them all to CD. The first attempt to burn a CD resulted in dire warnings about file length and 'no unique Joliet name'. Surely it will take more than 31 characters? Which piece of the address counts as the 'file name'? If you count C:Documents and SettingsBill BloggsMy DocumentsMy PicturesBloggs-Frederick&Hilda thats 80 characters. Then the picture title with date,who,where,what event, serial number can be another 70 odd characters. So i basically do not understand why I see long file names everywhere if they wi
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